Trekking in Kerala

Trekking in Kerala

If you are thinking of Trekking in Kerala and it will be one of the best decisions of your life as Kerala is blessed with an amazing glimpse of trekking pathway. Popularly known as the “God’s Own Country”, the tourist of Kerala is hiking up with each and every day getting more and more attraction. Kerala is a true bliss for the trekkers as it posses an infinite number of the route to paradise. Here, in Kerala you can go over such pathway and also, you can explore camping in such areas which will make your Kerala trip memorable.
...With Kerala trekking tours like Anamudi peak, Rajamalai, Ramakkalmedu, Chembra peak, Thusharagiri waterfalls, and much more, it is a true paradise for adventure lovers. The highest peak here in Kerala which achieves a curious count of tourists is Anamudi peak, which is located beautifully at an elevation of above the sea level i.e. 8,555 ft. Trekking at this peak will just amuse you as it has an exclusive array of lush green pathways, spectacular views and alluring range of flora and fauna. Trek up to the top station, which falls in Munnar and offers spectacular and picturesque views of nature’s wonders, making it a residence for the loneliness seekers. The Kerala trekking cost is also budget-friendly.
Besides this, if you love discovering the wildlife then explore the Rajamalai, which is a quaint little hillock touch down within the Eravikulam National Park, where you can not only trek but you can also glaring at the alluring range of wildlife it has. This is not enough, you can also trek up to Chithirapuram, Lakshmi Hill, Idukki, Chummar, Kannan Devan Hill and so on. These are also ideal for beginners which will amaze you.
Of all the adventure things to do in Kerala, like elephant ride, the houseboat stays, soaking in the charm, going for Shikara rides, snake boat ride, trekking is absolutely the best option. With trekking tour in Kerala, you can also experience these spectacular things. If you are seeking for trekking route which takes you to astounding Kerala, then you can hit the paths of Thusharagiri waterfalls which provides picturesque views of revealing water. Here you will never fall short of trekking route as it grips plenty of routes, each of the routes has something uncommon of its own. Make a call to the serene waterfalls and hills of Kerala with your bunch of culture, and create happy memories, while you stamp your footprints at its captivating route.

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Q. Who provides the best facilities for Trekking in Kerala?

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Q. Where can I get the discounts on the packages if Trekking in Kerala?

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Q. Which are the other adventure activities one must definitely try in Kerala?

Ans. Trekking In Kerala
Jeep Safari In Kerala
Rock Climbing In Kerala
Elephant Ride In Kerala
Cycling In Kerala
Paragliding In Kerala
Kayaking In Kerala

Q. Which is the best season for Trekking in Kerala?

Ans. The best season for Trekking in Kerala, is from the month of November to February.

Q. Which are the other packages for a memorable Kerala Tour?

Ans. Paragliding In Kerala - Flat 15% Off
Bamboo Rafting In Kerala - Flat 50% Off
Kayaking In Kerala - Flat 30% Off
Trekking In Kerala - Flat 35% Off
Jeep Safari In Kerala - Flat 29% Off
Cycling In Kerala - Flat 10% Off
Rock Climbing In Kerala - Flat 20%

Q. Which are the locations for jungle Trekking in Kerala?

Ans. The locations for Trekking in Kerala are Ponmudi, Ramakkalmedu, Meesapulimala, Dhoni Hills, Eravikulam National Park , Munnar, Chembra Peak, and Vellari Mala.

Q. What is the distance of trekking in Ponmudi?

Ans. The distance of trekking in Ponmudi is 55kms.

Q. Which is the best time for Munnar Trekking?

Ans. The best time for Trekking in Munnar is September to May.

Q. Which are the best places for Trekking in Munnar?

Ans. The best places for Trekking in Munnar are Idukki, Chummar, Chokramudi, and Mathikettan Shola Trek.

Q. Which are the activities that we can perform other than Trekking in Kerala?

Ans. The activities that you can perform are Bamboo Rafting, Elephant ride, Kayaking, Rock Climbing.


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Kiran Shah

When I and my family visited Kerala, the activity that came to our mind is Trekking. It is especially because of the wide regions of Kerala. Trekking in Kerala forests is the best activity for an adventurer. It was the best trekking tour of our so far. Amongst many places in India, Kerala is a good choice for trekking. Kerala has a variety of places for trekking. We have visited many places in Kerala including Kovalam Beach, wildlife centuries and bird centuries. The activity that was yet to accomplish was trekking. But we managed to complete this activity.


Nikita Menon

I visited Kerala with my friends. We were planning for the Monsoon Trekking plan in Kerala. We finally got a chance to accomplish our plan and realized that no other place in India can be as good as Kerala for trekking. Usually, people visit Kerala in the summer season but our plan was different from this usual. We did trekking in monsoon season. I appreciate Picnicwale to suggest us such a good trekking place for monsoon trekking. We captured our journey of trekking in pictures and share these adorable memories of with my other friends.


Veena Shukla

I and my friend are planning to go trekking for long back. We both are adventure lovers and accomplished every adventure in Kerala including Kayaking, Bamboo Rafting, Cycling, and Rock Climbing. So when it comes to trekking we got good a chance to perform jungle trekking in Kerala with the best Kerala trekking tours. It was extremely budget friendly. We were accompanied by friendly and professional trekkers. We will surely plan trekking in Munnar.


Shirish Pillai

I and my family were planning to spend the holidays in the best places in Kerala. We visited many places, beaches, and temples. We were thinking about performing an adventure in Kerala. There are many options for adventures including kayaking, Bamboo Rafting, Cycling and, Rock Climbing. One of my friends recommended me to go for Trekking in Munnar. We are happy that we accomplish the trekking with full of enthusiasm. We covered regions like Rajamala Hills, Eravikulam national park and Anumudi Peak of Munnar in the Munnar trekking.


Raj Dubey

Every year I and my friends plan to go for an outing. We chose to visit Kerala for its scenic places, beaches and, temples. We are glad Picnicwale chose Munnar trekking in Kerala trekking tour packages. We had the full support of experienced trekker in our trekking tour. They guided us very well and we covered major trekking regions of Munnar.

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