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Manali, the popular hill station of India is nestled in Himachal Pradesh, is also called as the Valley of Gods. This town has many admirable shrines like the ancient Manu Maharishi Temple which is dedicated to Lord Manu. Hadimba Temple and Vashisht Temple are other popular temples which had the great importance in Manali. Adventure activities like trekking, river rafting, paragliding, skiing, rappelling, rock climbing are done here; Manali has a lot to offer it's tourists
...In the winter months, snow gets covered all around Manali, making it a perfect winter holiday destination for the travelers whereas in summers, Manali acts like a paradise for the tourist belonging to places that face summer season very harshly. Rohtang Pass, a popular high mountain pass that joins Kullu Valley, Lahaul and Spiti. There are several types of activities that one can indulge in, while you are here in Manali and visit to Rohtang Pass. Alive with greenery and splendid beauty makes it a peaceful spot for tourist which is away from the hustle bustle of a city. Rohtang Pass is also a popular honeymoon destination of India. Manali Wildlife Sanctuary is perfect for wildlife seekers, as one can get an opportunity of spotting unique varieties of fauna, flora, and many more here. Any month of the year is perfect to escape to Manali. So explore each and every adventure things to do, leisure activities, and visit every top attractions and tourist places in Manali.
Popular Tourist Attractions of Manali
Manali, also popularly known the Valley of Gods is lavished with the existence of a deity and the place of worship like Vaishno Temple, Hadimba Temple, Manu Maharishi Temple, and Vashisth Temple that attracts an extensive number of travelers. And to also get closer to the culture of Tibetan then visit Tibetan house, which is one of the popular tourist attractions of Manali. Dazzling artistry done by Tibetan artisans is seen here. The paintings in the monastery characterize the life of Lord Buddha who is one of the most outstanding paintings is Kalachakra, characterizing the life circle. Rohtang Pass is also a popular tourist attraction of Manali. This huge mountain pass has a huge number of adventure activities to provide, along with a gorgeous view of the landscape. Manali also ranks the list when it comes to adventure activities. The town in Himachal Pradesh is an excellent spot for hikers, trekkers, campers and adventure seekers. If you want to indulge in adventure activities, Solang Nallah is the perfect spot for you. Here you can also try your hands on the adventure activities which includes paragliding, skiing, horse riding, and so on.
Adventure Activities to do in Manali
Adjoined by the Himalayas in the north part of India, the enchanting hill station of Himachal Pradesh edibles a contour which has many lush forests, rocky areas, and snowy hills and mountains. If you have a seeker for severe adventure activities, then Manali nestled in the state of Himachal Pradesh is the perfect destination. The hill station of Himachal Pradesh offers several opportunities for the adventure seekers. While in the hilly region, one can also opt from a wide array of jaw-dropping adventure activities that cover the towering mountains, grazing streams, and flow terrains. One of the adventurous things to do in Manali is trekking and hiking. Draped over the Himalayan part, Manali is a major hub for trekkers and hikers from all across the world. The valley near includes Kinnaur, Lahaul, and Spiti which offers several treks which are full with Himalayan forests of deodar and low backwood paths. Besides this, adventure activities in Manali compose of white water river rafting and skiing at some of the places in Manali. Other outstanding adventure activities to go for includes mountain biking, mountain climbing, jeep safari and much more across the rough areas.
Places to visit in Manali
Manali has almost everything to explore like temples, shops, adventures, and picturesque view, but it is the outings from Manali that offers the true thrill to any Manali tour package. There are several numbers of nearby places for travelers who show interests that one can keep enjoying during their trip to Manali. For adventure seekers, Solang Valley with numerous fun activities such as zorbing and paragliding is the ideal spot. Next is Rohtang Pass with its large stretch of snow is a must have on your tour itinerary. Again, Rohtang is not just about snow - which can be experienced there all around the year - there are plenty of fun activities such as snow scooter riding, skiing, and much more. Also, try making a snowman.
The one seeking for religious sites near Manali, off to a scenic village called Naggar; Vashist, a place with old temples; Manikaran with its holy gurudwara which is the ideal pilgrimage destination and at last Kullu and its numerous trekking terrains are some of the popular getaways near Manali.
With numerous Himalayan streams, the Manali is a hub to numerous stunning waterfalls and gushing river streams. Generally visited by tourists, these stunning waterfalls of Manali shows the scenic beauty and tranquility of nature. A dive in these spouting waterfalls offers a refreshing feeling. Away from the lively crowd of the Manali, these charming waterfalls offer a wonderful picnic spot for families and friends.
Manali also influences its splendid beauty not only in terms of geology but also in a deity. It is known that this hill station got its name after the sage ‘Manu’. Resounding with divine beating, the pilgrimage sites in Manali draw the attention of tourists to this place in the Himalayas. The religious places of Manali include Temples, Monasteries, Gurudwaras, Churches and ancient mosques, and so on, from which the outstanding religious places to visit in Manali are Vashisht temple, Manu temple, Hadimba Devi temple, Nyingma Monastery and Bijli Mahadev temple.
Best Time to visit Manali
The temperature during the summer months in Manali starts from 10 Degree Celsius to 25 Degree Celsius. The climate remains amusing during the day time and then the temperature starts dropping down by the day end. One can also enjoy adventure activities like camping, trekking, white-water river rafting at spots of Manali like Raison and Solang Valley. You can also try your hand in doing some handful shopping at Mall road and try the delicious cuisines of Manali. Also, don’t forget to get the blessings at the popular Raghunath Temple and Hadimba Temple.
In Manali, winter starts in the month of October and ends in the month of February. The temperature drops down to minimum -1 Degree Celsius. Winter months are the best time to visit Manali. During winter season, one can enjoy snowfall and spend some quality time with family, friends or partner; while witnessing the admirable snow covered mountains. Winter is also perfect for adventure seekers to explore adventure activities such as trekking and to visit the popular tourist attractions of Manali which includes Rohtang Pass, Manali Wildlife Sanctuary, Manu Temple, Indrasan Peak, Manali Zoo, and Jagannath Temple.
Monsoon months brings heavy rainfall which leads to landslides and road damage and thus, suggested to avoid this Monsoon to visit Manali.
How to reach Manali
Manali, one of the most popular hill stations of India is a beautiful destination to escape. This hill station attracts tourist from all across the world. Since, the beautiful hill station is much popular, it is well-connected to different parts of India by several ways of transport.
Bhuntar airport is the nearest domestic airport at a distance of 50 km from Manali. Flights are regular operated to the airport from the main cities of India which includes Delhi, Shimla, Chandigarh, Pathankot, Dharamshala and much more.
Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is the nearest international airport at a distance of 556 km from Manali.
Joginder Nagar railway station is the nearest railway station from Manali. The stations adjoins the hill station with main cities of India, from Chandigarh and Ambala.
Manali is linked with main cities of India through roadways. Himachal Pradesh bus service as well as other private buses operate between Manali and other regions of India regularly. Escaping Manali through roadways is the most cost-effective way one can go. Manali is linked to Delhi with the distance of 540 km, Chandigarh with the distance of 305 km, Dehradun with the distance of 227 km and Ambala with the distance of 370 km.

Manali Tour Packages

Know More About Manali

Q. Where is Manali located?

Ans. Manali is beautiful town in India situated at Mountains of Himachal Pradesh.

Q. Is travelling Manali cost-effective?

Ans. Manali is famous is known as hill station for it’s hills, mountains, valleys, spiritual culture of temples, adventures sports. The cost of traveling Manali is average and affordable if you want visit this paradise on earth.

Q. How to travel Manali?

Ans. By Airways - The airport which is nearer to Manali is at Bhuntar which is located 50 km away from Manali. The flights which are domestic are connects bhuntar to Delhi and Chandigarh.
By Railways - The station which is nearer to Manali is at Chandigarh and kalka.
By roadways - Manali is connected to the cities like Delhi, shimla, chandigarh and kullu by taking national highway.

Q. What is the best time to visit Manali?

Ans. The best time to visit Manali is from the month of March to June. It is because it has the most pleasant and favourable weather in this season. The atmosphere in this season makes it appropriate to travel.

Q. What are major adventures in Manali?

Ans. Rock climbing
Mountain Biking
Jeep safari
River Rafting
Snow scooter

Q. Which are the famous things to do in Manali sightseeing?

Ans. Manali as we have came across before is best known for its pristine beauty of hills, wildlife, temples. There are few other things to do in Manali sightseeings apart from these that are as follows :
Mountain Biking
Visit Hadimba devi temple
Visit Tibetan Monastery
Shopping at manu market
Visiting Gauri shankar temple
Visiting the Naggar Castle
Visit Van Vihar park
Trekking at Chandratal Lake
Shopping at Manu Market
Taking sulphur water bath at Manikaran

Q. What are the major tourist's attractions in Manali?

Ans. You have seen many things in Manali, you will come to know the best tourists attractions in Manali :
Manu temple - The temple is situated at the fascinating valley of Manali. The temple is surrounded by greenery and pure air. It is named is dedicated to king Manu.
The Great Himalayan National Park - The national park is situated at the Himachal Pradesh kullu region. The park is filled with a variety of wildlife. It is a nice place to leisure from the monotony of life.
Hadimba Temple - The temple is devoted to goddess Bhima who is the wife of Bhima from Mahabharata. The temple is known for its architecture similar to Japanese pagoda as well as Indian style.
Van Vihar - The main attraction of van vihar is a man-made lake contained in it. The garden is good for children as well as adults, enriched with greenery, it is best to place for those who love nature.
Manali Sanctuary - Traveling Manali can be incomplete without visiting this stunning wildlife sanctuary. The nice spot to explore flora and flauna.
Malana - Malana village is located in Kullu district, known for its beliefs and good for those who want to achieve spirituality.
Bhrigu Lake - It is high elevation lake located in Kullu district. The lake is named after Maharishi Bhrigu. The attraction of this lake is that it never freezes entirely during winters.
Gulaba- It is the little village located at Rohtang Pass with the natural landscape. One can experience activities like camping, trekking, hiking, paragliding.
Himalaya Nyingmapa Buddhist temple - It is a monastery of Buddha situated in Manali and famous in North India. Meditation is highly recommended in the temple and have a glance at Buddhism.
Gauri Shankar Temple - The temple is a lord Shiva temple situated in Naggar village in Manali. It has major importance in the village because of its structure which is carved out of stones.
Manali Winter Carnival - It is a festival which is celebrated for welcoming the new year. It involves various competitions, folk dances, adventure sport activities, street plays, and many more.

Q. What are the places to visit Manali?

Ans. Manali is the most beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh. It is a perfect destination for those who loves exploring nature, it is a nice photography destination. The following are fascinating Places of Manali which will bring your holidays memorable :
Vashist springs and temples
Solang valley
River Beas
Manali Gompa
Raghunath Temple
Pink Valley National Park
Rozy falls
Club House
Tibetan Monasteries

Q. Is Manali safe to travel?

Ans. Manali is safe to travel. Summer season that is from March to June is a safe time to travel in Manali. The calm weather in Manali and the scenic destinations makes it more delightful to travel in summer.

Q. What is the right duration for enjoying holidays in Manali?

Ans. The ideal duration for enjoying holidays in Manali is 3 to 4 days. You can plan to visit all the places such as temples, valley, national park, a sanctuary in these days.

Q. Nightlife in Manali

Ans. Manali is popularly known for its diverse culture, picturesque sightseeings and adventures have many places to visit during night time which are as follows :
Cafe M 1947
Drifters Inn
Casa Bella Vista
Johnson’s cafe
Chelsea club
The lazy dog

Q. What are the famous pubs in Manali?

Ans. Full on cafe & Restaurant
Manali chill cafe
People cafe

Q. Which hotels are famous in Manali?

Ans. Manali Resort
Hotel River Crescent
Apple Country Resort
Span Resort
Solang Valley Resort
Hotel Manu Allaya
Riverside country Resort
Hotel Banon Tree
Hotel Manali Inn
Sandhya Resort Hotel Orchard Green Hotel Manali Heights Snow Valley Resort Himalayan Resort & Spa

Q. What are Manali tour packages?

Ans. The motive of Manali tour package is to make every tourist delightful and introduce them the best packages that involve sightseeing of hills, mountains, visiting wildlife sanctuaries, adventures at rivers. Picnicwale has the following packages :
2 nights 3 days Manali Tour Package
2 Nights 3 Days Manali Tour Packages if you want to visit best regions of Manali within the days specified in the package. You will visit major attractions like mountains, valleys, rivers, and temples.
3 nights 4 days Manali Tour Package
3 nights 4 days Manali Tour Packages the best package for all nature lovers. It will include every destination in Manali like hills, spiritual temples, valleys, adventurous spots like rock climbing, jeep safari, Mountain climbing, paragliding, river rafting, skiing.
4 nights 5 days Manali Tour Package
Choose 4 nights 5 days Manali Tour Package if want to enjoy every destination of Manali comprehensively. The package will include every destination, adventure, temples visit, Great Himalayan national park, Old Manali.

Q. Which is the popular fort in Manali?

Ans. The fort is situated in the peace of the Himalaya. It is in midst of scenic background, pristine gardens as well as pools.

Q. Is Manali ideal for a newly-wed couple?

Ans. Manali is surely ideal for every newly married couple. Manali is full a romantic as well as cheerful destination for every couple on their honeymoon. A couple can spend happy holidays in the tranquility of valleys, snow-covered trees, cherishing atmosphere of hill stations.

Q. Is Manali a good destination for families?

Manali Tour Package is good for spending holidays with your family away from a routine of life. Your family will enjoy every place of Manali, the peaceful Hindu goddess temples, waterfalls known as Rahana and Rozy, adventure sports that will zeal in your life, tasty Himachali food.

Q. What are well-known cuisines of Manali?

Ans. Siddu
The Tibetan dishes
Kaale Channe ka Khatta
Kullu Trout Fish
Chha Gosht
Turkiye Bhat
Kadhi Chawal
Red Rice

Q. What are the well-known Casinos in Manali?

Ans. The most famous Casinos in Manali are Sun Park Resort Manali, Manali Top Inn & Cafe.

Q. Is drinking legally in Manali?

Ans. The legal drinking age in Manali for drinking is 25 years. Manali has low crime rates, thus considered to be a safe place.

Q. What are the markets for shopping in Manali? What products we can buy in Manali Markets?

Ans. Manu Market
Old Manali Market
The Mall Road
Tibetan Market
Himachal Emporium
Thangkas and dorjes
Kesar Tibetan and Himalayan Handicrafts Woolen Apparels Prayer Wheels

Q. What are emergency contact numbers in Manali?

Ans. Emergency Ambulance- 01982 52014, 102
Civil Hospital- 253385
Beas Hospital- 09102 224 312
Police station- 09102 252 326

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