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Spectacular beaches with golden sand, quiet backwaters, high mountain ranges, powerful culture, the choices are countless and so is the curiosity that awaits you in the god’s own country called Kerala. So come and take home what they call ‘ wonderful memories’, the kind that makes life worth living.
Besides the charming beaches, peaceful backwaters, mighty mountain ranges, Kerala is also a hub to wild elephants, alluring birds, and the giant tiger, while lively traditions and cultures such as Theyyam, Kathakali, temple festivals, and snake-boat races often bring even the tiniest villages to life.
... Geology of Kerala
Kerala is branched into three geographical regions, i.e. Highlands, which slopes from the Western Ghats against the Midlands of rolling hills and valleys into an unbroken 580 kilometers long shores with many calm backwaters, linked with canals, and rivers. The wild lands of Kerala are capped with lush tropical forests, while other regions under tea and coffee plantations or other forms of agriculture. Most of Kerala is consumed in rich plantations which assures a very great experience every time.
History of Kerala
The history of Kerala is closely linked with its economics, which until modern times rotated around its spice deal. Popularly known as the Spice Coast of India, age-old Kerala played entertainer to tourists as well as traders from all over the world which includes the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, French and British. Almost all of the traders have left their dent on Kerala in some mode or the other and that has assisted us mold and design our own special way of connecting with the world.
Best season to visit Kerala
Lavished with an admirable and easy-going climate throughout the year, Kerala is an equatorial land where one can laze and be at ease. The Monsoons season and summer season are the ideal seasons greatly experienced here in Kerala, while Winter months is only a bit drop in temperature from the normal range of around 28°C to 32°C. The generally amusing climate common here is what tourist end up loving.
Ways to reach Kerala
Kerala has been popularly known to be the most available destination all over the world. The unique shores and geographical factors of Kerala ensures specified trade line with several civilizations of both the East as well as the West. With the arrival of airways and development in railways and roadways, plenty of journey and channel have opened to Kerala. Kerala also offers the channel and label to all important railway stations and airports below occupied on the specific destination in Kerala that you love to visit.
Kerala and its local people
Kerala is one of the most modern states of India in terms of social benefit and quality of life. Kerala blisters of the highest life expectancy, the highest literacy rates, and the lowest child mortality rates of India. In Kerala, the literacy rate for females is one of the highest in all of Asia. Savoring a unique cultured viewpoint, the local people here, at every of society, have a higher approach to opportunities, as well as a higher say in the governance also.
Kerala Cuisines
Spices have always played an ideal part of the history of Kerala. The food of Kerala is a great example of the very equal and have to provide for travelers from all over the world. Be it a popular international restaurant or local eateries, Kerala has everything a traveler could ask for, which is made with that special Kerala taste in that. The cuisine of Kerala offers to vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Let the flavors of the past, as well as future, take you on a memorable journey.
Backwaters and Waterfalls of Kerala
The calm backwaters of Kerala composed of laid-back stretches of lakes, canals, and lagoons, the parallel to the stretches of the Arabian Sea. Kerala is the popular tourist destinations in the world for its backwaters. The calm backwater cruises are a once in a lifetime memorable experience. Alappuzha, also known as the 'Venice of the East', is especially famous for its houseboat cruises where you can dip in nature in the best possible way. Kerala is also popular for having several fabulous waterfalls. These dazzling waterfalls are popular picnic spots and cruise destinations around the year. The heavenly Kerala waterfalls are a sight of your eyes that will never tire of entertaining upon.
Beaches of Kerala
Kerala is a hub to a number of breathtaking beaches that will make your trip memorable. As Kerala lies along a coast, some of the most popular beaches in Kerala are Kovalam, Varkala, Chowara, Chavakkad, Nattika, Cherai, Kizhunna, Poovar and so on. The Kerala shores are filled with bizarre resorts and hotels where tourist can spend their time doing sunbathing, swimming or discovering the spectacular view.
Festivals of Kerala
The festivals are the pride and joy of Kerala which is a perfect example by the ferocious beats of the drums, also called as chenda, emanating across the landscape. Elephants march across towns and the rivers surge with massive 100 feet long snake boats in a display that can only be experienced in an area renowned as God's Own Country. The whole Kerala celebrates together as the land is capped in plenty of lights and cheerfulness. Kerala celebrates every festival with one spirit to bring entire Kerala to life. From witnessing mystical figures come to life amid Theyyam act to visiting across different pilgrimage sites where the lights and displays are at their best, every corner of Kerala has something to offer to each and every person.
Onam is the main festival of Kerala which is celebrated by each and every people across the state. Malayalis, the local people of Kerala invites each other in their houses to celebrate this festival with prosperity and fulfillment of the dynasty continues even to this day. The highlight dishes of this festival is Onasadya or vegetarian feasts with up to 60 separate dishes.
Wildlife of Kerala
There are numerous popular wildlife sanctuaries located in Kerala dwelling bizarre and unique species of flora and fauna. Situated in the busy forest of the awesome Western Ghats of Sahyadri regions in Kerala, there are fourteen wildlife sanctuaries and two tiger reserves. Besides, Kerala also has six national parks with protected and domestic species like the Nilgiri Tahr, Lion-Tailed Macaque, Bengal Tiger, Indian Sloth-Bear, Indian Bison, and much more.

Kerala Tour Packages

Know More About Kerala

Q. Where is Kerala located?

Ans. Kerala is located at the southwest suburb of India. This place is located in between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea.

Q. Is it cost effective to visit Kerala?

Ans. Kerala is known for its rich culture, scenic beaches, greenery, sanctuaries, and wildlife in dense forests. The Kerala travel cost is average and trustworthy for a tourist.

Q. How to travel to Kerala?

Ans. By Airways - There are three international airports in Kerala, one is located at the southern part of Kerala at Thiruvananthapuram, other at the central part of Kerala at Kochi, and to the is North Calicut International Airport connected to both India and international cities.
By Railways - You can travel to Kerala from trains available from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and other cities.
By roadways - Kerala is connected to roadways through National Highways 17,47, and 49.
By waterways - There are ships available from Kochi.

Q. What is the best time to visit Kerala?

Ans. There are three seasons in which you can visit Kerala. The best time to visit Kerala is from September to March. The season is comfortable to visit as the atmosphere is cold and favorable.

Q. What are the major adventures of Kerala?

Ans. Trekking
Jeep Safari
Tree House Stay, Mountain Climbing
Bamboo Rafting
along rivers, Surfing, Wildlife Safari

Q. What are the famous things to do in Kerala sightseeing?

Ans. Kerala, as we have seen before, is filled with full adventure and marvelous shopping products, there are some other things to do in Kerala sightseeing that are as follows :
Enjoy Charm of Backwaters in Houseboat.
Fish with chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi
Ride on Elephants
Get a traditional ayurvedic Kerala massage
Listen to temple music
Watch Kathakali Dance performance
Surfing in Arabian sea
Visit Palaces of kerala
Visit flower garden of Munnar
Experience shikara ride
Jewelry shopping
Go for Jeep Safari
Observing sunsets at Kovalam Beach
Visiting a Museum
Listening to temple music

Q. What are the best tourists attractions in Kerala?

Ans. You have witnessed many tourists attractions, you will come to which are the best before visiting Kerala.
Thekkady- Thekkady is known for its scenic wildlife, greenery and wild forests.
Bekal - Bekal is famous for its calming weather and eye-catching premise.
Varkala - Varkala is one of the best locations for sea adventures, sunsets and religious place in Hindu religion.
Kasargod - Kasargod is seaside beauty of Kerala, it has temples, coconut plants, calming sea breeze.
Kuttanad - Kuttanad is the best place to see village landscape, rivers, backwater, farming lands.
Palakkad - Palakkad is famous for its natural charm that has full of greenery, adorable weather, temples, and amazing dams.
Ponmudi - This place is good for exploring adventures such as trekking and hiking. The tea gardens are spread all around.
Malappuram - This is the most peculiar place in Kerala, locals here translates it as ‘land atop hills’.
Thrissur- The place is best known for its cultural celebrations like Onam and Poonam. The place is rich with its attractive waterfalls and beaches.
Alleppey - Alleppey is best known for its well-known backwaters in Kerala. One can enjoy the nice feeling of riding on a houseboat.
Thiruvananthapuram - This place is also known as Trivandrum, it’s as the capital of the city. It is once ruled by many rulers which have a major impact on the city.
Kozhikode - There are many families residing in Kozhikode. It is known as the city of spices as it trades spices.
Munnar - This is a considered as good hill station of Kerala. The hills touching the clouds revitalize your soul.
Kochi - It is the financial and cultural capital of Kerala. You can notice a different type of fishing net known as Chinese fishing net on the coastal area.

Q. What are the places to visit Kerala?

Ans. Kerala is a perfect tourist destination in India. It is a paradise in India, particularly for every nature lover. There are following are astonishing Places to visit Kerala which will make your vacation filled with fun :
Guruvayur Temple
Varkala Beach
Poovar Island
Athirappilly Falls
Kayamkulam Lake
Echo Point
Mararikulam Beach
Periyar Lake

Q. Is Kerala safe to travel?

Ans. Kerala is absolutely safe to travel. It has the highest literacy rate, a nice standard of living, good in terms of health, makes extremely safe to travel.

Q. What is appropriate duration for enjoying holiday in Kerala?

Ans. The perfect duration for traveling in Kerala can be of 5 days. You can split your days for visiting places like Munnar, Thekkady, Trivandrum, Alleppey, and Cochin.

Q. How one can enjoy the Nightlife of Kerala?

Ans. Kerala being the diverse city in culture as well as tourists destinations have many places to spend your night time which are as follows :
Ava Lounge
Oakwood Bar
Velocity Bar & Restaurant
Hi spirits
Cafe Paradiso

Q. Which are the famous pubs in Kerala?

Ans. Cloud9 International Bar
City Bar
Captain Cabin
Harbour view
Hi Spirits
Karthika Regency Bar

Q. What are the famous hotels in Kerala?

Ans. Sea Lagoon Health Resort
Munnar Tea country resort
The central Residency
Marari Beach Resort
The elephant court
Lake Palace Resort
Uday suites
Sriver Hotels
Parakkat nature hotels & resorts
Hotel Samudra KTDC
Tea Valley Resort
Lake Canopy

Q. What are the Kerala tour packages?

Ans. The purpose of Kerala tours and travel is to bring happiness amongst tourists and give them the best advantages of the package that includes boating, sanctuaries, forests safaris and sightseeing. provides the following packages :
2 nights 3 days Kerala Tour Package
Choose 2 nights and 3 days Kerala Tour Package and explore eye-catching sights of Kerala, collecting admirable memories.
3 nights 4 days Kerala Tour Package
Choose 3 nights and 4 days Kerala Tour Package and avail maximum benefits of traveling across Kerala; the package includes historic forts, pleasing beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, several adventures.
5 nights 6 days Kerala Tour Package
Select 5 nights and 6 days Kerala Tour Package and experience the best locations across Kerala that involves traveling all the places in Kerala with experience of tasting authentic and famous cuisines in Kerala.

Q. What are the popular forts in Kerala?

Ans. Chandragiri fort - The fort is square shaped and is the home to 17th-century fort. It lies 46m above sea level.
Thalassery fort - The fort was constructed by East India Company in 1703, it is located in Kannur.
Palakkad fort - The fort is maintained well by archeological survey of India. It is located at Palakkad town of Kerala and it is constructed by Tipu Sultan’s father Haider Ali.
Pallipuaram fort - The fort is one of the oldest fort constructed by Portuguese territory in 1503.
Bekal fort - The fort was constructed in the 17th century, it is Kerala’s biggest fort and spans 40 acres of area.
St.Angelo’s fort - The fort is in Kannur is neighboring seaside. The archeological survey of India takes care of the fort.

Q. Is kerala good for newly-wed couples?

Ans. Kerala is really a good destination for newly-wed couples. Its natural beauty, pure weather, pristine sceneries, crystal clear beaches will truly make honeymoon memorable.

Q. Is Kerala ideal for a Family trip?

Ans. Kerala travel packages offer the best packages for spending holidays with family. The package will include sightseeing of mountains, hill stations, forests areas, sanctuaries, shopping of products, fun-filled activities such as backwater boating, mountain climbing, trekking.

Q. What are the famous cuisines of Kerala?

Ans. Kerala food is known as healthiest food it has contents of coconut and all the spices in it which makes it adorably tasty. The most famous Kerala cuisines are Parippu curry, Idli Sambar, Idiyappam, Kerala prawn curry, Nadan reef, Ethakka Appam(Banana Fritters), Ada pradhaman, Palada payasam, Parippu curry(dal curry), Appam, Puttu and Kadala curry.

Q. What is the most famous casino in Kerala?

Ans. The most famous casino in Kerala is casino hotel, Cgh Earth which is located at Willingdon Island, Kochi.

Q. Is drinking legal in Kerala?

Ans. Yes, The legal age for drinking in Kerala is 23 years.

Q. Which products can we get while doing shopping in Kerala?

Ans. Products made of coconut and coir Handicrafts
Coffee and tea
Kerala Sarees & dresses
Aromatic oils
Kathakali Masks

Q. What are emergency contact numbers in Kerala?

Ans. V.G.saraf Memorial hospital- 0484-2380452
Silverline hospital(Ernakulam)- 095391 18118
Sunrise Hospital(Kannakad)- 0484-4160000
Ambulance- 108
Police- 100
Women helpline- 1091

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