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Kashmir- The Only Heaven In The Earth

Kashmir, the northernmost state of India also known as the only heaven on the earth offers a unique combination of massive mountains, crystal clear lakes shimmering under the azure sky, lovely gardens, and not to forget the delicious cuisines. A Kashmir trip is no doubt offers an experience of exploring the ultimate heaven. Go for a delightful visit to the Srinagar, the capital city of Kashmir on your exciting trip. Every pillar in this charming city, studded with glittering lakes and beautiful gardens showcases the tale of a dazzling love affair of the Mughals. Stay at a houseboat that ledge the Dal Lake or take a Shikara ride through the calm waters of Kashmir.
...Kashmir Trip may also take you to the chilled Desert of Ladakh. Slowly moving across the Himalayan region you visit across the desert bizarre communities, alluring tribes, and monasteries with prayer flags drifting with the breeze. It is a laid-back, exotic land far from the urban areas hustle-bustle. A Kasmir tour would offer you the tremendous impression that nature has been far and wide plentiful to the pleasant land.
Best time to visit Kashmir
Winters months of the beautiful Kashmir starts from the month of December with sudden snowfall in the field and ends by March. During January, being the coolest month temperature ranges approximately between -2°C to 12°C. The climatic condition here does not break off the flood of tourists, who come here to witness snowfall and other snow activities which includes skiing, sledding, and heli-skiing, and much more. This is absolutely an ideal season for the tourists traveling Kashmir. But the best places will be to explore Kashmir during summer months are Gulmarg and Srinagar.
Summer causes a rocky overview during the summer months which attracts tourist who loves hiking and trekking from all across the world. There are endless pilgrimage sites which make their way through awful lane to visit the popular Amarnath Temple. The climate during the summer season is between 15°C to 30°C. The best places to visit Kashmir during the summer season are Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonamarg and much more.
Kashmir is sprinkled by the spring with different petals of colorful flowers. As spring arrives in Kashmir, the snow begins to vanishes and the fields of tulip and river streams begins to dance. All of the playfulness of dropping flora and chirping of birds on the tree trunks, weave an aura to adore. During the Monsoon months, Kashmir gets rainfall of almost 635 milliliters and the humid rate is generally low. During the monsoon season, the temperature level is from 13°C to 17°C.
Popular Tourist Attractions of Kashmir
Be it to break out from the sizzling summer, a family holiday, romantic honeymoon or trip with friends, Kashmir, known as the only heaven on the earth, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The picturesque scenery, scenic romantic atmosphere and the places to visit in Kashmir have always been the feel of several writers and much has been written about them. Also popular amongst the domestic and the foreign tourists, Kashmir is a captivating blend of spotless valleys, snow-covered peaks, shimmering lakes, huge mountains and hills, amazing Mughal Gardens, various pilgrimage spots including temples as well mosques, and plenty of adventure activities to indulge in.
Cuisines of Kashmir
The cuisines of Kashmir is blended with the influencers of Indian Hindu-Muslims, Persians and Afghans. During the Timur invasion, it is known that cuisiniers from Samarkand was brought to the heaven state. They settled down and influenced Kashmiri cuisine to a great extent. This culinary skill is popular even today. Travelers from all over the world love the rich aroma and delicious flavors of these scrumptious joy. The method of making of Kashmiri Pandits, Kashmiri Brahmins and Kashmiri Muslims are entirely different. Kashmiri Brahmins use huge quantities of curd along with asafoetida(hing) and ginger in their cuisines, avoiding eggs, onions, and garlic. Kashmiri Muslims use onions, garlic, and eggs broadly in their food formation. Saffron and Kashmiri chilies are familiar spices in the food of Kashmir.
Chicken, mutton, fish are crucial keys in Kashmiri food. Meat is prepared in several numbers of ways which is usually combined with vegetables and spices which includes cinnamon, saffron, cardamom, cloves and much more. The Kashmiri Brahmins and Kashmiri Muslims in Kashmir make similar meat dishes offering their own unique flavor to the dishes.
Festivals of Kashmir
The only heaven on earth, Kashmir is a hub to a rich cultural heritage, also a scenic landscape that will leave many travelers amazed. This culture and tradition of Kashmir can be seen in the several fairs and festivals of Kashmir that are generally celebrated across the Kashmir with much eagerness and cheer. Almost all the major Hindu fairs and festivals in India are celebrated with equal eagerness in the state of Kashmir. Some of such outstanding fairs and festivals in Kashmir include Lohri, Holi, Navratri, Baisakhi or New Year Day, Guru Ravi Das’s Birthday, Tihar, Sankranti and much more. People from across Kashmir gather in huge numbers during the time of these prominent fairs and festivals. Also, the fairs and festivals of all Hindus, Muslims or Sikhs are faithfully observed in the whole state of Kashmir.
There are also several numbers of other fairs and festivals in Kashmir that are celebrated with much passion across the state. A large number of such festivals in Kashmir are associated with religious occasions and involve worship of idols. Kashmir fairs in India are an actual reflection of the dazzling culture and tradition of the state.
Adventure Activities to do in Kashmir
Kashmir is in the northernmost part of India with valleys and the hills making the land, the only heaven on the earth. The spectacular mountains with covered green valleys make it an ideal tourist destination. Kashmir is also called the 'Switzerland of the India, because of its admirable locales and friendly locals. Besides, Kashmir is also a hub of adventure activities. With local sightseeing, there are other adventure activities which include mountaineering, trekking, and skiing. These are the most popular adventure activities and is nowadays in huge demand. The pouring out streams and the restive rivers in the Himalayan region are ideal for river rafting in Kashmir. There are also several numbers of rivers in Kashmir which includes Beas, Indus, Sutlej and Kali Ganga, which are are the perfect ones for exploring river rafting. Kashmir is the perfect place for tourists to experience snowfall around the year. There are also several numbers of peaks in Kashmir which remain snow-capped around the year. Along with offering a treat to the tourists, the snow also makes for the oscillating activities, almost around the year through skiing.
Shopping in Kashmir
Shopping in Kashmir is a fun-filled activity to do. Kashmir is a paradise for shopping freaks. A huge variety of handicraft products are seen for travelers to take back as memories. No doubt, enough each and every district of Kashmir have its own shopping features. For instance, the wonderful handicrafts and embroideries are to surmise with, Kashmiri pashminas are popularly known and rare and admirable which are sold at a very high price. The rich Pashmina shawls are costly but are considered like an antique which can be caught from generation to generation due to its charming quality. The value of rare and pure Pashminas is over thousands of rupees.
Kashmiri shawls produced with different fabrics like cotton and wool are must to pick. The embroidery in those shawls are done carefully and with an eye for detail, is a much-craved object and you would often get one of these hanging in the cabinet of the rich and popular of India.
When doing Shopping in Kashmir, don't miss to glimpse through the embroidered carpet illustrating arena from the beautiful landscape of Kashmir. Formed from beaten wool, these embroidered carpets are an ideal object of the Kasida industry in Kashmir. Floral and other geometrical objects are also made in those carpets with great care. Both the pile carpet as well as smooth carpet have a huge abroad market as well as a growing Indian market.

Kashmir Tour Packages

Know More About Kashmir

Q. Where is Kashmir?

Ans. Kashmir is a Himalayan region located in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent.

Q. Is Kashmir expensive?

Ans. Kashmir, being a popular tourist destination which is equally vibrant in cultural and natural wonders along with the rich history has something for all. You can find the best things to do in Kashmir for making your holidays fun. Thus, Kashmir is not that much expensive, it is always a pocket-friendly.

Q. How to reach Kashmir?

Ans. By Airways - To fly into Kashmir, take the Srinagar Airport, which is well related to prime Indian cities.
By Railways - Jammu Tawi Railway Station is the nearest railway station serving the beautiful Kashmir.
By roadways - By Visitor can hire cars or bus to reach Kashmir. A number of J&K State Road Transport Corporation; luxury, and private deluxe buses is available frequently to and from the Kashmir.

Q. What is the best time to go on holiday to Kashmir?

Ans. From March to October is the best time to visit Kashmir. The climate is perfect during those months and flowers, fruits, and alpine meadows blossom beautifully. This period primarily includes the three of the four kinds of weather that Kashmir witnesses.

Q. What are the popular adventure activities in Kashmir?

Ans. The popular adventure activities in Kashmir are as follows :
Shikara Ride
Houseboat Stay
‘Gondola’ Cable Car Ride
Pony Ride Excursions
Old Srinagar Heritage Walk
Wildlife Tour
River Rafting
Trekking in Ladakh
Mountain Biking
Hot Air Ballooning

Q. What are the top tourist places in Kashmir?

Ans. Srinagar - Srinagar is one of the most popular places to visit in Kashmir. From boating to trekking, bird watching to water skiing, camping, Srinagar has something for all.
Gulmarg - Gulmarg is known as the adventurer’s paradise because of its wide options of skiing in the snow and snowboarding while enjoying the scenes around.
Sonamarg - Sonamarg has to be in every visitors’ bucket list of places to visit in Kashmir for an unlimited stream of beautiful flowers and waved trekking routes are its attractions.
Leh - Leh with high mountains, the alpine lakes, and the unusual settings is one of the best places to visit.
Kargil - Kargil is a must visit for every first-time tourist for capturing the courageous beauty of the place with brilliant views.
Pulwama- Pulwama is an excellent place to witness nature’s rich beauty. Pulwama has many tourist sites for the first time travelers to explore.
Pahalgam- Pahalgam is surrounded by dense forests, beautiful lakes, and meadows of flowers. Pahalgam, a tiny town is popular to absorb all the stress of every traveler who comes from the hectic city.

Q. Is Kashmir safe to travel?

Ans. Kashmir tourism safety is fabulous. You won’t get any unpleasant experience there. We would suggest all to go for Kashmir trip at least once in your lifetime.

Q. What is the perfect duration for a holiday in Kashmir?

Ans. The perfect duration for Kashmir trip is 7 to 10 days. Within these days, you can easily cover the popular adventure activities and top tourist places to visit in Kashmir. You can book your 5 nights 6 days Kashmir tour packages which cover top tourists attractions of Kashmir.

Q. What can I experience at night in Kashmir?

Ans. The nightlife of Kashmir is crazy. You can visit attractive pubs and bars like Lounge Seven, Dal Bar, Undress to make your nights in Kashmir memorable.

Q. Which are the most popular hotels in Kashmir?

Ans. Welcome Hotel in Gulmarg
Comrade Inn in Srinagar
Nedou’s Hotel in Gulmarg
RK Sarovar Portico in Srinagar
Hotel Glacier Heights in Sonamarg
The Heritage by Heevan in Srinagar
The Vintage in Gulmarg
WelcomHotel Pine-n-Peak in Pahalgam
Hotel Heevan in Pahalgam
Hotel Rah Villas in Sonamarg

Q. Is it worth doing Snowboarding and Skiing in Kashmir tour?

Ans. Skiing and Snowboarding in Kashmir are worth doing in your Kashmir tour. Both the activities are most preferred adventure activities in Kashmir where you will get picturesque views to witness.

Q. Which are the popular places to try Snowboarding in Kashmir?

Ans. The popular places to try Snowboarding in Kashmir are as follows :
Dayara Bugyal

Q. Is Kashmir ideal for newly-wed couples?

Ans. Filled with flowers in spring and snow in winter, a honeymoon in Kashmir can give much to be excited about newly-wed couples as there is no end to things to do in Kashmir.

Q. Is Kashmir ideal for a family trip?

Kashmir is not just a popular honeymoon destination; it is also a popular destination for a family trip as it has something to offer all the adults and their children.

Q. Which are the popular Kashmir tour packages one can go for?

2 nights 3 days tour packages for Kashmir
Explore the splendid Kashmir with our 2 nights 3 days tour packages for Kashmir. The Kashmir tour package is good for those who wish to head on to Kashmir for a mini vacation.
3 Nights 4 Days Kashmir tour packages
This tailor-made 3 nights 4 days Kashmir tour package are customized in such a way that you won’t forget any of the must-visit tourist attractions in Kashmir!
5 nights 6 days Kashmir tour packages
Choose this best of Kashmir trip package to give yourself to the cool breeze and the amazing climate of the Himalayas.

Q. What are the most popular Kashmir cuisines?

Ans. The most popular Kashmir cuisines are as follows :
Rogan Josh
Modur Pulav
Yakhni or Yoghurt Lamb Curry
Dum Olav
Kashmiri Muji Gaad
Aab Gosht

Q. Is drinking legal in Kashmir?

Ans. Yes, Drinking is absolutely legal in Kashmir.

Q. What kind of shopping can be done in the markets of Kashmir?

Ans. One can buy several things in the markets of Kashmir like
Pashmina shawls, stoles, sweaters, and jackets
Kashmiri Tea
Copper utensils and products
Walnut wood products
Papier mache products

Q. Which markets are the most popular in Kashmir?

Ans. Lal Chowk
Polo View
Badshah Chowk
Floating market on the Dal Lake
Kashmiri Government Arts Emporium near Panama Chowk
Zaina Khandal Road

Q. Which are the popular lakes in Kashmir?

Ans. Dal Lake
Wular Lake
Nund Kol
Tarsar Lake
Vishansar Lake

Q. What are the useful emergency numbers of Kashmir?

Ans. Police Headquarters Srinagar- 0194-2443022-23
Police Control Room Srinagar- 0194-2452092
Ambulance- 102
SKIMS (Bemina)- 0194-2493104
SKIMS (Soura)- 0194-2401013/16
Modern hospital- 0194-2477827
Police- 100
Fire Station- 101/ 132

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