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Home to sun-toasted beaches melting under flame-and-purple sunsets, beautiful landscapes, and shimmering azure waters, primeval jungle, a fantastic diving experience, ones that you can swear by, the Andaman Islands are the perfect Indian can escape during their holidays. The Andaman Islands, situated in the east of the Indian continent geographically, glide in splendid solitude in the Bay of Bengal is an archipelago of more than 570 tropical islands capped with dense rain-fed, endless varieties of exotic flora and fauna, cloudy and evergreen forests and much more. Most of these tropical islands are in the Andaman, in which 28 are inhabited.
...History of Andaman
In the Andaman Islands, the local people continued their separated existence through the vast bulk of this time, expanding into cultural and territorial groups. In the 1850s, when they first arrived into constant contact, the local people of Andamans, who accordingly represented at least 10 distinct groups and languages; the Jarawa, and the Sentinelese. The local people of the Nicobar have an alike confined and lengthy association with the Nicobar islands. There are two main groups: the Nicobarese, or Nicobari living in the Nicobar Islands; and the Shompen restricted only in the Great Nicobar.
Climate of Andaman
The Andaman islands have an equatorial climate. There is no humid summer, no horrifying winter, no water blockage or traffic jams in Andaman. The North-east Monsoon in November and the South-west Monsoon sets in Andaman towards the end of May. For those who want to savor boating, swimming, snorkeling, sightseeing in Andaman, then all 12 months is an ideal season to do. One will find comfort from horrifying heat and chilling winter if they visit Andaman Island in the month of May, June, and July and or in the month of December and January. The season for the one who loves nature is May to December when the forest is lush green and waterfalls are at their best. Scuba divers can get the best experience from the month of December to April and the one who loves to watch bird is during the winter season.
Best time to visit Andaman
Andaman has a pleasant temperature throughout the year from the range of 23°C to 31°C. It has an equatorial climate. In Andaman, there are no serious climate conditions except for tropical storms and rains in late summers and monsoons. Summers days are bit warm but amusing with cool sea breeze and have a clamminess level of around 80% which is suitable for all kinds of activities. Monsoon season is also ideal for a visit to the Andaman Islands as tourists can have more things to do in Andaman, both indoors as well as outdoors. There is no water clogging or traffic jams here. The lush green forest and natural beauty of the islands are more prevailing in monsoon. The attractive offers and discounts are found in the stays of Andaman during monsoon months. Winters are not that chilly and ideal for vacationing.
Flora and Fauna of Andamans
The Andaman Islands dwells to the 270 species and subspecies of unique birds that have been reported existing in these Andaman Islands, 106 of them being local. The Andaman Wood Pigeon is a state bird, Andaman Padauk is a state tree and Dugong is declared as a state animal. There are around 96 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 9 National Parks and 1 Biosphere Reserve in the Andaman Islands. These Islands are blessed with both south-west monsoons as well as north-east monsoons.
Festivals of Andaman
The Island Tourism Festival is the annual festival organized for the promotion of Andaman tourism. The main events of the festivals are organized at Port Blair in Andaman. The other events of the festival are also organized in other places which include Wimberlygunj, Wandoor, Shaheed Dweep, Swaraj Dweep, Rangat, Mayabunder, Diglipur, Hut Bay, Car Nicobar, Kamorta, Campbell Bay, and so on. The 10 days festival is organized annually from 5th of January with an inaugural event to. The highlight of the festival is the exhibition which has sales of general merchandise, food stalls, and many more. The main point is the performance of artists like music bands, Bollywood singers, dancers, and much more. Hasya Kavi Sammelan is also formulated by the official language department of Administration to glee the Andaman crowd. To entertain crowd bunch up for huge shows are set up at Netaji stadium Port Blair.
More festivals conducted in Andaman and no of days it is conducted are as follows:
Indian Tourism Festival- 15 days in January
Beach Festival- 3 days in April
Music and Monsoon Festival- 3 days in August
Food Festival- 4 days in September
World Tourism Day Celebrations- 27th of September
Flim Festival- 3 days in November
Andaman Cuisines
Andaman is one of the popular tourist destinations in India. Numerous tourists visit this beautiful Island every year and enjoy the splendid beauty of Andaman. There are several spots that are explored by tourists with a lot of eagerness. There is another thing that many of the tourists like to savor in Andaman is the cuisine of Andaman. There are many delicious cuisines of Andaman which are really scrumptious to taste. Seafood such as lobsters, prawns, mackerel are the popular Andaman cuisines which are usually available in Andaman.
Flea Market of Andaman
The weekend flea market has been organized from time to time in the Andaman islands at different places offering opportunity for the people to showcase their creativity, and also visitors who can enjoy the local food, buy local handicrafts. The markets have been launched for the entertainment of tourists and local people of Andaman.
Popular tourist attraction of Andamans
Places to visit in Andaman and Nicobar starts with beautiful Havelock island, to Viper island, Kaala Patthar beach, Chidiya Tapu, Neil Island, Elephant beach and Barren island. Havelock Island tops the list of tourist spots in the Andaman Islands. This hidden tourist destination is sprinkled with white sand beaches, vibrant corals and much more. Havelock beach is also popular for scuba diving and other underwater activities like sea walk and snorkeling which offers one to witness colorful marine life. The Elephant beach at Havelock Islands are also popular for underwater diving and can be attained by bus, auto or even jetty from Havelock Island. The definite species of wildlife and birds is an ultimate condition and are well seen at Chidiya Tapu. An experience of spectacular sunset is combined with the feature of this hilly Chidiya Tapu. Another interesting Island from the capital Port Blair of Andaman is Neil island which has romantic spots like sea caves and untouched marine life.
The only active volcano in India is located at the Barren island and it is really empty without any dweller. Viper Islands dwells old ruins of gallows and hence does not have cause to spend a night. So, Andaman is a whole package of romance and splendid beauty and Andaman is not just a visual delight to the stressed eyes but also relishes the mind with refreshing things to do.

Andaman Tour Packages

Know More About Andaman

Q. Where is Andaman?

Ans. The Andaman island, one of the piece of Andaman and Nicobar islands, is a capital of one of the union territory of India, situated between the point of Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea.

Q. Is the Andaman cost effective?

Ans. Andaman is the ultimate tourist destination for all. You can find many things in Andaman that makes your holiday more delightful. Thus, Andaman trip cost is quite high but there are many places that can be explored in Andaman.

Q. How to travel Andaman?

Ans. By Airways- The main airport in Andaman is Veer Savarkar International Airport also known as Port Blair Airport.
By Railways- There is no way you can travel to Andaman by railways.
By roadways- There are no bus services available to Andaman islands.
By waterways- The main seaport at Andaman Haddo Wharf, Port Blair. There are ships available from Chennai, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam.

Q. What is the best time to visit in Andaman?

Ans. The ideal season to visit in Andaman is from November to May. It is the best time to visit Andaman as in this season you will feel peaceful in the middle of fresh air and experience sunbath. It is suggested to avoid traveling in monsoon season-high tidal waves, strong winds, and persistent rain.

Q. What are popular adventures to do in Andaman?

Ans. Banana Boat Rides
Scuba diving
Undersea Walking
Jet Ski Ride
Speed Boating
Seaplane ride
Sport fishing or Angling
Glass bottom boating
Swimming- Enjoy with elephant

Q. What are the popular things to do in Andaman sightseeing?

Ans. As we know Andaman is full of excitement. Apart from water sports activities like banana boat Ride, Parasailing, Swimming with Elephant there are some other things to do in Andaman sightseeing which are as follows :

Scuba Diving
Sea Walking
Attending Cellular Jail Lights and Sound Show
Glass Bottom Boating
SeaPlane Ride
Visit LimeStone Caves at Baratang Island

Q. What are the top tourist attractions in Andaman?

Ans. Port Blair- Port Blair is a reminder of the many sacrifices of freedom fighters.
Rangat - The pristine beauty of Rangat is perfect for those who love flora and fauna.
Ross Island- Ross Island are famous for ruins of Penal colony that precedes the cellular jail or the Kaala pani.
Baratang Island- The Baratang Island to visit for those who are planning their journey for Andaman island.
Neil Island- Neil Island is best for coral reefs and white shores. The best time to visit this it's beaches is during mornings and evenings.
Havelock Island- Havelock Island- is one of the most popular beaches in India and also awarded the best beach in Asia by TIMES magazine in a must
The great Nicobar Island- The tourist place in Andaman and Nicobar island is famous for their leisure beaches which is reach the reserve of flora and fauna.

Q. What are the places to visit Andaman?

Ans. Following are the stunning Places to visit Andaman which will make your holiday memorable :

Cellular Jail National Memorial
Radhanagar Beach
Havelock Island
Mount Harriet and Madhuban
Museum Circuit
Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex
North Bay Beach
Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
Chidiya Tapu
Ross Island
Neil Island
Baratang Island
Elephant Beach

Q. Is Andaman safe to travel?

Ans. Yes, Andaman is safe to travel as the crime rate is extremely low.

Q. What is the perfect duration for a holiday in Andaman?

Ans. The perfect duration for holiday in Andaman is 4 nights to 9 nights. With these days, one can easily cover the famous tourist attractions and accomplish popular adventure activities.

Q. What are popular beaches in Andaman?

Radhnagar Beach , Elephant Beach , Vijayanagar Beach , Kala Pathar Beach , Corbyn’s Beach , Wandoor Beach , Lalaji Bay Beach , Baludera Beach , Merk Bay Beach , Aam Kunj Beach , Raman Bageecha Beach , Laxmanpur Beach , Sitapur Beach , Bharatpur Beach , Kalipur Beach , Pathi Level Beach , Avis Island Beach , Karmatang Beach , Butler Bay Beach , Sandbar between Ross & Smith Islands

Q. What is sea walking in Andaman?

Ans. Sea walking is one of the popular attractions in Andaman. One must experience it once in a lifetime. Sea walking is an activity in which large dome is placed over a person’s head, while oxygen is fed into the dome via a tube. The person has to go deep in a sea not much low. The person has to walk on the seabed observing amazing underwater activities. This is a popular activity in Andaman and completely safe for kids and elders.

Q. What one can do to enjoy the nightlife in Andaman?

Ans. Marine adventure at night
Andaman Dolphin evening cruising
Floating Restaurant
Bar Hopping
Candle Light Dinner

Q. What are the famous pubs in Andaman?

Ans. Amaya
Alto Espirito
Pink Fly Lounge Bar

Q. Which are the popular hotels in Andaman?

Ans. Barefoot at Havelock
Silver sand Havelock
Fortune Resort Bay Island
SeaShell Resort
Symphony Palms Beach Resort
The wild Orchid Resort
Blue Bird Resort
Sinclairs Bayview
TSG Blue Resort
Tango Beach Resort
Cross Bill Beach Resort
Hotel Shreesh
Ripple Resort
Eco Villa Beach Resort
Gold Star Beach Resort

Q. What are the popular churches in Andaman?

Ans. Peace Penial Assembly Church
Siswa Church
Manna Church
Eci Andaman Faith Cathedral Church in Haddo
Aggarwal Bhawan
Shiloh Church
Stella Marys Catholic Church
Rabboni Ministries
St.Joseph’s Catholic Church
Brethren Chapel
Aft Church Andaman
Marthoma Church

Q. What are the Andaman tour packages? What are the costs for Andaman tour package?

Ans. The goal of Andaman tours and travels is to make the travelers happy and provide them all the best facilities it involves all fun activities like water sports, adventure sports, sightseeing. Picnicwale is providing the following tour packages :

3 Nights 4 Days Andaman Tour Packages

Choose 3 Nights 4 Days Andaman Tour Package and experience pleasing and unforgettable memories by doing exciting adventures in Andaman.

Q. What is included in the Andaman Family Tour Package?

Ans. Picnicwale is providing the following tour package :

5 nights 6 Days Andaman Family Tour Package

We take you to the breathtaking view of sunsets, clear beaches. Andaman is famous for aquatic plants and animals. Explore yourself to magical beaches in Neil Island and involve in water sports activities like scuba diving, undersea walking. Andaman Family Tour Package takes you other beaches like Radhanagar Beach, Wandoor Beach, and Elephant beach.

Q. Which is the popular fort in Andaman?

Ans. Cellular Jail in Andaman and Nicobar are also known as Kala Pani is considered to be the most fearful prison during British Rule of India.

Q. In which beach we can get the experience of water sports? What will be the estimated cost of water sports in Andaman?

Ans. Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island
Elephant Beach
North Bay Island
Swaraj Dweep
Corbyn Cove Beach
Kalipur Beach
Wandoor Beach

The approximate cost is Rs.1000/-Rs.1500/. For Snorkeling and cost of sea-walking is Rs.3500/.

Q. Is scuba diving worth in Andaman?

Ans. Scuba diving can be the amazing water activity in Andaman besides experiencing the peaceful environment and tasting delicious seafood.

Q. Is Andaman ideal for newly-Wed Couples?

Ans. Andaman can be the romantic honeymoon destination in Andaman because of its luxurious resorts and picturesque destinations.

Q. Is Andaman ideal for families?

Ans. Andaman Travel Package can be an ideal package for a family vacation as it strengthens the bond with your family. You can spend quality time with your dear ones.

Q. What are the well-known Andaman cuisines?

Ans. The most famous Andaman cuisines are Tandoori fish, Curried prawns, Grilled lobsters, Barbeques and Rice, Roti, Naan.

Q. What are the famous casinos in Andaman? What is the estimated price of casinos in Andaman?

Ans. Andaman club & Casino- Thahtay Kyun island.

Q. Is drinking legally in Andaman?

Ans. Yes, drinking is legal in Andaman.

Q. Which are the best diving destinations in Andaman?

Ans. Cinque Island
Fish Rock
Lighthouse Point
K Rock
Bala Reef

Q. What sort of shopping can be done in the market of Andaman?

Ans. Market No.03 and No.02 village
Aberdeen Market
Queen Seashell Craft

Q. Which are the emergency contact numbers in Andaman?

Ans. G.B.Pant Hospital 03192-232102
Police Control Room 03192-232100
Ambulance 232102 / 233473
Women’s Police Helpline Number 1091

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