Speed Boat Ride in Goa

Speed Boat Ride

You may find it difficult to compare the adventure of a Speed Boat Ride with any other adventure watersports. And you will get no better excitement than having the cool breeze and water splash on your face while you speed through the alluring seas. Adventure lovers will definitely enjoy the picturesque shoreline view with golden sands and playful waves as they graze over the azure water.
...All are delighted by the adventure watersports like speed boat ride especially when riding the waves at above 50 mph. Goa offers several chances for having fun and speed is one of the excellent options which offers fun.
Speed boats are quick, energetic and make the perfect setting for adventure lovers to thrill in. Explore the speed boat ride and enjoy the adrenaline rush as you cross the mighty waves and leave your stress behind. The hustle and bustle of the hectic city disappear as you ride the speed boat.
Speed boat ride in Goa
One will get several adventure watersports to participate for who specially visit Goa for adventures. There are several watersports in Goa that will provide you adventurous memories whether it is a bumper ride, banana ride, parasailing, jet ski, and the speed boat ride is one of them. Those who are riding the speed boat ride in Goa for the first time will be trained by our experienced and professional instructors. The speed boats are also regularly checked and are very secure to ride. They are also very accessible to ride and first-time riders won’t have any difficulty while exploring.
The speed boat in Goa is recommended for children and adults. Proper safety and security are provided before one gets on the speed boat. Some of the beaches of Goa where you can experience speed boat are Calangute, Baga, Palolem, Anjuna, Arambol, Colva, Agonda, Vagator. The speed boat rides cost in Goa is also low and can be afforded by anyone.

Speed Boat Ride in Goa packages

Tourists visiting Goa can enjoy a wide array of adventure watersports that Goa has to offer like the bumper ride, jet ski, parasailing, speed boat ride and banana ride in of them. There are several options for a speed boat ride in Goa packages, to choose from, according to your convenience. The speed boat rides cost in Goa varies from package to package. You can try speed boat with other adventure water sports which Goa offers. So explore this adventurous speed boat without thinking twice.

Know More About Speed Boat Ride in Goa

Q. What is Speedboat in Goa?

Ans. Speed boat in Goa is a popular adventure watersports to ride a boat with excitement over that waves with your mate. The wind with great speed moving on face will revitalize you.

Q. Can I participate in Speedboat even if I can’t swim?

Ans. Yes, you can participate in speedboat even if you can’t swim, you will be trained with proper guidance by our instructors.

Q. What is the age limit for Speedboat?

Ans. The age limit for Speedboat is above 10 years.

Q. What are other adventures one can perform in Goa other than Speed Boat Ride?

Ans. Other than Speed Boat Ride one can perform adventure water activities like kayaking, scuba diving, parasailing, snorkelling, river rafting, wave boarding, knee boarding, water skiing, kite surfing, banana ride,bumper ride, hiking and trekking, hot air balloon, flyboarding , jet ski, snowpark, fishing, crab catching and so on.

Q. What should be the weight of person for speedboat ride?

Ans. The weight of person for speedboat ride should be below 100 kgs.

Q. What should we carry for speedboat ride?

Ans. We should carry camera, sunscreen, waterproof bags, towel, change of clothes and warm cloths during your speed boat ride.

Q. Which are the beaches where we can try speedboat?

Ans. The beaches where we can try speedboat are Vagator, Anjuna, Calangute, Dona paula, Bogmalo, Majorda, Baga and Colva.

Q. What is the duration for speedboat ride in Goa?

Ans. The duration is 5 min for speedboat ride in Goa.

Q. What is the month for trying speedboat in Goa?

Ans. The month for trying speedboat in Goa is October to May.

Q. What is the minimum number of person a speedboat can accommodate?

Ans. Minimum number of person a speedboat can accommodate is 3.

Q. What should be your health condition for speedboat?

Ans. The people with heart conditions cannot explore speedboat.

Q. Is the activity of speedboat suitable for every age people?

Ans. Yes, the activity of speedboat is suitable for every age people.


Out of 5

Very Good

Raj Thakur

Speedboat can be good start to start your adventure activity. Picnicwale gave us a good service by organising supportive guides for us. This is a fun activity kids as well as family.


Nikita Vora

Amazing! I spent good time with your family. Riding over waves was an energizing experience. The kids will especially enjoy speed boating.Speed boat rides cost in Goa was affordable.


Purnima dutt

What an exciting adventure speedboat is! Good arrangement of speedboat from Picnicwale. I and my friends enjoyed too much being in boat, in middle of sea. We capture the entire journey on speedboat, and we shared it with other friends also.


Nilesh Mohite

Goa is one of the famous destinations especially for beaches. I and my family visited Goa long back. But the experience that we had now was not that different. The activity that my family liked the most is speedboat. Goa is still the best place for adventure lover and water sports.


Vilas Sen

I enjoyed speedboat in one of the beaches in Goa. I am speed lover so the activity is more fun for me.The cost for speedboat is affordable. The trainer was professional and supportive. So the entire journey on the boat was memorable for all of us.

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