Speed Boat Ride in Andaman

Speed boat ride In Andaman

It will be very difficult to get the substitute for the adventure watersport called Speed Boat Ride. And at last, you will get no better excitement than having the cool breeze and water splash on your face while riding speed boat. Adventure seekers will surely enjoy the beautiful shoreline view with white sands and playful waves as they skim over the blue water.
Adventure lovers will definitely be delighted by the speed boat ride especially when skimming the waves and several other opportunities for having fun and speed is one of the best things it offers.
Speed boats are husky, active and make the perfect ambiance for adventure and thrill. So, explore the Speed Boat Ride and enjoy the thrill as you start riding the speed boat.
...Speed Boating in Andaman
Andaman and Nicobar Islands which acquires a scenic view surrounded by water is a popular tourist destination for both the domestic as well as international tourist. From exploring the white sand beaches and mini island to exploring different water sports in Andaman, you would find yourself fully cherished throughout the Andaman trip.
Speed Boating in Andaman can be done at various locations. Now, this speed boat ride has also developed and is also seen as an active way to cover different locations across the beautiful views of Andaman.
Havelock Island is one of the prime locations of Andaman where you can explore watersports like speed boating. Speed Boating cost in Andaman is the best part as it is affordable and budget-friendly. The guides and instructors manage all kinds of safety measures and will be there at your back throughout the session to get you the best experience on your Andaman tour. The speed boats are also checked regularly and are very riskless to ride. They are also very easy to ride for the beginners and first-time riders won’t have any difficulty while riding.
The speed boat in Andaman is recommended for kids and adults. Proper safety and security are offered in Andaman before one gets on the speed boat. Speed boat ride in Andaman is also available at other locations of Andaman like North Bay Island, Elephant beach and so on. The presence of several other historical constructions will also make your day quite scenic for you. These locations in Andaman are worth visiting but not that much visited by tourists and therefore are very much tidy and properly maintained.

Know More About Speed Boat Ride in Andaman

Q. Which are the places for speed boat Ride in Andaman?

Ans. The places for speed boat Ride in Andaman are Elephant Beach (Havelock Island), Port Blair, North Bay, and Ross Island.

Q. How many people can fit in a speed boat?

Ans. 8 to 10 people can fit in a speed boat.

Q. Is the cost of Speed Boating in Andaman high?

Ans. The cost of Speed Boating in Andaman is not high.

Q. Do I need to know swimming for Speed Boat Ride in Andaman?

Ans. No, it is not necessary to know swimming for Speed Boat Ride in Andaman.

Q. What are the safety equipment for Speed Boat in Andaman?

Ans. Safety equipment for Speed Boat in Andaman are non-skid footwear and lifejackets.

Q. What can we find in Speed Boat Ride in Andaman?

Ans. You can find views of Dolphin and crocodile caves during your Speed Boat Rides in Andaman.

Q. What is the month for Speedboat in Andaman?

Ans. The month for Speedboat in Andaman is from October to May.

Q. Is it safe to ride on Speedboat?

Ans. Yes, it is safe to ride on Speedboat.


Out of 5

Very Good

Tejas Shukla

It was an amazing experience to ride on a speed boat in Andaman with my family. We couldn’t believe that the speed boating cost in Andaman is so affordable. Speed boating is an activity that should be performed with family. Everyone will enjoy this activity. The entire speedboat journey was safe. We enjoyed the sights of Dolphins.


Nikita Menon

I and my friends liked being on a speed boat in Andaman. The boat followed all facilities and safety measures. The capacity of the Speed boat is great. We performed all the watersports including scuba diving, snorkeling, and banana boat ride. The beaches were scenic and natural. The costs of speed boating were extremely affordable.


Gargi Shah

The destinations that Picnicwale chose for me and my family were amazing. These included North Bay Island, Port Blair, and Havelock Island. Amongst activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and banana boat ride, we liked speed boating. The ride is good for the family. Speed boating is one of the famous water sports in Andaman.


Hiten Singh

I and my family likes being on all the beaches of Andaman. Picnicwale suggested us Elephant Island for speedboat ride. We were amazed that the Speed Boat Ride Cost in Andaman is so affordable. I will recommend you to perform ride on speed ride of Havelock Island once in a life. It will give you a memorable experience.


Jignesh Seth

I was planning to visit Andaman from long back with my friends. We succeeded to accomplish this plan. We performed every activity of Andaman Island including scuba diving, fishing, and banana boat ride and snorkeling. We liked being more on a speedboat in Andaman. We are glad that the speed boat ride costs in Andaman are so affordable.


Meena Shetty

It was wonderful to tour in Andaman. I and my family liked speed boat ride in Port Blair.

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