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Best Attraction For Sightseeing Tour Packages

Sightseeing Tour Packages

The essence of the human spirit for real is exploration. India is a land of a variety of destinations from hill stations to deserts to beaches to spiritual places and many more. India is the 7th largest country in the world and it is 2nd largest in terms of population. India is known for its unity in diversity. There are a lot of destinations to explore. The country is a vibrant land of astonishing variance where both the traditional and modern worlds meet. India is a birthplace for numerous cultures and religions; it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, stretching from the sacred Ganges to the sands of the Thar Desert and from the high mountains of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala. The sightseeing offer by India is Incredible.
... Indian offers everything for every kind of tourists whether they are nature lovers or adventure enthusiasts or artistic bend of mind or people who are interested in history. India has an almost endless variety of landscapes, monuments, cultures, and places to explore. There is an endless collection of tourist attractions in India that will never cease to awe and fascinate the visitor from the fascinating religious structures, ancient ruins, exotic cities, and diverse landscape.
A land like no other with numerous sightseeing in Kashmir, it offers you to visit fabulous landscapes, and culture of here, truly a heaven on Earth.
One of the most serene places in India is Manali, which is also one of the most popular hill stations in India. The sightseeing in Manali will give you a chance to live and feel some majestic moments over here.
There is a lot Rajasthan offers to their tourists while sightseeing from the Hill station Mount Abu to the Thar Desert to Jaisalmer Fort to Ranthambore National Park, there is a lot to explore here.
There is a lot for tourists to explore in Andaman sightseeing, it has lagoons of crystal clear water and scenic beaches topped with a little bit of history that makes it one of the most perfect choices for vacation.
The party city of the country – Goa, is the best place among the youth to visit. There are a lot of things to see in Goa like sandy and scenic beaches, amazing parties, beautiful little villages, and its rich Portuguese heritage,
Kerala sightseeing offers tourists amazing backwater hotspots, incredible valleys, exotic beaches, beautiful mountains and many more to explore.

Goa Sightseeing Tour Packages

The tourist attractions of Goa will directly take you straight to the ‘can’t miss’ cultural treasures and popular landscapes found all around the magical land of Goa. From the charming beaches in Goa to the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, churches, forts, local markets, and the silent backwaters, you will find everything in this tiny state of India. There are several temples, historical sites, spots of natural beauty spread across the land and much more are included in a sightseeing tour in Goa. Go south to see the silent places or travel to the north to discover the crazy beaches, casinos, pubs and so on. From scenic glimpse to cultural events, there is something for all. Apart from this, one must not dare to miss out on the Dudhsagar waterfall which not only caters to ultimate tranquility but also exhibits the beautiful surrounding.
Whether you are exploring Goa with your bunch of buddies, family or your life partner, there is no lack of options of places in Goa. There are so many places to visit in Goa that it may be crucial to witness them all. So here are few popular tourist attractions in Goa that you should doubtlessly include in your Goa tour. This narrowing-down of choices will get you discovering the best of Goa in no time.

Enchanting Goa Tour Package

02 Night / 03 Days
₹ 4,409 ₹ 4,899
(1325 +Reviews)

Fun & Frolic Goa Tour Package

03 Night / 04 Days
₹ 6,300 ₹ 6,999
(400 +Reviews)

Best Selling Goa Tour Package

04 Night / 05 Days
₹ 7,560 ₹ 8,399
(520 +Reviews)

Andaman Sightseeing Tour Packages

With so many great options on the list of tourist places, it can get a bit confusing to find the best places to visit in Andaman. Out of 572 islands, 36 are only populated. But out of 36, 9 islands in the Andaman are accessible for tourists. The charming beaches, vibrant corals, colorful marine life, adventurous water activities are the major tourist attractions of Andaman Islands that attracts the tourists from all across the world every year. It attracts thousands of tourists every day because of its lush forests and endless varieties of exotic flora and fauna.
Andaman is blessed to have colorful corals and marine life, azure water and mangrove-lined creeks which attracts tourists to these spectacular islands. Havelock Island in Andaman is one of the biggest and most popular islands in the Andaman. It is also one of the most developed islands when it comes to tourism. The spotless natural beauty and laid- the back atmosphere here which makes it a great relaxing spot. If you wish to take a break from your hectic life, you can choose to visit the Andaman Islands that is a hub to some of the best places. Some of the other popular islands included in the Sightseeing tour of Andaman are Jolly buoy Islands, Redskin Island, Grub Island, Rangat Island, and Long Island.

Mesmeric Andaman Tour Packages

03 Night / 04 Days
₹ 11,250 ₹ 12,500
(1325 +Reviews)

Exciting Andaman Tour Packages

04 Night / 05 Days
₹ 12,600 ₹ 14,000
(400 +Reviews)

Best Selling Andaman Tour Package

06 Night / 07 Days
₹ 15,570 ₹ 17,300
(520 +Reviews)

Kerala Sightseeing Tour Packages

Kerala, one of the most fascinating destinations in the world. Popularly known as the “God’s Own Country”, this is the state where the backwaters hold everyone captive with their alluring silence. The long stretch is blessed with splendid beauty, beautiful attractions and some of the most breathtaking places to visit in Kerala. From the dense hill stations on the Western Ghats to panoramic shores by the Arabian Sea, from the silent backwaters to the wildlife sanctuaries, tea gardens to gushing waterfalls, relaxing Ayurvedic spas and massages to the vibrant festivals, Kerala flourishes in charm and bliss. But, there is a lot more to Kerala than just beaches, backwaters, lakes, and houseboats. Travelers are spot on when they say that Kerala is one of those destinations that has something for all. Be it houseboat, kayaking, bamboo rafting, elephant ride, and much more. Kerala is a glorious treat to your mind, body, as well as the soul. Kerala trip. If may find it tough to decide the destinations to cover, as there are several tourist attractions in a Sightseeing tour in Kerala. So we have a list of popular tourist places that will fill your trip with fun, frolic, and excitement. Make sure you visit all the destinations and create some of the most delightful memories of your Kerala trip.

Astonishing Kerala Tour Package

02 Night / 03 Days
₹ 5,739 ₹ 6,999
(389 +Reviews)

Delightful Kerala Tour Package

03 Night / 04 Days
₹ 6,884 ₹ 8,099
(599 +Reviews)

Best Selling Kerala Tour Package

05 Night / 06 Days
₹ 9,491 ₹ 11,299
(729 +Reviews)

Kashmir Sightseeing Tour Packages

Kashmir, the only heaven on earth with its alpine peaks and snow-covered mountains. From trekking to mountain biking to shikara ride, Kashmir is a complete package of fun and thrill for all. Kashmir with a beautiful landscape, picturesque valley, shimmering lakes, and excellent trekking trails, has something for all which includes in the sightseeing tour of Kashmir. Kashmir is bounded by the snow-covered mountains and the shimmering lakes which makes it a picturesque land on earth. This heaven state of India is divided into three regions as well, which is named as Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh. These regions are covered with the mighty ranges of the Great Himalayas and Pir Panjal range. Kashmir, also known as the Switzerland of India is blessed with the most panoramic views which are worth visiting. One can get an endless list of places which showcases the charming beauty of nature at its best and this should not be missed by any traveler. This beautiful state of India has also been blessed with the best of nature. This is the only reason why it has been a destination of attraction for many travelers from all across the globe. Nowadays, Jammu and Kashmir have been visited by a huge number of newly-wed honeymoon couples to seek a perfect romantic vacation, whereas the adventure lovers are often seen here with boldness to make history.

Incredible Kashmir Tour Package

02 Night / 03 Days
₹ 8,910 ₹ 11,000
(564 +Reviews)

Elegant Kashmir Tour Package

03 Night / 04 Days
₹ 10,642 ₹ 12,374
(733 +Reviews)

Best Selling Kashmir Tour Package

05 Night / 06 Days
₹ 15,225 ₹ 17,500
(877 +Reviews)

Rajasthan Sightseeing Tour Packages

Rajasthan, which is known as the royal land of kings is another destination which attracts a lot of tourist from all across the globe. This biggest state of India is also known by the name Rajputana. It covers the large size with the Great Indian Thar Desert, it also runs parallel to the Sutlej-Indus waterway valley. The Great Indian Thar Desert which is situated at the cutting edge of the development of India, the Rajasthan territory has seen the era of the royal kings, showcasing the byname 'the land of the kings'.
The scenic tourist attractions of Rajasthan has made a place in the endless list of pop[ular tourist destination of India. Rajasthan is a hub to a dazzling architecture with a royal texture. Every kingdom of Rajasthan has a special style of architecture and expressions which makes it look spectacular.
Other than the flourish mustaches, elegantly shaded turbans and generous silver decorations, Rajasthan is all about the enormous slope forts, shining royal palaces, bright sanctuaries, religious places, exhibition halls, craftsmanship displays, and charismatic bazaars. The state with the combination of vibrant cultures and the decay of a ancient period of Rajasthan when it was the time of Rajputana which was governed by a few warrior rulers.

Delightful Rajasthan Tour Package

02 Night / 03 Days
₹ 6,499 ₹ 7,999
(437 +Reviews)

Splendjeid Rajasthan Tour Package

03 Night / 04 Days
₹ 8,084 ₹ 9,399
(514 +Reviews)

Best Selling Rajasthan Tour Package

06 Night / 07 Days
₹ 13,399 ₹ 15,000
(879 +Reviews)

Manali Sightseeing Tour Packages

There are so many places to visit in Manali that you may not understand where to start from. Each place has its own glory and keeps tourists charmed by its splendid natural beauty. Manali is perfect for spending time in the great countryside, and several other places to visit in Manali reflect the numerous things that can be done. Manali is a popular backpacking and thrilling destination in India’s northern state of Himachal Pradesh. Set on the banks of the River Beas, it is an entrance to adventure activities in the popular town of Manali like Solang, Gulaba, Kothi and much more. Besides adventure activities, there are much more and popular tourist attractions in Manali. Some of these places are always crowded with tourists, but that does not necessarily mean you should give them a miss.
Manali is visited by several tourists during all the seasons since it displays the beauty during each. During winter months, it receives heavy snowfall, so it is mostly visited by the adventure lovers who want to have some great experiences to try here like snow activities which includes skiing, paragliding, winter trekking and much more. But, most of the tourists visit Manali between the month of April to June during summer months because that is when the spectacular views of the landscape and pleasant meadows with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop can be enjoyed.

Splendid Manali Tour Packages

02 Night / 03 Days
₹ 8,504 ₹ 10,499
(451 +Reviews)

Breathtaking Manali Tour Packages

03 Night / 04 Days
₹ 10,583 ₹ 12,599
(619 +Reviews)

Best Selling Manali Tour Packages

04 Night / 05 Days
₹ 13,820 ₹ 14,703
(744 +Reviews)


Out of 5

Very Good


Ankit Karmakar

Kerala was a beautiful place to visit. It was a fantastic environment with a large number of amazing landforms, flora, and fauna. It was a great experience of sightseeing in Kerala.


Kabeer Singh

This trip was truly a memory of a lifetime for me. I did sightseeing about which I had dreamed my whole life. I got to experience everything in close up and personal.


Christina Daniel

The trip exceeded my expectations in every way. Sightseeing in Kashmir region provides the stunning scenery with its towering peaks and deep valleys and it was a superlative experience.


Megha Dutta

Perfect trip! The itinerary of the Andaman trip was well thought out, allowing plenty of time for us to see and do everything and not be rushed. Our group was small consists of only 8 people, and the guides were absolutely wonderful. Islands were spectacular and the wildlife was amazing. The food was fabulous. We were fortunate to have perfect weather every day and since we were on a land tour, we were able to walk around the town and beaches every morning and evening. We were really able to embrace the culture and uniqueness of the Andaman.


Anshuman Wadvani

Moving through Manali it was never disappointing. We were delighted with all aspects. Sightseeing in Manali helps us in getting information about the people, culture, and history.


Yuvraj Singh Vaghela

My trip to Goa was an amazing experience for me. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit in Goa.


Sewali Mishra

We wanted to experience a variety of cultures and environments in Rajasthan and this trip gave us more than we expected. Sightseeing in Rajasthan helps us in exploring the place in the best way possible.

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