Honeymoon Tour Packages

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Honeymoon Tour Packages

Honeymoon is the moment when everything would look crazy with a Tadka of romance. It is not just a holiday, it is the holiday that you and your life partner will remember throughout your life. If you don’t believe, ask any of your married friends about their honeymoon, I am sure you would see them blushing.
So, if romance is high on your bucket list of honeymoon and you are looking for the best honeymoon destination for a delightful beginning, then Honeymoon Tour Packages in various destinations of India by Picnicwale will be the ideal desire in burning sparks. Accessible for all major tourist destinations in India, honeymoon tour offers the ultimate crack you need after the annoying rituals of a wedding.
... Most destinations of India in our honeymoon packages are customized for a memorable honeymoon with privacy. If you feel like fusing in, there are always popular tourist places for couples to fall in love with.
Designed carefully some of the excellent packages by Picnicwale with different budgets, duration, themes and destinations from all across India. Our honeymoon packages in India are as colorful as India is. We have promising options of tours for the newly-wed couples who would love to experience luxury, get gratified with royal traditions, glide on a houseboat between the backwaters, relax on the beach, curl up by a fireside on a hill station and much more.
For beach lovers, who just want some time alone with your partner, we have several different packages that will offer the perfect beach honeymoon in India. Goa honeymoon is one of them. Whereas, relax while floating on a houseboat in backwaters. Our Andaman honeymoon package is something unique, with its blissful spread of islands, charming beaches, along with the wildlife sanctuaries.
For the royalty taste, along with a bounty of admired moments, then Rajasthan is the ideal honeymoon destination in India. Covering historic sites, the gorgeous palaces, huge forts, beautiful temples, the popular Thar Desert, stay in luxurious hotels and much more. In fact, Udaipur, the beautiful city of Rajasthan is one of the most romantic destinations in the world.
When it comes to the hill admirer, then Manali is the only option. The thrill of adventure in extension to romance, Manali does not back out, there is a lot to do in Manali. Even here, the Manali Honeymoon Trip offers the most memorable joy. Savor the views to the most stainless lands in India. Most of the Manali tour package comes with clear-cut meal plans and attempt the wide-ranging local sightseeing.
The attraction of honeymoon in India is like nowhere. You will be welcomed as Gods as India believes in “ATITHI DEVO BHAVA”. Your craze and every choice will be gratified to whenever you book your honeymoon packages. Get dreamy birth to your new life or revitalize love at the charming destinations of India. So don’t let your dream honeymoon get concerned with egoistic fantasy. We, Picnicwale are always ready to help you plan your picture-perfect honeymoon tour. All you have to do is just tell us what you and your partner like to do, and we will go through it and make it happen. After all, marriages may be made in heaven, but a perfect honeymoon package is made with us!

Goa Honeymoon Tour Packages

To feel the never-ending romance after your marriage in an unforgettable way with sweet memories, then head to the most doting tour of the life of a newlywed couple which is also called a ‘Honeymoon’. Popularly known as ‘the Capital of Beaches in India’, Goa, which is estimated as the most preferred honeymoon destinations for newly-married couples in India, as it is an ultimate destination of calm and privacy seekers. To get the fun of the luxurious honeymoon in Goa in an amusing style to be an unforgettable lifetime, a wonderful experience is offered by the dreamy surroundings of exotic wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, the boundary of the vibrant landscape by the swaying groves of palms, the ancient historical forts, and churches.

Enchanting Goa Tour Package

02 Night / 03 Days
₹ 4,409 ₹ 4,899
(1325 +Reviews)

Fun & Frolic Goa Tour Package

03 Night / 04 Days
₹ 6,300 ₹ 6,999
(400 +Reviews)

Best Selling Goa Tour Package

04 Night / 05 Days
₹ 7,560 ₹ 8,399
(520 +Reviews)

Andaman Honeymoon Tour Packages

The honeymoon is so much fun when you get somebody and fall in love and quest them. The moments of togetherness where you explore one another. So let's start a new journey of togetherness with the most amazing honeymoon trips in the Andamans and spice up your honeymoon in the extreme honeymoon.
Blessed with most charming beaches and islands in the world, Andaman Islands is a dream destination for newly-wed couples. While on your Andaman honeymoon tour, explore sun-kissed shores, blue waters, and wonderful marine life. The relaxed moment of life will make you fall in love with the seaside and plenty of things to do will leave you amazed during your Andaman and Nicobar Island trip. Savor the warm seashores, adventure water sports and lazing around the beaches. Laze in the tropical bliss creating cherished memories during your honeymoon trip in Andaman.

Mesmeric Andaman Tour Packages

03 Night / 04 Days
₹ 11,250 ₹ 12,500
(1325 +Reviews)

Exciting Andaman Tour Packages

04 Night / 05 Days
₹ 12,600 ₹ 14,000
(400 +Reviews)

Best Selling Andaman Tour Package

06 Night / 07 Days
₹ 15,570 ₹ 17,300
(520 +Reviews)

Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages

Planning a romantic honeymoon in a lonesome destination where you can get quality time with your life partner? Then plan a honeymoon trip to Kerala. Kerala is a state located in Southernmost part of India, adjoined by Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and the Lakshadweep Island. Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages ensures newlywed couples enjoy exploring the lap of nature at relaxation. Its marshy spot arranges its demand as one of the most preferred tourist destinations in India. Some of the best Kerala Honeymoon Packages covers visit to the calm backwaters, the charming beaches and the territorial heritage of Kerala. The perfect honeymoon trip to Kerala should be enlarged over at least a week and can be spread as per tourist's choice.

Astonishing Kerala Tour Package

02 Night / 03 Days
₹ 5,739 ₹ 6,999
(389 +Reviews)

Delightful Kerala Tour Package

03 Night / 04 Days
₹ 6,884 ₹ 8,099
(599 +Reviews)

Best Selling Kerala Tour Package

05 Night / 06 Days
₹ 9,491 ₹ 11,299
(729 +Reviews)

Kashmir Honeymoon Tour Packages

For those looking to kick-start their married life with a romantic honeymoon, then Jammu and Kashmir is the only answer. Jammu Kashmir is located between the snow-covered mountains and lush green plains at the northernmost head of the Indian subcontinent. The shimmering lakes and rivers lush green meadows, snow-covered peaks, and rows of multi-colored flowers are just perfect for a honeymoon trip. And that's why Jammu Kashmir honeymoon packages are popular as well as most preferred among the Indian honeymooning couples.
Kashmir Honeymoon Vacation is a picturesque way for newly-wed couples to know each other in the middle of picture-perfect heaven. It is a beautiful chance which has loads to offer and has several options for sights to see and places to visit. Kashmir Honeymoon Trip will always be dreamy and enchanted.

Incredible Kashmir Tour Package

02 Night / 03 Days
₹ 8,910 ₹ 11,000
(564 +Reviews)

Elegant Kashmir Tour Package

03 Night / 04 Days
₹ 10,642 ₹ 12,374
(733 +Reviews)

Best Selling Kashmir Tour Package

05 Night / 06 Days
₹ 15,225 ₹ 17,500
(877 +Reviews)

Manali Honeymoon Tour Packages

Honeymoon is a chance for a newly-wed couple so that they can spend some quality time with each other and create the best memories of their life. Among the most preferred and best destinations in India to go for a honeymoon is, ‘Manali’. Manali is absolute heaven for honeymooners. Manali is the one and only hill station located in Himachal Pradesh. The hill station has many beautiful and popular tourist spots that will leave you surprise and provide you with indefinite lifetime memories. The snow-capped mountains and its splendid beauty have been blessed with an atmosphere of love and romance. Manali Honeymoon Tour Packages offers an opportunity to start a fresh and new chapter of life.

Splendid Manali Tour Packages

02 Night / 03 Days
₹ 8,504 ₹ 10,499
(451 +Reviews)

Breathtaking Manali Tour Packages

03 Night / 04 Days
₹ 10,583 ₹ 12,599
(619 +Reviews)

Best Selling Manali Tour Packages

04 Night / 05 Days
₹ 13,820 ₹ 14,703
(744 +Reviews)


Out of 5

Very Good


Chetan Patil

Our Honeymoon trip to Andaman was fabulous, all the preparations were well coordinated. Thank you Picnicwale for making our honeymoon a delightful experience. Had a satisfying and value for money Andaman tour. My wify and I were traveling for the first time to Andaman, so of course we were bit uneasy about many things. But fortunately, all went great with Picnicwale and team. We recommend them!


Pushpa Prajapati

We booked our Manali Honeymoon packages with Picnicwale in the month of March. Before we started our tour, booking related information was timely sent and we were well informed about the tour. We really found our Manali honeymoon a well managed at lowest price. The places of Manali are captivating and let you forget all the things for sometime. We felt so refreshed in Manali and for that we would only thanks the entire Picnicwale team for their support and guidance. We will definitely book our next tour with Picnicwale.


Deepika Singh

Our Goa honeymoon trip for 7 days 6 nights was amazing. Special thanks to Picnicwale and team who was very friendly and cooperative throughout the trip. We went to Goa for our honeymoon. We were more than happy and after reaching Goa. We did not ask for anything as everything was beautifully managed. It was our first trip with the Picnicwale, but not the last as we are looking forward to our next trip.


Akaash Nakate

We went to Kashmir for our Honeymoon. We booked our Kashmir Honeymoon Package from Picnicwale. I must say best travel company ever saw. Well Planned! Well Coordinated! They also included adventurous activities in our itinerary. They also offered us best hotels and the food was really awesome. Thank You Picnicwale.

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