Snow Park in Goa

Snow park In Goa

Goa is a popular tourists destination for its beaches, adventure activities, nightlife, casnos and so on. There are 200 plus adventure activities in Goa and Snow park is one of them. The temperature in Goa is mild with very little disparity. The summer season is at its most airless in the month of May while the winter season from the month of January and February are the coldest.
...Snow park in Goa
Snow park in Goa has been uniquely founded as a area capped with snow where entire family can play ad have fun. This snow park is open for 365 days. This adventure park is to play and have fun with limitless snow with an entire family and friends in any weather conditions, particularly in those spots where snow is never seen.
This snow park is founded in the year 2016. The park is made over an 500 sq mts area. Snow park is situated at Baga beach on the Tito’s Lane 2. Snow park entry fee in Goa for each is Rs. 500 approx. There you will get ice slide, a baffling ice rooms and the ice filled space which has lot of exciting activities. There are also special gadgets generating snow and ice for the park in Goa. The best thing about this gadgets is that it can also discover unreal snow storms for the more adventurous seekers.
Rides in the snow park are unique, bizarre and thrilling as can be expected by the visitors. Snow park for kids and family in Goa is where you can slide on ice, play sledging auto, make a Snowman, igloos and snow balling regions where you can enjoy completely with your family and friends.
If you are looking for some dance and music, there is DJ dancing on Snow also. We also offer full on music masti with DJ and dance. You can get the feel of the real igloo also. In one of the most unexpecting place recharge your creativity and build a cute Snowman. You can also just slide on ice or get the experience of sledging car. And beat the heat in the Snow park of Goa.

Know More About Snow Park in Goa

Q. Where is Snowpark?

Ans. Snow Park is located at Baga Beach on the Tito’s land 2.

Q. What is timing to visit Snowpark?

Ans. Timing to visit Snowpark is from 11am to 7pm.

Q. What is the temperature inside Snowpark?

Ans. The temperature inside Snowpark is less than 5 Degree Celsius.

Q. What are the winter equipments that Snowpark provide?

Ans. Snowpark provides winter equipments such as socks, jackets, shoes and gloves on a return basis.

Q. Should we have to pay extra cost after purchasing the snow park entry ticket?

Ans. No, you don’t need to pay extra cost after purchasing the snow park entry ticket.

Q. Does Snowpark allow you to carry cameras and smartphones?

Ans. Yes, you can carry cameras and smartphones during your visit to Snowpark.

Q. Does Snowpark charge extra for taking cameras and smartphones inside?

Ans. Snowpark doesn’t charge extra for cameras and smartphones.

Q. What are the activities in Snowpark?

Ans. The activities in Snowpark are Snow Bailing, Snow men, Snow cave, Slide on ice, Snow play areas, Sledging car, Snow dancing with DJ.

Q. What are the other activities we can perform other than Snowpark?

Ans. We can perform snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, speed boat, hiking and trekking hot air ballooning, banana ride, bumper ride, kayaking, river rafting, water scooters, windsurfing, water skiing, kite surfing, jet ski, wakeboarding, crab catching, fish catching and many more.

Q. Are there any food stalls available inside?

Ans. Yes, there are stalls available for foods and drinks inside.

Q. Is advanced booking available in Snowpark?

Ans. Yes, advanced booking is available in Snowpark.

Q. What are the days when Snow park is closed?

Ans. Snowpark is open all 365 days.


Out of 5

Very Good

Ananya Joshi

What a chilling place snowpark is! I and my friends enjoyed every snow activity like snow man, snow bailing, snow play, slide on ice, Snow dancing with Dj. Every activity was amazing. We especially visited Goa for visiting this unique place. I recommend everyone to visit Snowpark. Especially kids will enjoy being in this place.


Kamal Shah

I am an adventure lover. My family insisted me visit Snow park in Goa. But still my experience was awesome; I will recommend you to visit Snowpark in an afternoon. Those rides on ice, mini igloo, ice rolling, slide on ice all were superb. Snowpark is complete entertainment for your family. Snowpark entry fee was affordable.


Viren Singh

Amazing! We are glad that Picnicwale included this place in the tour package. They serve every kind of drink and food. If you like being in cold places then Snowpark is one place for you.


Ritika Garg

It was a good place full of ice and frost. I will recommend you to Snowpark in summer season experiencing more fun. You will feel relaxed even if you spent little time in Snowpark. The place is good especially for children. The temperature inside Snowpark is well maintained and people have maintained cleanliness as well.


Nikita Vora

Wonderful! If you are visiting Goa you should visit Snowpark. I and my friends enjoyed in Snow parks Goa. I will recommend you to visit Snowpark with your friends. I will praise picnicwale for guiding us to visit Snowpark.

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