Snorkeling in Goa

Snorkeling- Get a wonderful experience with underwater creatures

Snorkeling is a water activity done in a body of water wearing a diving mask, a breathing tube called a snorkel, wetsuits and swim fins. A bent tube provides the snorkeler air as he bends down into the shallow water to witness underwater life. And the best part of Snorkeling is it does not require much training. The snorkel allows to discover underwater attractions with slight attempt and to breathe while face-down at the water surface. Like Scuba Diving, it is also meant for underwater activity. Snorkeling can be done by non-swimmers and it is not as difficult as Scuba Diving, as it requires only breathing apparatus called Snorkel.
...Snorkeling in Goa
There are several destinations to explore Snorkeling in India. And is one of them. Every visitors traveling Goa cannot afford to miss out this exciting activity in which one can view beautiful marine creatures. Clean calm and crystal clear waters with clear visibility makes Goa a perfect destination for Snorkeling. The facilities for Snorkeling in Goa includes all the apparatus you need during the activity. Snorkeling in Goa is also preferred by many tourists. The quality of underwater marine life is active with beautiful fish and colorful coral reefs. The best place for Snorkeling in Goa is Grande Island. The Snorkeling is done under expert guides. The snorkeler who guides are professional in this activity. Our guides are all certified to assure your safety. As your safety is our first priority.

Snorkeling packages in Goa

Snorkeling is combined with Grande Island boat trip. Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities that visitors indulge in on a trip. Your experience in Goa will never be complete without Snorkeling. We offer you an exciting water sports package in Goa that will offer you a wonderful experience underwater. We opt to Grande Island in Goa for Snorkeling and you will also get to view cute dolphins on the way to Grande Island. All apparatus with life jacket will be offered with this package. Snorkeling can be enjoyed by any but the person need to be fit and healthy. Professional trainer will be there all the time for your safety. Snorkeling in Goa cost is pocket friendly. If you go for Snorkeling, it is guaranteed that you will recommend this package to others. Make your experience of Snorkeling memorable with Picnicwale as we serve you with top facilities.

Know More About Snorkeling in Goa

Q. How many person can experience the activity of snorkeling in a group?

Ans. The number of persons who can experience the session of snorkelling differs in a group. Picnicwale provides attentive guides and instructions during snorkelling activity.

Q. Is snorkeling activity safe?

Ans. Yes, Every age group can participate in snorkelling.

Q. What to wear during snorkelling?

Ans. Dry snorkel, Mask, Fins, Wetsuits, Safety gear should be wear during snorkeling.

Q. What we observe in the activity of snorkelling?

Ans. You can see amazing marine life inside the sea, coral reefs, Humpback Dolphins and fishes during the activity of snorkelling.

Q. Do I have to be a trained swimmer for experiencing snorkeling?

Ans. No, you don’t have to a trained swimmer for experiencing snorkelling.

Q. Which are the best snorkelling places in Goa?

Ans. The best goa snorkeling places are Monkey Island, Grand Island, Palolem beach and Sinquerim Beach. The best place was grande island goa snorkeling. We have experienced the best snorkeling in Goa.

Q. Is the activity of snorkelling costly?

Ans. The snorkelling in Goa Cost differs from as per the dive spot. The snorkelling in Goa price starts at Rs.2500 approx.

Q. Is snorkelling available only for groups?

Ans. No, Snorkelling session can be personalized without any other person accompanying you.

Q. Can I click photos while experiencing Snorkeling?

Ans. Yes, you can take pictures while experiencing Snorkelling.

Q. What weather conditions are favourable for Snorkelling?

Ans. The sea waves should be minimum and the weather should be sunny.

Q. How scuba diving differs from snorkelling?

Ans. Scuba diving is an activity of breathing under water and experience underwater marine life whereas snorkelling is breathing on the surface of the water observing the sightseeing of dolphins, and fishes.

Q. Can I wear contact lenses during snorkelling?

Ans. Yes, you can wear contact lenses during snorkelling but you have to be aware of the masks and water should not enter in your masks.

Q. How can I protect my equipment?

Ans. You should protect your equipment from sunlight and heat.

Q. What should be your medical condition for snorkelling?

Ans. No, medical condition is not required for snorkelling.


Out of 5

Very Good

Nikita ayyer

We were always planning to experience Goa snorkelling trip. We are happy that we finally got a chance to perform this activity. The best part of snorkelling is that it’s extremely safe as compared to any other water sport. If you want to experience the scenic views of Dolphins then snorkelling is definitely the best activity for you.


Fatima Akthar

I being a beach lover always wanted to experience Snorkeling. I am lucky that Picnicwale offered me a chance. It was an amazing experience watching dolphin on the surface of water. We spend a great time on the monkey beach. There were no barriers between the trainer and us in terms of the training activity. I am a good swimmer but snorkelling is the one activity which any non-swimmer can perform as well.


Sudhanshu Sahay

I and my friends were planning to perform water sport activities from the long back. We have experienced almost every water sport from the beginning of our tour. The only activity we missed was snorkelling but Picnicwale gave us a chance to perform this refreshing activity as well with one of the best places for snorkeling in Goa. And we shared these experiences with everyone.


Vijaya Rane

What an awesome day it was! Day we performed the activity. We were offered by delicious cuisines and warm services by the staffs. The good part of our tour was snorkelling. We managed to perform activity within a day. The snorkelling that we experienced is one the best snorkelling tour in Goa.


Jayant Dalvi

Wonderful! I will recommend you the snorkelling Goa, if you want to experience the snorkelling ever. I and my family found it very safe activity.

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