Snorkeling in Andaman

Snorkeling in Andaman

Snorkeling is an adventure activity of swimming on or through an entire water body while equipped with a designed tube like equipment called snorkel. Utilizing this equipment helps the snorkeller to witness underwater marine attractions in the best possible way. It is popular as well as a fun activity to get you a lifetime experience. Snorkel, L shaped tube is 30 cm long, generally, fixed at the lower end, and designed of rubber or plastic. It is equipped for breathing air from over the water surface when the snorkeller's mouth area and nose are drowned. Generally, the snorkel has a part of the rubber that attaches the snorkel to the outside of the belt of the diving mask since forwarding the snorkel between mask-strap and the head.
...Snorkeling at Havelock Island in Andaman
The best place for Snorkeling in Andaman is Havelock Island with pristine and untouched coral reefs, right off the golden sandy beaches. Every tourist traveling Andaman cannot afford to miss out this adventure activity in which one can view the beautiful marine life of Andaman. The beach here provides the calm crystal clear waters and is a perfect spot for snorkelers. The coral reefs are in good condition, you can view corals in the same way they were assembled. You can try Snorkeling through a boat trip by joining groups or go for trekking to reach Elephant Beach of Havelock Island. The guides will guide you during your Elephant Beach trip at Havelock Island. This is the popular tourist attraction at Havelock Island. The trip includes boat ride from Havelock or trekking to Elephant beach, instructions and Snorkeling equipment will be provided. The Snorkeling is also done under expert guides. The snorkeler who guides is professional in this activity. Our guides are all certified to assure your safety. The professional instructors also instruct you with Snorkeling tips.

Snorkeling packages in Andaman

Snorkeling is one of the most popular water activities that adventure seekers indulge in. Your experience in Andaman will never complete without Snorkeling. Snorkeling rates in Andaman is also affordable. We opt to Havelock Island for Snorkeling. All equipment including snorkel will be offered with this package. Snorkeling can be explored by anyone but the person needs to be fit and healthy. A professional trainer will be there all the time for your safety. If you go for Snorkeling, it is guaranteed that you will recommend this package to others.

Know More About Snorkeling in Andaman

Q. Which are the places in Andaman for snorkeling?

Ans. The places for snorkeling in Andaman are Jolly Buoy Island (Port Blair), Havelock Island (Elephant Beach), North Bay Island (Port Blair), Neil Island (Bharatpur Beach), Chidiya Tapu(Port Blair).

Q. Is snorkeling safe for non-swimmers?

Ans. Snorkeling is safe for non-swimmers there will be trained guides with you inside water. It will be an advantage if you know how to swim.

Q. What should we carry in the activity of snorkeling?

Ans. You need to carry wetsuit, a snorkel, mask and comfortable set of fins in an activity of snorkeling.

Q. Is snorkeling in Andaman budget friendly?

Ans. Snorkeling rates in Andaman are budget friendly.

Q. Are the charges for snorkeling in Havelock budget friendly?

Ans. Charges for Snorkeling in Havelock are budget friendly.

Q. Which are the best places in Andaman for snorkeling?

Ans. Best places in Andaman include snorkeling in elephant beach (Havelock Island) in Andaman Island.

Q. What is the duration for snorkeling on elephant beach?

Ans. The duration for snorkeling on elephant beach is 15 minutes.

Q. What should be the minimum age limit for snorkeling?

Ans. The minimum age limit for snorkeling should be 10 years.

Q. Are charges for snorkeling in Andaman affordable?

Ans. Snorkeling charges in Andaman are extremely affordable.


Out of 5

Very Good

Vipul Shah

I have performed snorkeling on elephant beach located in Andaman with my family. It is the best beach for enjoying an activity such as snorkeling. Picnicwale organized such trained guides for us who gave us proper snorkeling tips. I will appreciate the guides for their assistance. Though there are few nonswimmers in my family snorkeling was extremely safe. We have performed many other activities like scuba diving, banana boat ride and undersea sea walking but the snorkeling was the most memorable one.


Jatin Sen

I and my friends performed snorkeling on Neil Island; it was our planning from long back. As per our expectations, we have experienced the best snorkeling in Neil Island of Andaman. The corals, fish, and tunnels inside the sea amused us. If we a chance to visit this place again we will surely grab the golden opportunity.


Hiten Seth

I and my family chose Picnicwale for snorkeling tours in Andaman. We found that it is worth of visiting Andaman again. We have performed snorkeling in Havelock Island. It is the most scenic Island as well as good for performing water sports.


Jatin Shukla

I performed in snorkeling with my friends. The activity was superb; it is worth sharing a snorkeling Andaman and Nicobar Island experience with everyone. We are planning an adventure tour for snorkeling in Havelock Island with Picnicwale. The prices are budget friendly is you want to plan snorkeling on Andaman and Nicobar island.


Neeta Shetty

My friends recommended me to visit Andaman for adventure activities. I chose to perform adventure activities on Havelock Island. It was an unbelievable experience. The experience of snorkeling in Havelock Island is worth sharing with everyone. I recommend everyone to spend their holidays on Havelock Island. The Island is charming and good for adventure water sports.

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