Skiing in Manali

Skiing in Manali

Skiing is the sports activity of sliding down snow-covered hills with fixed-heel bindings on skis, it is also commonly known as downhill skiing, and although that also incorporates different styles like Alpine skiing, Ski mountaineering, and Nordic skiing.
...Manali is a major tourist spot of North India, it is known for its excellent skiing conditions with skiing enthusiasts visiting from all over the country. Looking at this huge involvement of tourists, many adventure camps and resorts have been established in its vicinity.
The slopes of Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley offer perfect terrain for amateurs to learn their first move while an ideal grounds for professional skiing in Manali. A little over 2000 m from sea level, Manali in the lush green Amneu Beas valley of Himachal Pradesh is one of the best hill stations in India. It receives a very good amount of snowfall every year and its prime skiing zones are easily accessible from the main town of Manali.
So, if you are an adventure lover, leave yourself in the hands of your professional trainers to feel the thrill of skiing in the picturesque setting of Manali.
Winters here are characterized with heavy snowfall that completely covers the hill station with its milky shade, starting from the month of December. Thus, if you are traveling to Manali primarily for Snow skiing, then December and January are the best months for that. The cold spell of winters continues to stay in Manali post-January, but with a receding snowfall.
Manali snow skiing opts for the short skiing trail, which is estimated at around 7 km, or the long skiing option, which is around 14 km of untouched, pristine snow.
With an altitude of around 10,500 feet, the peak of Mount Patru is the highest point in the area. This landform is almost completely devoid of trees, and as you start the roughly 0.5 km descent, coniferous trees start appearing. Your heartbeat will increase in frequency and strength, and you will have unlimited fun.
Skiing in Manali is one of the best adventure activities, which you can add in your traveling bucket list of India. Whether you are alone, or with family or friends, it is a great sport to make the most of winters. This way you can chill, blow off some steam and also experience some adventure in your life.

Know More About Skiing in Manali

Q. Who provides the best facilities for skiing in Manali?

Ans. The best facilities for Skiing in Manali is offered by PICNICWALE. Also, get UPTO 50% DISCOUNT on this snow-based activity. Call at +91 9892366720 to know more about the offers and discounts.

Q. How can I get UPTO 50% Discount on the Skiing in Manali?

Ans. Call at +91 9892366720 to get UPTO 50% OFF with PICNICWALE on the Skiing packages in Manali.
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Q. Which is the best season to enjoy skiing in Manali?

Ans. Winter is the best season to enjoy skiing in Manali.

Q. Which are the other adventure activities one should try in Manali?

Ans. Ice Skiing In Manali
Paragliding In Manali
Mountain Biking In Manali
Camping In Manali
Zorbing In Manali
Jeep Safari In Manali
River Crossing In Manali

Q. Which are the other packages one should definitely try in Manali?

Ans. River Crossing In Manali - Flat 50% Off
Ice Skiing In Manali - Flat 20% Off
River Rafting In Manali - Flat 30%
Paragliding In Manali - Flat 50% Off
Camping In Manali - Flat 10% Off
Mountain Biking In Manali - Flat 29% Off
Zorbing In Manali - Flat 10% Off
Jeep Safari In Manali - Flat 50% Off

Q. Is Skiing in Manali safe?

Ans. Yes, Skiing in Manali is absolutely safe. All you need is some proper training and instructions. One must also have knowledge of the possible risk before starting skiing session.

Q. How fit should one be to go Snow Skiing?

Ans. Before going for Snow Skiing in Manali, it is alternatively said that you must work on your weight distribution of the body.

Q. Is Snow Skiing safe for kids?

Ans. Snow Skiing Manali is not at all risky. In the beginning, the kids need to guide with some instructions and training.

Q. What is the best time for Snow Skiing in Manali?

Ans. The best time for Snow Skiing in Manali is from the month of January to early June.

Q. What is the minimum age needed for skiing?

Ans. The minimum age needed for skiing is 12 years.

Q. What are the charges if Skiing in Manali?

Ans. The Skiing charges in Manali varies from package to package. It starts onwards Rs.300/-

Q. Which is the best place for experiencing Skiing in Manali?

Ans. The best place for experiencing Skiing in Manali is Solang Valley.

Q. For how much time does Skiing tour in Manali last for?

Ans. The duration for Skiing tour in Manali varies from package to package. The minimum duration for Skiing tour package in Manali is 1 hour.

Q. What are the other adventure activities, besides Snow Skiing in Manali?

Ans. Besides Snow Skiing, one can also experience other adventure activities like River Rafting in Manali, Paragliding, Zorbing, Mountain Biking, Jeep Safari in Manali, River Crossing, Camping, and much more.


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Chirag Bhansali

Had an amazing time in Kashmir. We got more than we could have asked for and Skiing in Kashmir was the best experience. Got helpful instructors who were very friendly. Loved every bit of it. Thank You Picnicwale.


Santosh Verma

I had the best time at Gulmarg while trying skiing with my friends. The instructors were also good. They looked after every need of ours during the time of our experience. Will 100% recommend this adventure activity to all visiting Kashmir.


Chetan Sharma

A wonderful and memorable experience with Picnicwale. Feeling grateful! Gulmarg India Skiing was so cool with the helpful guides. Surely will experience again.


Ashwini Kulkarni

Last year we visited Kashmir with my family. We did a lot of adventure activities. We booked the adventure activities through Picnicwale. We also did Ice Skiing in Gulmarg. They supported us very well. The guides were very helpful and friendly. They guided us very well and overall, it was a good experience.


Pushparaj Kadam

Kashmir skiing was very entertaining. The skiing package that we took was totally in our budget and full of adventures. It was absolutely safe. I loved skiing in Kashmir. Thank God we chose Picnicwale for experiencing this adventurous and thrilling activity in Kashmir.


Deepika Jain

I went on a mini trip to Kashmir with my friends. We did skiing. We loved this adventure activity. Skiing in Kashmir Gulmarg turned out to be an extraordinary experience. I strongly recommend each and every traveler visiting Kashmir to definitely try Skiing.


Akanksha Negi

Got to experience the best skiing in India in the Himalayas of beautiful Kashmir. Picnicwale with their professional and certified guides were excellent. It's quite astonishing to come across a company which has a staff with a friendly mindset and such detailed knowledge of safety and security. Really recommended and will experience again.

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