Seaplane Ride in Andaman

Seaplane ride In Andaman

Indulge in the enthralling and scenic attractions of Andaman with an amazing Sea plane ride in Andaman. And enjoy the spectacular view of the Andamans starting from the charming beaches to the mini island. If you are finding any thrilling things to do in Andaman, then a seaplane tour is the best tour for you.
...Explore the fascinating ride of Sea Plane on the exotic golden sandy beaches of Andaman Island. Flying in Seaplane in Port Blair at Andaman has already caught the eyes of domestic as well as international tourists. It is worthwhile to get the flying experience through Sea plane ride in Andaman, as it offers large windows to each and every participant that give exotic flying view of the splendid beauty of Andaman and Nicobar islands and particularly the adventures it provides while flying above the sea level mixed with the fun of landing the seaplane and taking off in the ocean. Also, take a dig while flying into the dazzling island in all its splendor from a bird's eye view and get a flying experience like never before. Also, feel the spectacular view of popular Andaman tourists sites like Cellular Jail, Ross Island, North Bay Island, Mount Harriet and Sailing Ships with a wonderful Sea Plane ride. Along with these popular sites, you will also get to view Radhanagar Beach, the most popular beach in India.
In Havelock island, the seaplane operates from Hutbay and Diglipur and takes off from the earmarked water drome near the jetty and in Port Blair at Andaman, the seaplane takes off from the Helicopter terminal in the airport. You will cover the terrain of Port Blair to Havelock Island on this Sea Plane ride in Andaman. The floating barge is placed in the water drome on which participants are dismounted from the seaplane. To proceed participants to the coast from the barge and return, speed boat is used into this seaplane service. Just climb into the seaplane, get a window seat and take off to enjoy a flying view of Barren Island, India's only active volcano, or fly over the beautiful ocean to discover Havelock, Diglipur, and Little Andaman Island and enjoy the lush green view from high above. plane lands on the sea near Havelock dock. Then, at last, enjoy the landing part of the seaplane journey of 25 Minutes.

Know More About Seaplane Ride in Andaman

Q. Which are the places for Seaplane Rides in Andaman?

Ans. The places for Seaplane Rides in Andaman are Port Blair and Havelock Island.

Q. Seaplanes are available from which places in Andaman?

Ans. Seaplanes are available from Port Blair to Havelock and vice versa.

Q. What is the duration for Seaplane ride in Andaman?

Ans. The duration of the Seaplane ride in Andaman is 25 minutes.

Q. How many persons can ride in a Seaplane Rides in Andaman?

Ans. 9 persons can ride in Seaplane Rides.

Q. Which is the best weather to enjoy Seaplane Rides in Andaman?

Ans. The best weather to enjoy Seaplane Rides in Andaman is winter.

Q. Can we click photos and take videos of Seaplane Rides?

Ans. Yes, you can.

Q. What should be the minimum age of a person to book Seaplane Ride Port Blair in Andaman & Nicobar?

Ans. The minimum age of a person should be 12 years.

Q. What is the limit of the weight in Seaplane Ride in Andaman?

Ans. The limit of the weight is 139 kg.

Q. Can we carry food items in seaplane ride?

Ans. Yes, you can.

Q. What should be the limit of the height for Seaplane Ride in Andaman?

Ans. The limit of the height should be 6 feet 4 inches.


Out of 5

Very Good

Raj Shukla

I and my family experienced Seaplane Ride from Havelock to Port Blair. The ride of a plane was superb. We all enjoy underwater activities but this is the ride that we can perform above the surface of the water. It is a unique watersport one can enjoy. We really liked the concept of exploring life on a Sea in the plane. All the members in my family were happy, as the activity is good for people of all the ages. All of my family members were amused by the ride. We enjoyed the ride, especially in the winter season. We will recommend everyone to enjoy the ride from Havelock to Port Blair.


Tarun Sen

I and my friends will appreciate Picnicwale for organizing Adventure Holiday Tour Packages to Andaman & Nicobar Islands. I will especially praise Picnicwale for their assisting us throughout our Seaplane ride from Havelock to Port Blair. If we get an opportunity to go for a ride from Port Blair to Havelock Island, we will surely grab it. We are glad that the ride is available in India. The view up in the Seaplane was amazing.


Piyush Shah

We especially stayed in Andaman especially for experiencing the ride on a Seaplane. We are amused by the view of the sea from up. We got this wonderful opportunity of exploring the view on Seaplane ride in Andaman. The ticket fare price in Andaman Port Blair Havelock was extremely affordable even we are family of 6. Picnicwale organized such a budget-friendly seaplane service for us.


Manisha Singh

I got an opportunity to catch the view if a sea in the morning. We are glad to explore this fantastic view of the top. Sea plane charges in Andaman were so affordable. We explored places such as Ross Island and other ships.


Meena Jha

I and my family organized the Seaplane Ride from Havelock to Port Blair. We had a great view of the entire sea from up in a seaplane ride.

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