Sea Walk in Andaman

Sea Walk in Andaman

Sea Walk is an underwater walking activity done to witness underwater life. This underwater Sea Walking activity is done wearing a Sea Walk helmet. The best part of Sea Walk is that non-swimmers and beginners can also experience this adventure activity. Sea walking is a quite new tourist attraction which is increasing in level of demand. It should be done once in a lifetime experience for all the non-divers out there. Enjoy an astonishing underwater walk on the ocean bed, and witness the colorful marine life with the beautiful flora and fauna, colorful corals, and a wide range of fish and many more. Certified experienced and professional guides will accompany you throughout the session of Underwater Sea Walk ensuring your maximum protection.
...Sea Walk in Andaman
Set your limits of expectation quite higher when you indulge in Sea Walk in Andaman, one of the astonishing experiences. Sea Walking in Andaman Island can be experienced at Neil Island, Havelock Island, Ross Island, and North Bay Island, from which Havelock Island is the best beach for sea walk in Andaman. After you reach the Island, meet a professional PADI certified instructor and then you will be taken to the diving site for Sea Walking. Properly listen to the instructions of Sea Walk from the guides and instructor. Get your equipment and Sea Walk Helmet provided by them and indulge on a magical underwater experience. Before you start doing into the deep sea, you will be trained in the shallow waters. Feel safe and secured as the instructors and guides will accompanying you throughout the session. Explore the magical world of the coral reefs, colorful fishes and other marine creatures with the 30 minutes long underwater activity. The Underwater Sea Walk is one of the most unique things to do in Andamans.

Sea Walk in Andaman Package

Your experience in Andaman will never be complete without Andamans Sea Walk. We offer you an exciting Sea Walk in Andaman Package that will offer you a mesmerizing experience underwater. Opt to Havelock Island in Andaman for Sea Walk and you will also get to view the vibrant underwater marine life. All equipment including Sea Walk Helmet will be provided with this package. Sea Walk can be enjoyed by any but the one needs to be fit and healthy. A professional diver will be there at your back all the time for your safety. The cost of Sea Walk in Andaman is pocket-friendly and can be afforded by all. If you go for Sea Walk, it is guaranteed that you will recommend this package to others. And make your experience of Sea Walk memorable with us as we serve you with top inclusions.

Know More About Sea Walk in Andaman

Q. Which company provides the excellent services for Sea Walk in Andaman?

Ans. PICNICWALE offers the excellent services for sea walking in Andaman. And get UPTO 50% OFF on the sea walk packages. Call now at +91 9892366720 for more info.

Q. Where can I get the discounts on Sea Walking in Andaman?

Ans. PICNICWALE offers the best discounts on Sea Walk in Andaman. Call at +91 9892366720 to know more about the unbeatable deals and offers.
Sea Walk In Andaman For Non Swimmers - Flat 35% Off
Sea Walk In Andaman For Friends - Flat 32% Off
Sea Walk In Andaman For Referral Customers - Flat 40% Off
Sea Walk In Andaman For Couples - Flat 33% Off
Sea Walk In Andaman For Beginners - Flat 35% Off
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Sea Walk In Andaman For Family - 30% Off

Q. Which are the other adventure activities one must try in Andaman?

Ans. Glass Bottom In Andaman
Sea plane Ride in Andaman
Fishing in Andaman
Parasailing in Andaman
Kayaking in Andaman
Jet Skiing In Andaman
Sea Walk In Andaman
Scuba Diving in Andaman
Speed Boat Ride in Andaman
Snorkeling In Andaman

Q. Which is the best time for Sea Walk in Andaman?

Ans. The best time for sea walk in Andaman begins from the month of May to the month of June as the climate there is really favorable, the coral reefs are flourishing and the water visibility is clear in between these months. The best time for this activity is in between 9 am to 4 pm.

Q. Which are the other packages for an exciting Andaman Trip?

Ans. Speed Boat Ride in Andaman - Flat 30% Off
Fishing in Andaman - Flat 10% Off
Jet skiing In Andaman - Flat 50% Off
Parasailing In Andaman - Flat 29% Off
Trekking In Andaman - Flat 35% Off
Scuba Diving with Adventure Water Sports Combo - Flat 15%
Banana Ride In Andaman - Flat 35%
Kayaking In Andaman - Flat 35% Off

Q. Which are locations for sea walk in Andaman?

Ans. The locations for Sea Walk in Andaman are North Bay Island, Neil Island, Ross Island and Elephant Beach.

Q. How safe is Sea walk in Andaman?

Ans. Sea walk in Andaman is safe as the trained guides are there with you inside the water to ensure your safety.

Q. What can we observe inside the sea during sea walk?

Ans. We can observe corals, fishes, and other underwater wonders in the sea during a sea walk.

Q. What does sea walking activity include?

Ans. Sea walking activity includes walking on a sea bed about 6-7m deep.

Q. How does undersea walking in Andaman work?

Ans. In undersea walking, a transparent visor helmet is placed on your head, which allows you to walk normally underwater; a professional sea walker will be always there with you for your safety.

Q. What is the age limit for the underwater Sea walk?

Ans. The age limit for the underwater Sea walk is between 7 years to 70 years.

Q. Which are the best beaches in Andaman for Sea walk?

Ans. The best beaches for Sea walk in Andaman are Radhanagar Beach In Andaman and Elephant Beach.

Q. Who should avoid Sea walk activity?

Ans. The person who is heart patient and asthmatic should avoid Sea walk activity.

Q. How long it will take to complete the Sea walk in Andaman?

Ans. Sea walk in Andaman will take about half an hour to complete.

Q. What should we carry in a Sea walk?

Ans. You should carry comfortable clothes, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, comfortable footwear, hats and an extra set of clothes in a sea walk.

Q. Can we carry cameras and capture underwater pictures in sea walk?

Ans. You can carry cameras and capture underwater pictures in sea walk.

Q. Can I wear contact lenses or glasses during sea walk?

Ans. You can wear lenses or glasses during sea walk.


Out of 5

Very Good

Gargi Gupta

It was a wonderful experience of walking inside a sea. I and my friends liked performing on Andaman Sea walk. The beach was crystal clear and marine life that we observed is amazing. I will recommend Andaman Island amongst Andaman and Nicobar Island.


Nilesh Seth

I and my friends performed a sea walk at a depth of 3 meters. It was safe as the guides were supportive. Picnicwale organized a good location for us for diving. We performed sea walk in Elephant beach. If we get the chance to perform sea walk in Elephant beach we will surely grab this opportunity.


Meena Shah

I and my family did sea walk on Andaman Island and as we per our expectation the experience of walking in the sea was amazing. We will appreciate Picnicwale for their assistance.


Hiten Goswami

Picnicwale included Neil Island for sea walk in Andaman package. The Island was amazing; we really liked performing sea walk on this Island. I and my friends had the best time of our life.


Jignesh Singh

I and my family heard about sea walk in Andaman and Nicobar Island. So we decided to perform this activity once. We chose Andaman Island for sea walk, what an amazing Island it is! You will explore the pristine beauty of nature and crystal clear water in this Island.

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