Scuba Diving in Goa

Scuba Diving- Swim like a fish and witness the underwater life!

Scuba Diving is a water activity done to witness the underwater marine life in the best possible way which is mostly explored from the month of October to May. This underwater activity is done using a self-contained underwater breathing equipment called scuba, which is used to breathe independently underwater. The best part of Scuba Diving is that non-swimmers and beginners can also try this adventure activity. People living the hectic life are often captivated to scuba diving for the thrill and fun it offers.
...Scuba Diving in Goa is one of the most preferred water activity in Goa. The quality of underwater marine life is vibrant with multi-colored fishes and lively coral reefs. The Scuba Diving packages in Goa is a must to experience water activity while you visit Goa. Some tourists specially visit Goa to experience Scuba Diving. There are several locations to try Scuba Diving in Goa and Grande Island is one of them. Scuba Diving at Grande Island in Goa offers colorful marine life, corals, reef and shipwreck. Dive sites at Grande Island are generally depthless or shallow with clarity of 8-10 meter. The Scuba in Goa is done under expert guidance and professional divers. The professional divers who guides can move on to precise dives like night diving, shipwreck diving, cave diving, and so on.
Several questions must be coming in your mind. Scuba Diving in India? Will the diving experience be favorable? What is diving be like? But, let us tell you. India also offer the great scuba diving experience and Goa is an ideal destination for Scuba Diving in India. It will be great if you spend your Goa trip exploring Scuba Diving.

Know More About Scuba Diving in Goa

Q. What are the best scuba diving places in Goa?

Ans. There are many places for scuba diving in Goa but the best scuba diving places in Goa are the Bounty Bay, Jetty, Sail Rock, Grande Island, Baga beach, Calangute Beach and Suzy’s Wreck.

Q. Is scuba diving safe?

Ans. Yes, scuba diving is absolutely safe as we provide the professional trainers who will train you and assist you in the whole session.

Q. Is scuba diving cost in Goa affordable?

Ans. Yes, the scuba diving cost in Goa is extremely low.

Q. Is scuba diving suitable for non-swimmers or beginners?

Ans. Yes, scuba diving is suitable for both non-swimmers as well as beginners.

Q. What does scuba stands for?

Ans. Scuba stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.

Q. Is wearing contact lenses create problem during scuba diving activity?

Ans. No, wearing contact lenses won’t be a problem during scuba diving activity.

Q. What should I carry with me when I am experiencing scuba diving?

Ans. You need to carry T-shirt, shorts, sun-block and a wetsuit when you are going to experience scuba diving.

Q. Will I get videos of my diving session?

Ans. Yes, you will surely get videos of your diving session.

Q. How long does scuba diving session last?

Ans. An ideal session of scuba diving lasts for 45 mins.

Q. How much time prior should I book my scuba diving package?

Ans. You should book your scuba diving package minimum 24 hrs prior.

Q. What should a good diver avoid during scuba diving?

Ans. A good diver should speak the truth of his/her health condition and should avoid drinking or have an excessive intake of meal.

Q. How many people can a boat accommodate?

Ans. The boat can accommodate maximum number of 3 and minimum number of 20 person in a boat.


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Very Good

Geeta Pandit

What an adventurous trip it was! I had no idea that scuba diving will be such an exciting for me. The life inside water was really admirable. It was amazing. The scuba diving experts trained us in a friendly way. I would really love to share the experience with everyone I meet. It was an unbelievable experience with complete safety. The guides were well skilled.


Hiten shah

The diving that we experienced underwater was full of fun. It was me and my friend’s planning from long back of experiencing this thrilling activity. The beauty inside the sea is a must to experience. This is all because of assistance that the guides gave us. The guides were very supportive. Scuba diving was extremely affordable.


Neeta Goyal

I can’t explain how incredible underwater experience was. The whole team of trainer was supportive. All trainers gave us very useful instructions before the dive. I appreciate Picnicwale for their help and support.


Anaya Das

Awesome! It was my dream to experience scuba diving once in a lifetime. The memories of scuba diving are unforgettable. Instructors were supportive throughout the diving. I will recommend everyone to experience these scuba diving tour packages in Goa for getting the lifetime experience.


Shilpa Choudhary

The scuba diving is the only experience that I will appreciate throughout my life. We had the best scuba diving tours in Goa that included best experience and gave me best memories. The scuba diving in Goa was systemized, with good service and staffs was helpful.

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