Rock Climbing in Kerala

Rock Climbing in Kerala

Rock climbing is an adventure activity in which adventure seekers climbs up and escalates to the hills and mountains. The rock climbing is done in many parts of India and Kerala is one of them. Nowadays, rappelling and rock climbing have become a fashion that every traveler wants to explore this adventure at least once in their lifetime. Most of the traveler like these adventures during their holiday and Kerala is an ideal option for this kind-off trip.
...Climbing in Kerala
Kerala’s hilly landscapes provide the ideal field for rock climbing and rappelling. Adventure seekers can climb right up to the top of the misty peaks here and also hike off a steep cliff. This is one of the adventurous activity you can carry out with your family or friends and enjoy as you will get excitement like no other in one of the most charming states of India. Explore rock climbing and get that thrilling opportunity while crossing Kerala’s rocky area. You can also go for free rock climbing or aid in rock climbing. It is desirable to go for the adventure rock climbing, as it is an exhausting activity which requires a lot of physical strength and knowledge about the route. Always be tentative before participating in these adventure activity and make sure you are healthy enough.
Professional guides will be there to help you in using specific techniques and safety tips while rock climbing. They will also offer you with the safety equipment and fitness gear to climb up these hilly terrains. If you want, you can also practice rock climbing first on a man-made rock wall to get some knowledge about the activity. For exploring rock climbing in Kerala, there are several places which include Munnar in Idukki, The rock in Cochin, Kolagappara near Sulthan Bathery in Wayanad, Jellyfish Water Sports Cheruvannur, Tahr mountain camp. These places in Kerala offer an equally climbing experience. Some of these places in Kerala also have an artificial rock wall for the kids to explore rock climbing.
Rock climbing also involves both hiking and rappelling as you get to climb up a hilly bluff using the perfect safety equipment. You will then drop down a rock aspect cross while attached to the safety cable. There are different methods of rappelling and rock climbing techniques you can explore which includes bracing forward, side, and backward as well as stomach rappelling. Rock climbing is excessive all over Munnar and there are several places in Kerala. Crack from the routine cracks of your daily life and try these rock climbing adventure activities in the attractive valleys of Munnar. Go ahead and make your Kerala holiday a thrilling-packed one by participating in rock climbing and rappelling in Munnar.

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Q. Which are the other adventure activities in Kerala?

Ans. Kayaking In Kerala
Trekking In Kerala
Jeep Safari In Kerala
Rock Climbing In Kerala
Elephant Ride In Kerala
Cycling In Kerala
Paragliding In Kerala

Q. Which is the best season for Rock Climbing in Kerala?

Ans. The cool months from November to April are the best season for Rock Climbing in Kerala.

Q. Which are the other packages for a memorable Kerala Tour?

Ans. Paragliding In Kerala - Flat 15% Off
Bamboo Rafting In Kerala - Flat 50% Off
Kayaking In Kerala - Flat 30% Off
Trekking In Kerala - Flat 35% Off
Jeep Safari In Kerala - Flat 29% Off
Cycling In Kerala - Flat 10% Off
Rock Climbing In Kerala - Flat 20%

Q. Which are the best places for Rock Climbing in Kerala?

Ans. The best places are Rock Climbing in Kerala are Munnar and Wayanad.

Q. What is the age limit for Rock climbing?

Ans. The age limit for Rock Climbing is 16 years.

Q. Which are the best months for Rock Climbing and Rappelling in Munnar?

Ans. The best months are from September to May.

Q. What should we carry during Rock climbing?

Ans. You need to carry sturdy shoes, jackets, sweaters, rock climbing gears, sunscreen, water bottle, and a cap.

Q. What is the duration for Rock climbing in Munnar?

Ans. The duration for Rock Climbing in Munnar is 30 minutes.

Q. Which are the other adventure activities we can perform other than Rock Climbing in Kerala?

Ans.We can perform adventure activities such as Kayaking, Mountain Climbing, Bamboo Rafting, Cycling, and Paragliding in Kerala.


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Meena Shah

I and my friends are planning for performing a Rock Climbing adventure for a long time. We still didn’t get a good location for this activity. One of the members of my family recommended me to go climbing in Kerala. It is one of the famous activities amongst other activities such as Kayaking, Bamboo Rafting, Paragliding and, Cycling. So, we decided to perform it once. We are glad that we got such good assistance from a skilled person. The climbing activity was very safe and we accomplished it with great enthusiasm.


Vilas Sen

I and my partners in adventure sports activity didn’t know that there are such amazing adventure activities in Kerala. We accomplished every adventure including Kayaking, Cycling, Bamboo Rafting, and Paragliding. The activity that was left was Rock Climbing. We managed to perform Wayanad Rock Climbing. We will appreciate the support of Picnicwale for including such a Best Rock Climbing Tours in Kerala. It is one of the famous adventure sports in Kerala. One of my friends did a video shooting of climbing activity. I share this admirable experience with my other friends.


Pooja Pandya

When it comes to visiting Kerala, what comes in our mind is scenic beaches, wildlife and bird centuries. But we all are unaware of adventures in Kerala. These include Kayaking, Bamboo Rafting, Cycling, Paragliding, and Elephant Ride. There is also one more Kerala adventure that is Rock Climbing. I and my family are so glad that we got a chance to perform as well with one of the best Rock Climbing Tour in Kerala. We will surely plan other adventure sports in Kerala as the experience was memorable and full of energy.


Seema Singh

If you are wondering to plan a location for an adventure in India. Then adventure tourism in Kerala can be the best choice for you. It was me and my friend’s experience. We accomplished Rock Climbing in Munnar which we were planning for a long time. The experience is worthy of sharing with everyone. I will recommend you to choose Picnicwale if you are ever planning for adventure sports in Trivandrum. Kerala is simply worth for adventure seekers.


Gargi Choudhary

I stay on the city side with my family. I never got a chance to perform any activity in the city. I chose Picnicwale for rock climbing in Kerala. I will appreciate for assistance of the skilled person under whom I and my friends performed climbing.

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