River Rafting in Goa

River Rafting

River rafting is an open air activity done with an inflatable raft to explore a river. This water activity is regularly done on white water or cool degrees of rough water. Managing the hazard and team effort is two things to look out for while doing river rafting. This water activity has turned out quite a hit nowadays. Following the briefing while the time of training, the trainers will provide you equipment like rafts, paddles, helmets and life jackets.
are made of fabric layers, sew in such a way that the area between them can be filled with air.
are familiar to oars. Oars are fixed on the boats whereas paddles are given to you.
are absolutely important, and do not take them off while you are rafting.
Life jacket
is also an essential equipment of your rafting clothing.

River rafting in Goa

Goa is popular of offering adventurous activities, operated by professionals with powerful experience. Beside being a tiny states of India, Goa is known as the Adventure Capital of India. In the last few years, Goa has been developed as the hub of adventure activities in India as there are number of options including River rafting, White Water Rafting in Goa, there are Bungee Jumping, Flying Fox, Mountain Biking, and many more. Goa has gained popularity over the last few years as the best place for adventure activity like River rafting.

Adventure lovers should definitely give a try to river rafting at least once in their lifetime while you visit Goa. Mhadei river, which makes its way there, has a appropriate section where this activity takes place. You can reach here practically from anywhere in India by multiple modes of transport. Between February and June, and then from September to December, is perfect time for river rafting in Goa, avoid rainy season . Once you reach the meeting point, you will be given a training with techniques, and how to make it easier as well as safer. As you begin your rafting journey, you will witness a number of spots, which you will need to raft over. This activity will be approximately two hours long, and will make you use all your skills to keep the boat in your control. Azure water will be splashing all over you, and will keep you active if you start feeling drained due to the physical effort. The best part is river rafting price in Goa is pocket-friendly. So, if you have been thinking about trying river rafting in Goa, then don’t just think try it.

Know More About River Rafting in Goa

Q. What is river rafting?

Ans. River rafting is an adventure activity where one have to sit on enlarged raft and move through the movement moving water.

Q. What are class 2 and class 3 rapids in river rafting?

Ans. Class 2 rapids have few rocks, rough water and you might need guide. Class 3 rapids have stormy water, moderate waves.

Q. Is river rafting safe?

Ans. Yes, the river rafting tour is absolutely safe.

Q. What should be your minimum age if you want to perform river rafting?

Ans. The minimum age should be 12 years if you want to perform river rafting.

Q. What should you wear in river rafting?

Ans. You should wear T-shirt, tights and swimwear.

Q. Can we perform river rafting during rainy season?

Ans. Yes, you can perform river rafting during rainy season. Rafting in rain is more exciting.

Q. What should be your health condition for river rafting?

Ans. You should be average fit; your weight should not exceed 120 kg.

Q. What things should I not carry during my river rafting activity?

Ans. You should not carry expensive jewellery, watches and any eatables.

Q. Can we carry cameras in river rafting?

Ans. Yes, you can carry cameras in river rafting.

Q. Is it necessary to know swimming for river rafting?

Ans. It is not at all necessary to know swimming for river rafting.

Q. Which is the best time to explore river rafting in Goa?

Ans. The best time for experiencing river rafting is from the months of July to October.

Q. Is eating allowed before river rafting?

Ans. Yes, eating is absolutely allowed before river rafting.

Q. What should I carry in extra?

Ans. You should carry extra clothes; footwear, towel and identity card with you as there are more possibilities of getting wet.

Q. What prevents me from experiencing river rafting?

Ans. You should be a cardiac patient or suffering from back pain.

Q. What are the other adventure water sports other than river rafting in Goa?

Ans. The other adventure water sports in Goa other than river rafting are windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, water scooters, kayaking, wave boarding, knee boarding, water skiing, banana ride, bumper ride, hiking and trekking, hot air balloon, flyboarding, jet skiing, fishing/crab catching, speed boating and snowpark.


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Poornima shetty

I travelled across entire Goa with my family. Goa is amongst popular river rafting places in India. I experienced every water adventure such as jet skiing, kayaking, water scooters, wave boarding, banana ride but the best one for me was river rafting. Picnic wale provided us best guides with us for river rafting.


Nikita sharma

I was planning to perform river rafting from long back. Picnic wale fulfilled my wish by providing us best guides and best river rafting packages in goa for rafting. I will appreciate picnic wale for their support.


Ishant Thakur

Amazing! River rafting is one of the most famous water sport in Goa which is suitable for beginners as well trained professionals.


Niharika Kapadia

What an amazing activity it was! I especially visited Mhadei River for river rafting. The river rafting in Mhadei River is ultimate.


Nihar Sen

I especially chose monsoon season for river rafting in Goa. I will recommend rafting in Goa to everyone. I found this an amazing adventure and enjoyed river rafting deeply.

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