Parasailing in Goa

Parasailing- Fly like a bird!

Parasailing is a kiting activity in which a man is connected behind a speed boat while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that called parasail wing or parachute. The belt which connects the parascender to the parasail wing, is dragged by a rope. The speed boat at that time takes off, bringing the parasail wing and the one who is doing into the air. And if the speed boat is capable enough, a few people would be able to parasail behind it in all at once. While doing parasailing, you will be provided with a comfortable seat and through that you control your speed and direction. It is not compulsory to jump from high. But, a parascender has no control over the parachute.
...Parasailing in Goa
Goa has a variety of fun shoreline activities, that you can indulge in your get-away in Goa and parasailing is one of them. Parasailing is one of the thrilling adventure sports in Goa. If you are an adventure lover, then trying parasailing in Goa will be just perfect for you. While being drooping high up in the air, one gets the chance to admire the grand ocean and the beautiful shoreline views. It is quite effortless and safe because it does not require any tough skills to have fun with this water sport. Safety is also continued as all the apparatus including the parachute is provided to the customers and also rechecked before each parasailing session. The expert trainers and guides follows each customers during the session so the the customers feels safe. Parasailing in Goa price suits every pocket of customers. It is amusing to fly in the sky like a bird once in a lifetime while trying parasailing in Goa. While floating through clear azure sky over the boundless sea and beautiful scenery like no other will be the awesome feeling

Parasailing in Goa packages

There are several parasailing in Goa packages, so you can get various options to choose from, according to your benefit with varied prices. The duration of parasailing varies from packages to packages. You can explore Parasailing with water sports combo pack package which includes various adventure water sports which Goa offers to the visits to be tried on the beaches like jet ski, speed boat ride, bumper ride, banana ride.

Know More About Parasailing in Goa

Q. Which is the best service provider for Parasailing in Goa?

Ans. The best service provider for Parasailing in Goa is PICNICWALE. Catch UPTO 50% DISCOUNTS on Parasailing. Enquire Now at +91 7977032857

Q. Where will I get Upto 50% Offers for Parasailing in Goa?

Ans. PICNICWALE offers the best discounts on the packages of Parasailing in Goa. Know more about the offers and discounts call at +91 7977032857
Parasailing In Goa Packages For Family - 30% Off
Parasailing In Goa Packages For Friends - Flat 32% Off
Parasailing In Goa Packages For Couples - Flat 33% Off
Parasailing In Goa Packages For Non Swimmers - Flat 30% Off
Parasailing In Goa Packages For Corporate - Flat 33% Off
Parasailing In Goa Packages For Referral Customers - Flat 40% Off"

Q. What is the actual cost of Parasailing in Goa?

Ans. The cost of Parasailing in Goa varies from package to package. It is never the same. Know the best price call at +91 7977032857

Q. What is the best season for adventure activities in Goa, especially Parasailing?

Ans. The best season for Parasailing in Goa begins from the month of October to May.

Q. Which are the other must try adventure activities in Goa?

Ans. The list of must try adventure activities in Goa is a long one, and you will always discover a new one in every place.
Here are some of the best adventure activities-
Bungee Jumping In Goa
Adventure Boat Trip
Flyboarding In Goa
Dudhsagar Water Falls In Goa
Water Sports Combo In Goa
Grande Island Trip
Kayaking In Goa

Q. Which are the best packages for Goa trip?

Ans. Scuba Diving with Adventure Water Sports Combo - Flat 15%
Adventure Boat Trip - Flat 35%
Grande Island Trip - Flat 29%
Flyboarding - Flat 30%
Dudhsagar Waterfall Trip - Flat 35%
Hot Air Balloon Ride - Flat 10%
Cheapest Hotel Bookings in Goa - Flat 50%


Out of 5

Very Good

Richa Garg

I and my friends experienced parasailing for the first time. What a wonderful experience it was, I must say! We all explored beauty of submerged under the sea but experiencing beauty on the air is very superb. My friends accompanied me during parasailing. The guides were very supportive during the session of parasailing.


Amar Singh

Goa is always everyone’s dream destination to experience any adventure. Even it was for me and finally I got opportunity to accomplish my wish visiting the place. Amongst other adventures parasailing is my favourite. We have performed Calangute beach parasailing. Viewing charming sea, fishes, and tourists from the high above air is astounding. Picnicwale fulfilled my wish; I will recommend everyone to plan their Goa holidays with Picnicwale.


Riyaz sheikh

Amazing! Experiencing the beaches high above sky, is once in a lifetime opportunity that you can explore. Till now, I have seen others enjoying parasailing but experiencing the activity on your own is incredible. The guide supported me very well. The parasailing was extremely safe for me and my family.


Tejas Pandit

Amongst other adventures I found parasailing at Goa best to perform. The cost was affordable for me. The beaches that we were taken by Picnicwale are exotic as you can explore them high above the air.


Piyush Jadeja

Goa is always a scenic destination. And when I and my friends visited it we realized that more deeply. We enjoyed parasailing for the first time there. It was the first water sport that we performed. And the weather was also calm so it was more fun-filled.

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