Parasailing in Andaman


Parasailing in Andaman

Parasailing is a recreated kiting activity in which a person is attached to a specially designed canopy wing that resembles a parachute while towed behind a boat, known as a parasail wing. The harness is attached to the pilot to the parasail, which is connected to the boat by the tow rope. The boat then drives off, carrying the parasailer into the air. If the boat is powerful enough then two or three people can parasail behind it at the same time. The parasailer has little or no control over the parachute. This activity is thrilling as well there will be a lot of fun to do it.
...Parasailing in Andaman
Surfing through the sea with the wind and your legs taking small dips in the sea. One long pull from the boat and you are flying in the sky, like a free bird. Parasailing lets you experience the incredible beauty of the Andamans, from the top. With a mixture of airborne and water adventure, you will definitely fall in love with this sport
Parasailing in Havelock Island is one of the famous activities to do in Andaman. There are a lot more places to go parasailing at Andaman like Port Blair and North Bay Island. There are a lot of other activities one can do in Andaman except parasailing like Scuba diving, Snorkelling, Sea Plane Ride, Trekking, Glass Bottom Boating, Banana Boat Rides, Mangrove Kayaking, Jet Ski, etc.
For Parasailing in Andaman Islands, a participant should be above 6 years and the participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their liability waiver prior to boarding the vessel. The weight of a flight should be a minimum of 49 kg and under 192 kg, one flight can carry more than one person that depends on the weight of the participants and the size of the flight.
Parasailer usually flies above 200-300 feet for almost 3 minutes it can extend to 500 feet for 10-12 minutes. Best times for Parasailing in Andaman are October and May. Though you can do parasailing in Andaman throughout the year, it depends on the weather condition too. Parasailing is safe to do until you follow the instructors.
Before parasailing, you will be given a 10-minute oral training about the best practices to follow during your adventure. The paragliding chute will be secured around your waist and chest and will be connected and locked to the pulling apparatus on the boat. Next, you will be taken to the open sea, pretty close to the Beach, where your awesome adventure will begin.

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Q. Who provides best facilities for Parasailing in Andaman?

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Q. Where will I get discounts for Parasailing in Andaman?

Ans. PICNICWALE offers the best discounts on the packages of Parasailing in Andaman. Know more about the offers and discounts call at +91 9892366720
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Q. What are the actual rates for Parasailing in Andaman?

Ans. The actual rates for Parasailing in Andaman is never constant. It varies from season to season. Know the best price call at +91 9892366720.

Q. What is the best season for adventure activities in Andaman, especially Parasailing?

Ans. The best season for Parasailing in Andaman starts from the month of October to May.

Q. Which are the other must try adventure activities in Andaman?

Ans. The list of must try adventure activities in Andaman is a long one, and you will always discover a new one in every place.
Here are some of the best adventure activities -
Parasailing in Andaman
Banana Ride In Andaman
Sea Walk In Andaman
Fishing in Andaman
Glass Bottom In Andaman
Speed Boat Ride in Andaman
Kayaking In Andaman

Q. Which are the best packages one can opt for while on a Andaman trip?

Ans. Parasailing In Andaman - Flat 29% Off
Fishing in Andaman - Flat 10% Off
Scuba Diving with Adventure Water Sports Combo - Flat 15%
Banana Ride In Andaman - Flat 35%
Speed Boat Ride in Andaman - Flat 30% Off
Kayaking In Andaman - Flat 35% Off
Jet skiing In Andaman - Flat 50% Off

Q. What is the cost for Parasailing in Andaman?

Ans. The Parasailing Cost in Andaman varies from package to package. The starting price is Rs. 2500.

Q. Which are the best places for Parasailing at Andaman Island?

Ans. The best places for Parasailing at Andaman Island are Elephant Beach , North Bay Beach, and Carbyn’s Cove Beach.

Q. Is Parasailing at Havelock Island safe?

Ans. Parasailing at Havelock Island is very much safe if we do it under the guidance of professional and certified instructors.

Q. What is the minimum age to go Parasailing in Havelock Island in Andaman?

Ans. The minimum age to go Parasailing in Havelock Island is 10 years.

Q. Which adventure sports can we enjoy other than Parasailing in Andaman?

Ans. The other Adventure Activities in Andaman are
Sea Walk
Scuba Diving
Banana Rides
Jet Ski
Glass Bottom Boating
Trekking and much more.

Q. What kind of medical arrangements will be there if someone got injured while Parasailing over the Andaman Sea?

Ans. All the tour companies offering parasailing in Andamans have a professional and certified staff who are trained in first aid measures. In case of any medical emergency, then they try to help in the best possible way.

Q. Which is the best time for experiencing Parasailing at Havelock?

Ans. One can enjoy Parasailing anytime of the year.

Q. Is Parasailing in Andaman suitable for beginners?

Ans. Yes, it is suitable for beginners as safety measures are taken; you will be accompanied by professional guides.


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Hitendra Zala

I went to Andaman Island with my friends. We did Parasailing at Andaman Island. The guides were very friendly and guided us very well, we felt very safe with them, our guide had plenty of knowledge about Andaman and Parasailing. Thank You Picnicwale for giving us such a wonderful experience.


Ranjana Shah

One of the best experience of my life was when I traveled to Andaman. It was really a wonderful experience. The most amazing part of the Andaman tour was experiencing Parasailing at Havelock Island. Thank u Picnicwale for making my trip memorable.


Vibha Chandanbala

Absolutely amazing experience! Superb service, Great value for money, and so much. As I love adventure activities especially water activities, I loved parasailing. I started my day from experiencing parasailing which was really an amazing start. The guides provided us with correct equipment for our safety which allowed us to enjoy ourselves without any fear. All credit goes to Picnicwale.


Anurag Das

Parasailing is one of the thrilling water sports activities in Andaman. Whenever I traveled to Andaman I don’t forget to experience this activity. Thanks you Picnicwale for such a wonder experience.

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