Paragliding in Kerala

Paragliding in Kerala

Paragliding is an adventure activity that fulfills to the needs of all adventure seekers out there. Paragliding offers you a dire experience of gliding through the open skies and discovering the calm nature of a higher distance ride that only birds are acquainted with.
...Paragliding in Kerala
Get a bird's eye view of Kerala, at approximately 6,000 feet above the sea level. The best month for exploring paragliding in Kerala ae September and offers great flying experience till the month of January and again, from March to May. Float like a cloud and take on the blue skies and chat with the birds. To add to the paragliding experience in your bucket list, Varkala in Kerala provides you to fly over some of the most astonishing scenes one can get in the Southern part of India. Vagamon is another spot that provides pleasant paragliding experience.
Varkala has various bluffs that can offer great spots for departure. With the great experience of gliding above the Arabian Sea on one direction and the witnessing the beautiful nature of Kerala's greenery on another side, Varkala in Kerala is a great tourist destination where one can fulfill a desire to get an experience of Paragliding in Varkala as well.
With lush green hills and mountains along with exploration of waterfalls at around 6,000 feet above sea level, Kerala Vagamon is becoming more popular as a paragliding spot. Vagamon, located in the Idukki is fast emerging as the paragliding spot. Paragliding Vagamon also anchors the Paragliding Grand Prix that is held every September where professional paragliders from all across the world come to indulge in the adventure activity. The Kolahalamedu hill, the departure location which is located 4 km from Vagamon, offers great paragliding flights from the month of September till January and also from the month of March to May. With about 10 km paraglide ride, Vagamon is an alluring and dazzling spot to explore the first ever paragliding experience and would make you go back for once more.
So add yet another wonderful experience to your Kerala tour by giving paragliding a try at the spectacular places of Vagamon and Varkala in Kerala. Even though there are only two favored spots for paragliding in Kerala, both can prove to be excellent experiences. This breathtaking adventure activity also offers the opportunity to mount over the tea garden, meadows, grasslands and lush green forests making your Kerala trip memorable.

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Q. Which are the other adventure activities to try in Kerala?

Ans. Paragliding In Kerala
Kayaking In Kerala
Trekking In Kerala
Jeep Safari In Kerala
Rock Climbing In Kerala
Elephant Ride In Kerala
Cycling In Kerala

Q. Which is the best season for Paragliding in Kerala?

Ans. From March to May is the best season for Paragliding in Kerala.

Q. Which are the other packages for a memorable Kerala Tour?

Ans. Paragliding In Kerala - Flat 15% Off
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Q. What are the best places for Paragliding in Kerala?

Ans. Vagamon, Kodungallur Munnar, Varkala

Q. Is it safe to do Paragliding?

Ans. Yes, it is.

Q. What is the minimum age required for paragliding?

Ans. The age should be above 6 years and if you are below 18 you need your parent’s authorization.

Q. What should be the weight of a paraglider?

Ans. The weight of the paraglider should be within 90 kg.

Q. Do I need a license for paragliding?

Ans. No.

Q. What is the best time for Paragliding in Vagamon?

Ans. After the monsoons from June to September or before the summer from March to May.

Q. What are the things a paraglider can see during his flight?

Ans. A paraglider can enjoy the view of gorgeous and exotic beaches, breathtaking hill stations, meandering rivers, enchanting waterfalls and amazing natural scenarios from the top.

Q. What is the duration of a paragliding flight?

Ans. 15 to 30 minutes.

Q. What is the height of the take-off of a paragliding flight?

Ans. It is nearly 6,000 feet above sea level.

Q. How fast can a paraglider go?

Ans. 12 – 47 mph.

Q. Can people with Heart, sinus, respiratory problems try paragliding?

Ans. No.


Out of 5

Very Good

Aryan Mule

This was my first paragliding experience and Varkala is an incredible place if you are a first timer. I loved the entire experience. The view is just great and not for a minute you will feel scared as the instructors and pilots are well trained who assure you are enjoying the best of your time.


Swapnil Bhatt

After going for paragliding in Munnar before this, this was my second time. Varkala looks awesome from up there. A little scary but feels awesome once I let go.


Samayra Singhania

INCREDIBLE!!! I just can't believe that being a Delhite all my life I had no idea about paragliding in Vagamon. Great experience, just loved every bit of it.


Mayra Agarwal

It was a bit scary for me in the start as I have fear of heights. But after a few minutes, I was comfortable with paragliding and I enjoyed it a lot.


Roohi Malik

Those few minutes in the sky and I was able to feel the adrenaline rush within me along with enjoying the aerial views of Munnar. The best part of the entire flight was the dive. The way you start descending and the opening of the parachute, times spent high above the ground and finally the landing part, they all were so wow man. Thanks to the pilot, the other crew members for such an amazing flight.


Ashima Arora

I can't describe my actual experience in some words. I was shivering before take-off but after that, I feel I was flying like a bird with no boundaries!


Paras Mehta

The activity of paragliding started from a drive to the top of the take-off site and the ride itself was so beautiful.


Ankit Singh

The best paragliding I did so far.


Gaurav Rawat

A must adventure to do once in a life. Not once but again n again. Vagamon is one of the best places for paragliding. It feels amazing and comfortable while flying in the sky.

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