Mountain Biking in Kashmir

Mountain biking and cycling in Kashmir

Mountain Biking In Kashmir
Kashmir is not only a destination for honeymooners or families. Besides, exploring the lush green meadows that are capped with colorful orchards and great deodar and bluish-green forest and bisected by several water bodies one can explore Kashmir is just another house for thrill-seekers and adventure junkies. The crooked road piercing through the meadows that slowly turns to a challenging, tricky and rocky path and bump into a cleft is a perfect activity for a mountain biking tour in Kashmir. It makes the huge difference where several travelers go for holidays and few pedals over rocky tracks and around scattered paths.
...Kashmir tourism has developed into a new theory of change in adventure activities. The mountain biking in Kashmir has run out through the nerves of global adventure seekers. Mountain biking also requires active mountain bikes that aspect a rugged frame and fork. A row of the local community, shepherds, streams with crystal clear water, paddy fields, bluish-green meadows, bazaars and so on. Mountain biking in Kashmir also offers huge challenge and thrill, so for it, you must be equipped with necessary equipment along with your active mountain bike.
The places for mountain biking in Kashmir starts from Srinagar to Gulmarg, Gulmarg to Pahalgam, Pahalgam to Srinagar, Srinagar to Sonmarg, Sonmarg to Wular or Manasbal lake and then back to Srinagar.
Cycling Sports In Kashmir
Cycling is a popular adventure activity in Kashmir. It is the cheapest way to explore the splendid beauty of mountains ranges and valleys of Kashmir. Cycling in Kashmir is the most exhilarating experience for adventure seekers from both, India and as well as in foreign parts.
For cycling in the mountain, the participant needs to hire appropriate mountain bike that is equipped with safety gears. Cycling Mountaineering Tour in Kashmir is one of the most challenging and adventure activity. Adventure junkies need to be physically strong and experienced to participate in cycling in most hilly and crazy areas of Kashmir.
Cycling in Kashmir offers a thrilling experience for those who seek of cycling from beginning through the highest mountain area in the world. Cycling at every type of levels can be a memorable experience. In Kashmir, one can witness several attractive Buddhist Gompas on the way while cycling through the stunning landscape. The best time for cycling in Kashmir is from the month of June to September. The route of cycling takes the participant on a Zig Zag routes through the snaky turns of the Himalayan ranges.

Know More About Mountain Biking in Kashmir

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Q. Which is the best time for Mountain Biking In Kashmir?

Ans. The best time to go Mountain Biking in Kashmir is from the month of March to May.

Q. Which are the other adventure activities one must definitely try in Kashmir?

Ans. Shikara Ride In Kashmir
Ice Skiing In Kashmir
River Rafting In Kashmir
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Trekking In Kashmir
Fishing In Kashmir
Jeep Safari In Kashmir
Mountain Climbing In Kashmir
Paragliding In Kashmir
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Q. Which are the other packages are available for a Kashmir trip?

Ans. Shikara Ride In Kashmir - Flat 50% Off
Paragliding In Kashmir - Flat 50% Off
Ice Skiing In Kashmir - Flat 20% Off
Trekking In Kashmir - Flat 10% Off
River Rafting In Kashmir - Flat 10% Off
Hot Air Balloon In Kashmir - Flat 50% Off
Mountain Biking In Kashmir - Flat 29% OFF
Trekking In Kashmir - Flat 10% Off
Fishing In Kashmir - Flat 15% Off
Camping In Kashmir - Flat 10% Off
Jeep Safari In Kashmir - Flat 50% Off
Mountain Climbing In Kashmir - Flat 50% Off
Gondola Ride In Kashmir - Flat 50% Off

Q. What are the best places for mountain biking in Kashmir?

Ans. Srinagar
Wular / Manasbal lake

Q. What is the best time for cycling tours in Jammu and Kashmir?

Ans. March to May.

Q. Is it safe to do mountain biking in Kashmir?

Ans. Yes.

Q. Can we do mountain biking from Manali to Leh?

Ans. Yes.

Q. How many days will it take to complete mountain biking from Manali to Leh?

Ans. Around 13 nights

Q. What are the places we can experience during mountain biking from Manali to Leh?

Ans. Khoksar, Tandi, Darcha, Sarchu, Pang

Q. What is the cost of mountain biking?

Ans. It starts from Rs.4500 onwards, price varies from package to package.

Q. What can we explore during the mountain biking tour in Kashmir?

Ans. One can explore the view of gorgeous and exotic landscapes, breath-taking mountains, meandering lakes, enchanting valleys, and amazing natural scenarios.

Q. What is the age or physical fitness required for Mountain Biking in Kashmir?

Ans. The minimum age required for mountain biking is 12 years and proper physical fitness with no ailments is required.

Q. What is the duration of mountain biking?

Ans. 6-8 hours approx. It varies on the package also.


Out of 5

Very Good

Karan Rajput

It was the most thrilling activity I have ever done in my life. The experience was so amazing; if you are mad about adventure then you should try biking in Kashmir.


Vin Rana

Great rides, better than anything I've done in the Kashmir. There were loads of uninterrupted single-track. There was a very good mix of tracks and difficulty levels. Plenty of uplifts were there through the week and far more downhill than uphill. The weather was good for biking, and all the trails were dry with no mud. Overall the experience was good.


Alessio Rodger

My first visit to Kashmir included a planned 3-day cycling trip. The arrangements by Picnicwale for drop-off and collection of the bike were excellent. I was provided with a great bike of suitable size. Amazing encounters and experiences were made possible by the two-wheeled freedom of exploring interesting routes and interacting with local people. Thanks to Picnicwale for their professional and friendly help.


Mishti Sanghvi

This cycling tour was so amazing. I got an amazing bike for the purpose and the trails are amazing, very flowy trails with nice climbs and downhills. Our guide was nice, very skillful and experienced. This tour worths every penny. I'll do it again if I get a chance.


Arjun Saluja

I've done a lot of cycling tours in India but the one I've done in Kashmir stands out as being the most interesting and the most fun.


Nia Singh

I took the two-day bike ride in Kashmir with Picnicwale and I had a great time! I'm in the fitness industry but completely new to mountain biking and the trail was just perfect for someone like me. The whole thing was very enjoyable and much recommended!


Harish Chauhan

Mountain biking in Kashmir was a very nice experience, well organize a ride with a good bike and a nice guide. Cool ride at an amazing place with kind people, spectacular views to take excellent photos. I would definitely do it again. All thanks to Picnicwale.

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