Kayaking in Kerala

Kayaking in Kerala

Kerala is known for offering adventures, be it on land or water. Kayaking Tours in Kerala which is also popularly known as God's Own Country is an exciting way to enjoy adventure water sports. Kayaking is an adventure activity that generally happens on the backwater. If you are in love with the backwaters of Kerala, then there is no better way to discover it than exploring kayaking. Paddling through the backwaters of Kerala gives one the opportunity to experience nature in the best possible way. One gets to explore the hidden beauty and make one's way through the narrow tunnels, in what feels like one of the most exciting experiences. Also, there are several types of kayaks available in Kerala.
...Although the state is brimming up with various mini hills, it offers the needs of the adventure seekers who love adventure water activities. If you are intending to make an excursion to Kerala, Kayaking is one of the energizing adventure activities to do here.
Nature has constantly shocked the man with its plenitude of excellence. The relentless oceans and the long waterways, wandering aimlessly, and the savage rapids have dependably been intimidating. But, there are those globe-trotters that ace the waters through different methods, and Kerala kayaking is one of these. In one style of kayak, the paddler looks ahead with their legs before them underneath a deck, and use a twofold bladed oar. Another style is the sit on top kayak. Most kayaks have a long front and back deck and differ as indicated by the sort of water they are intended for. Sea or ocean kayaking is regularly done in the vast ocean, while whitewater kayaking is done in the rapids.

Kerala Kayaking tours

Kerala Kayaking tours come in diverse structures all through the world. Kayaking fans regularly take part in whale viewing, for instance. Getting a look at a white whale or a humpback whale can be a vital lifetime adventure. Some kayakers have even had the chance to go kayaking close by orcas, or executioner whales. In a kayak, you can investigate the uncommon wildness of the sea in its fullest magnificence. Having your own kayaking adventure expands mindfulness about the earth, the biological community and the need to protect it.
Kayaking in Kerala gives you a chance to find and appreciate the charm and marvel of the excellent waters and unmatched skies. Exceptional landscape and natural life are included attractions which kayaking offers. All this definitely goes about as an all-out pressure reliever. The kayaking adventures can likewise incorporate lake kayaking and river boating journeys. It isn't important to have some related knowledge in Kayaking in Kerala as guides are always there at your disposal.

Know More About Kayaking in Kerala

Q. Who provides the top-class services for the Kayaking in Kerala?

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Q. Where can I get the discounts on Kayaking packages in Kerala?

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Q. Which are the other adventure activities to experience in Kerala?

Ans. Jeep Safari In Kerala
Rock Climbing In Kerala
Elephant Ride In Kerala
Kayaking In Kerala
Cycling In Kerala
Trekking In Kerala
Paragliding In Kerala

Q. Which is the best season for Kayaking in Kerala?

Ans. The best season to kayak on the scenic backwaters of Kerala is during winter season which falls on the month of November to February. This is the time when the climate is affable and pleasant.

Q. Which are the other packages for an exciting Kerala Trip?

Ans. Bamboo Rafting In Kerala - Flat 50% Off
Kayaking In Kerala - Flat 30% Off
Jeep Safari In Kerala - Flat 29% Off
Cycling In Kerala - Flat 10% Off
Trekking In Kerala - Flat 35% Off
Rock Climbing In Kerala - Flat 20%
Paragliding In Kerala - Flat 15% Off

Q. Which are the best places for Kayaking in Kerala?

Ans. Mattupetty dam, Echo point, Kundala lake and dam in Munna; Alleppey Backwaters; Pookot lake, Banasura Sagar dam in Wayanad are the best places for Kayaking tours in Kerala.

Q. How long can I Kayak in Kerala?

Ans. The duration for Kerala Kayaking varies from package to package. The minimum duration for kayaking is 2 hours.

Q. What is the best time to experience River Kayaking Tours in Kerala?

Ans. The best time to experience River Kayaking in Kerala is from the month of November to February.

Q. Which other adventure sports can we enjoy in Kerala other than Kayaking?

Ans. The other Adventure Sports in Kerala are Trekking, Elephant ride, Bamboo Rafting, Cycling, and Rock Climbing, Paragliding, and much more.

Q. Is Kayaking in Kerala Backwaters safe?

Ans. Yes, Backwater Kayaking in Kerala is absolutely safe.

Q. What is the rate of Kerala Kayaking Tour?

Ans. The rate for Kerala Kayaking Tour Packages varies from package to package. The rates start from Rs. 1,200.

Q. How many people are allowed to Kayak at a time?

Ans. Maximum 2 people are allowed to Kayak at a time.

Q. Is there any age limit for experiencing Kayaking Kerala?

Ans. Yes, the minimum age needed for experiencing Kayaking Kerala Tours is 8 years.

Q. How many batches are available per day for Kayaking in Alleppey?

Ans. 5 batches are available per day for Kerala Kayaking in Alleppey starting from 6 in the morning.


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Chinoo Patil

A few days back me and my friends went to explore Kerala. We had hired a guide who strongly recommended Kerala Kayaking. And we did it. I must say what an experience! Those 2 hours spent Kayaking are unforgettable. We witnessed the chirping of birds, spectacular views, the rarest flowers are all the things that made us go WOW! All credit goes to Picnicwale. Thank You, Guys!


Harsha Karanjkar

I went for my honeymoon in Kerala. We did a handful of adventure activities and Kayaking was one of them. We had a wonderful experience trying Backwater Kayaking in Kerala. That's why I strongly recommend this exciting activity to all traveling to Kerala.


Rohan Singh

I went to Kerala with my friends after my HSC exams. You must travel to Kerala one in their life. It is a beautiful place. There is a reason why it's called God’s own country. We did adventure activities like trekking, paragliding, rock climbing, and kayaking. And the experience of Kerala Kayaking Tours was the best. Thank You Picnicwale!


Saroj Naik

I did almost all the activities in Kerala and I found River Kayaking in Kerala interesting. The package that we choose for Kayaking was full of adventure and very budget friendly. It was a safe ride. I enjoyed Kayaking with full enthusiasm. I am glad that we chose Picnicwale for exploring this amazing and thrilling activity.


Ashwaria Sagaria

Every year me and my family plan a holiday. This year we chose to visit Kerala. We did adventure activities with the help of Picnicwale. We did Backwater Kayaking In Kerala. We had the full support of experienced guides in our Kayaking tour. They guided us very well and we loved the entire experience.

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