Kayaking in Goa


Kayaking is a recreational activity that involves paddling of the featherweight, narrow boats known as canoe. Besides being a just leisure activity, kayaking has also evolved as an adventure watersport nowadays. If you are in Goa and looking for an adventure activities, then try the breathtaking activity of kayaking. Under the advice of professional guides, gear up with the life jackets and helmet and slide into a boat. Paddle through the calm waters and waving of the curing water body. While experience kayaking, discover and get amazed by the natural beauty of the Goa. Bewitch in the fairy-tale picture amidst between the tropical plants.
...Kayaking in Goa
Paddle your way through the most unforgettable experience of your life on the backwater kayaking in Goa. Goa is popularly known for its crazy nightlife and scenic beaches, however, the most adventurous thing about Goa is its adventure activities. Kayaking is one of the most popular things to do for adrenaline lovers to revive their senses in Goa. With the help of experienced and professional guides, kayaking has become the most preferred adventure experience for beginners in Goa. One can experience an adrenaline rush in the calm waters of Goa and a number of splashing rivers while trying kayaking in Goa. Some of the top kayaking destinations in Goa are Mandovi river, Aguada river, Bambolim river, Mhadei river and so on. You can opt for your favourite destinations.
Kayaking in Goa price
differs from packages to packages. With by green landscapes and refreshing waters, kayaking in Goa is a fun filled experience to enjoy the most scenic views. This adventure water sport catches paddling on a canoe and can be done by anyone. Kayaking in Goa can be enjoyed in both groups and as a solo traveler and offers a serene downtime away from the crowd of Goa. Goa boasts of an amusing weather throughout the year and offer the perfect conditions for kayaking. Kayaking in Goa can be enjoyed with a wide array of other adventure activities like river rafting, bungee jumping, and so on. With the scenic views and the most idealized atmosphere, kayaking in Goa has become an unmissable adventure activity for all the adventure seekers.

Kayaking Packages in Goa

Kayaking in Goa is just mind blowing activity. Picnicwale offers top class and best quality equipment. Be it on canoe, paddles, back rest, life jackets, paddle leashes are all of best quality. You can carry a your camera and catch some memories by taking some photos and videos.

Know More About Kayaking in Goa

Q. What is Kayaking?

Ans. Kayaking is an activity of travelling through the river water with the use of kayak along the river, coasts and backwaters of Goa.

Q. Which are the best places to go kayaking in Goa?

Ans. The best places to go kayaking in Goa are Mandovi river, Zuari, Nerul river and Sal backwater.

Q. What are other the activities we can enjoy in Goa other than kayaking?

Ans. Other than kayaking we can enjoy the activities like parasailing, scuba diving, jet skiing, windsurfing, banana ride, hiking and trekking, hot air balloon, wakeboarding, fishing, crab catching, snow park, water skiing, water scooters, speed boat, kite surfing, flyboarding.

Q. Is kayaking safe for non-swimmers?

Ans. Kayaking is extremely safe for non-swimmers as it is performed under professional guides.

Q. How many people can fit in kayak?

Ans. 2 adults and 1 kid can fit in kayak.

Q. Which is the best month to experience kayak?

Ans. The best month to experience kayaking is October.

Q. What is the cost of kayaking in Goa?

Ans. The cost for kayaking in Goa packages starts onwards 1200/- Rs.

Q. What is the duration for kayaking?

Ans. The duration for kayaking is 30 mins.

Q. What should we carry during kayaking?

Ans. We should carry swimsuit, shorts, towel, sun cream, hat and sunglasses during kayaking.


Out of 5

Very Good

Geeta shukla

I visited Goa for the first time with my friends. We explored almost every water adventure such as scuba diving, jet ski, scuba diving, parasailing, kite surfing but one activity which I found distinct and interesting is kayaking. It was very safe, we performed kayaking under professionals. I got the experience for kayaking in Goa. We appreciate support of all guides of Picnicwale. If I and my friends got the chance to experience it once again we will surely never miss the chance.


Tarun Aggarwal

I and my family decided to celebrate my cousin’s birthday in Goa. The beaches were scenic, no doubt in that. We chose the tours package that involved every location forts, beaches and water sport adventure. The one adventure that was left is kayaking but we managed to perform it as well. I will appreciate support of picnic wale for arranging such a great guides for us.


Viren shah

I am huge fan of every beach of Goa. Some of members in my family cannot swim but we still managed to perform many water sport adventure. One of the adventures is kayaking, the word is distinct and the activity too is amazing. The kayaking in backwaters of Goa made the Goa trip more memorable for us. It was fun activity especially for children. You will enjoy ride in river with help of kayak.


Viraj Singh

My friends and I kayaked in north of Goa, We captured this moment in camera as we were carrying it with us. The experience of kayaking is worth to share with everyone. We are glad to choose picnic wale for our Goa tour.


Neeta Pandey

Wonderful! I booked kayaking especially for my family. These are amongst the best kayakings trips that we have experienced till now. What an amazing activity it is. Good to experience it with family as every scenic view of backwater will be captured in Kayaking.

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