Jet Ski Ride in Goa

Jet Ski

Jet Ski a tiny jet-push boat which graze across the surface of water and is cruised in a similar way to a motorcycle. If you have the need for speed then you must definitely explore the thrilling jet ski. Jet skiing is one of the most exciting and adventurous water sports activities. It is perfect for those adventure seekers as well as those who want to just have a thrill experience with near and dear ones. Jet ski is a popular watersport that happens on the water and the capacity to achieve high speeds while on a watercraft that is anything but difficult to control is alluring to many individuals.
...Jet Ski in Goa
Goa offers a wide array of watersports to indulge for who specially visit Goa for adventures. There are several Watersports in Goa through you which you can go up against to enjoy your adventure soul. You can participate in cruising, water surfing, angling, dinghy cruising and so on. Be that as it may, Jet Skiing adventures in Goa is one of the preferred watersport of Goa. Those who are riding the jet ski in Goa for the first time will be trained by our experienced and professional trainers. A Jet Skis are regularly checked and are very safe to use. They pack around 100 to 135 hp, which gives you the opportunity to carve through playful waves at high speeds. They are also very accessible to use and first time explorers won’t have any difficulty exploring to learn how to ride it.
A jet ski rides in Goa is recommended for children as well as adults. Pregnant women should avoid experiencing a jet ski. Proper safety gear and equipments are provided before one gets on the jet ski. Some of the beaches where you can experience jet ski in Goa are Calangute, Baga, Palolem, Anjuna, Arambol, Colva, Agonda, Vagator. The jet ski cost in Goa is also pocket-friendly and can be afford by all. So, whenever you plan your next Goa tour, make sure you explore the adrenaline thrill that a jet ski offers.

Jet ski in Goa packages

Tourists visiting Goa can enjoy a wide array of adventure watersports that Goa has to offer like bumper ride, jet ski, parasailing, speed boat ride and banana ride in of them. There are several options for jet ride in Goa packages, to choose from, according to your convenience. The jet ski rides cost in Goa varies from package to package. You can try jet ski with other adventure water sports in Goa.

Know More About Jet Ski in Goa

Q. What is Jet Ski?

Ans. Jet Ski in goa is a high power water scooter which is increased by powerful engine. The engine is capable of reaching high speed.

Q. Is Jet Ski safe for all ages?

Ans. Jet Ski is fun activity for family, it can be fatal sometimes It is not safe for children.

Q. What is the age limit for experiencing Jet Ski activity?

Ans. Children below age of 10 cannot experience Jet Ski.

Q. What should be the ideal weight for Jet Ski?

Ans. The ideal weight for Jet Ski should not exceed 100 kilos.

Q. Is any license required for Jet Ski?

Ans. No. You don’t need any license for Jet Ski as it is performed under supervision of trained guide.

Q. Which is Jet Ski equipment we have to carry?

Ans. We have to carry Personal Floatation devices, and we also have to carry sunscreen and eye protection.

Q. Can we hire a jet ski and fly wherever we want?

Ans. You can’t hire a jet ski unless you have valid Jet Ski license.

Q. We have never experienced Jet Ski before will there be a problem?

Ans. No. There will not be problem to experience Jet Ski Rides in Goa if you listen to the guide carefully.

Q. Can you carry camera with yourself?

Ans. Yes you can carry with yourself but you need to be care alert.

Q. Can we ride with a Jet Ski guide?

Ans. Yes, you can ride with Jet Ski ride guide for half of a cost if you don’t want to ride on your own.

Q. What are the other adventure activities one can try in Goa except Jet Ski?

Ans. One can try adventure activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, windsurfing, river rafting, kayaking, wave boarding, kneeboarding, water skiing, kite surfing, banana ride, bumper ride, hiking and trekking, hot air balloon, flyboarding, speed boat, wakeboarding, fishing, crab catching, visit to snow park, resort diving and much more.


Out of 5

Very Good

Rajiv Ray

I and my family found Jet Ski Packages most adventurous amongst all other water sports. You have to be courageous if you want to experience Jet Ski. I will recommend Goa Jet Ski Rides to my friends. If you are a speed lover and likes speed boating then Jet Ski is one activity you must perform.


Vijaya Rane

Amazing! What an amazing activity it was! Jet Ski gave me goosebumps. Although you need to be brave for Jet Ski I will recommend it to everyone to perform it once. I and my friends assisted by supportive and trained guides throughout the ride.


Nikita bhave

Awesome! Jet Ski is one of the energetic activity amongst all other adventurous water sports. Me and my friend experienced the ride on Jet Ski for the first time. Picnicwale introduced us such a trained professional trainer, ride was very safe. Jet Ski Rides packages cost was affordable. We must appreciate picnicwale for their assistance.


Mohan Singh

I will recommend Jet Ski in Goa especially for speed lover. I am a speed lover and like activities which are full of speed and adventure. I and my friend really enjoyed Jet Ski, the speed of boat was varying as the waves were moving. Jet Ski is full of enthusiasm.


Aman Shah

I enjoyed Jet Ski even if I performed Jet Ski for the first time. Jet ski price in Goa was budget-friendly. The guides assisted us in a good way, we feel like experiencing it one more time.

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