Jeep Safari in Kerala

Jeep Safari in Kerala

The state is undoubtedly an ideal destination for jeep safari as it is blessed with serene stretches of backwaters, long shoreline, picturesque hill stations, breathtaking waterfalls, exotic wildlife areas, sprawling plantations, lush paddy fields, rich heritage, and amazing natural scenarios. One can explore tea estates, dairy farms, sandalwood forests or the ancient dolmens; canal bund road, amidst green paddy fields and the meandering historical lanes, a Kerala jeep safari is definitely going to be an experience of a lifetime. From tea shop breaks to chatting with villagers, it can definitely add more color to your visit to ‘God’s Own Country’.
...The best time for jeep safari is September to March. Every day jeep safari starts at 6 in the morning to 5 in the evening.
Munnar is breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful. It is an ideal destination for all adventure lovers. This is an excellent place for jeep safari; the hill station is surrounded by undulating hills that are swathed in soothing green. There are a lot of activities one can try while doing jeep safari in Munnar like rappelling, trekking, a dam site and Eco point visit, campfire, camping and a whole lot more. Even one can go through the tea plantation and the High Mountains, which is a wonderful trekking experience in itself.
The Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary is located in the northern side of Wayanad, one can explore its vast dense regions and engage in a wildlife safari. The jungle jeep safari at the sanctuary offers a lot of opportunities to spot various animals and bird species in their natural habitat.
Thekkady is the best place for a jeep safari in Kerala, jeep safari through the rocky terrains it is a thrilling experience, it is a must do for those in love with adventure. It is a very popular activity in Thekkady, and tourists and nature lovers always opt to do this. Thekkady is one of the perfect tourist destinations that South India offers. Thekkady is an amazingly gifted land when it comes to the beauty of nature. The incredible green landscape follows you everywhere you go. Thekkady Jeep Safari will take you to some of the best and most beautiful sights of the region. In this jeep safari, one can visit sights like Ramakkalmedu, Calvary Mount, and Anchuruli tunnel. Apart from this, the jeep safari is also going to cover beautiful landscapes and developing tourist spots, catering to all Nature Lovers and Explorers.

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Q. Who provides the best services for Jeep Safari in Kerala?

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Q. Beside Jeep Safari, which are the other adventure activities in Kerala?

Ans. Cycling In Kerala
Paragliding In Kerala
Kayaking In Kerala
Trekking In Kerala
Jeep Safari In Kerala
Rock Climbing In Kerala
Elephant Ride In Kerala

Q. Which is the best time for Jeep Safari in Kerala?

Ans. The winter months from November to February is the best time for Jeep Safari in Kerala.

Q. Which are the other packages for a memorable Kerala holidays?

Ans. Rock Climbing In Kerala - Flat 20%
Paragliding In Kerala - Flat 15% Off
Bamboo Rafting In Kerala - Flat 50% Off
Kayaking In Kerala - Flat 30% Off
Trekking In Kerala - Flat 35% Off
Jeep Safari In Kerala - Flat 29% Off
Cycling In Kerala - Flat 10% Off

Q. Which is the best place for Jeep Safari in Kerala?

Ans. Thekkady is the best place.

Q. How much does a Jeep Safari in Thekkady cost?

Ans. The cost starts from Rs. 350/- per person.

Q. What is the minimum age requirement for Jungle Jeep Safari in Thekkady?

Ans. It requires at least 5 years of age.

Q. Is Jeep Safari available for solo?

Ans. Yes, it is available for a solo as well as groups.

Q. At what times does Jeep Safari start in Kerala?

Ans. It starts at around 9:30 in the morning.

Q. Is Jeep Safari safe in Thekkady?

Ans. Jeep Safari is the safest adventure activities compared to any other adventure activities you can do in Thekkady and on the top of that you are accompanied by our most experienced guides.

Q. Is Jeep Safari safe for kids?

Ans. Yes, it is safe.

Q. What should we carry for Periyar Jeep Safari?

Ans. You need to carry an extra pair of clothes and slippers, a first aid box, towels, torch, camera, and jacket.

Q. Where is Periyar National Park located?

Ans. Periyar National Park, popularly known as Periyar Tiger Reserve, is located in the mountainous Western Ghats of Kerala.

Q. What is the best time for Periyar National Park Jeep Safari?

Ans. From the month of December to March is the right time to explore it.

Q. Is Periyar wildlife sanctuary Jeep Safari available?

Ans. Yes, you can also explore wildlife through Jeep Safari.

Q. How many persons are allowed in a jeep for the safari?

Ans. A maximum of six adults and two children excluding the guide and driver are allowed in a vehicle during Periyar Tiger Reserve Jeep Safari.

Q. Which are the other popular Safaris in Kerala?

Ans. The popular ones are Elephant Safari, Night Safari, Jungle Safari, Tiger Safari and much more.

Q. What are the other adventure activities in Kerala apart from Jeep Safari?

Ans. Apart from Jeep Safari, the other adventure activities are Paragliding, Elephant ride, Bamboo Rafting, Kayaking, Cycling, Trekking, Rock Climbing, and much more.


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Ankita Gupta

Amazing as well as Unforgettable Experience with lots of fun. Had an adventurous Gavi Jeep Safari. It is an amazing place to see the lush grasslands and to witness some wild animals. Overall it was great.


Gayatri Sharma

Jungle Jeep safari Periyar was awesome in the lap of nature. Great take which will take you to another beautiful world. Most alluring safari I have ever visited with my family. Thank You Picnicwale.

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