Glass Bottom Boating in Andaman

Glass Bottom Boating in Andaman

Be it a thrilling water sport or spending a lazy day at Andaman Island, your visit to Andaman will be packed with a lot of mixed and interesting experiences. A bounty of wildlife and lush green forests, the Andamans surely attracts tourists for a valid reason. A combination of adventure and thrill is glass bottom boating in Andaman offers you to explore the underwater marine life while enjoying a boat ride. Glass bottom boat is a time boat, with glass bottoms so that as the boat sails on the water, the people can catch a glimpse of underwater marine life which can entertain 4 to 6 people. This dolphin-shaped glass bottom boat will offer you to witness the emerald waters of Andaman and with every passing time, you can see the ocean wonders unfolding as the glass bottom boat becomes transparent and showcases the numerous vital and vibrant corals and beautiful fish. This water activity is best for non-swimmers and for the one who is afraid of adventure activities, this activity gives you an opportunity to discover the underwater life without you having to dive underwater.
...If you are afraid of water activities like scuba diving and sea walk, then Glass bottom boat riding is one of the best water activity to do in Andaman. Enjoy this adventure water sports and explore the spectacular colorful underwater world. These glass bottom boats sail in appropriate areas where the marine life can be viewed in myriad with no disturbance. The world-class facilities of glass bottom cruise rides are available from Port Blair to Jolly Buoy Island and Red Skin Island also. The best time to experience Glass bottom boat ride is from the month of January to May. The water is smooth and the visibility during these months are clear and you will be able to witness multi-colored fish and other marine life clearly.
The best part is the glass bottom boat ride cost is pocket-friendly and can be afforded by anyone. Uncover the splendid beauty of the underwater empire lying beneath the Andaman Sea, without getting wet. Andaman offers a luxurious window into the fascinating world of corals and marine life of Port Blair, from within the enjoyment & safety of our quality speedboat. So come skim over the Andaman Sea, experience, and get delighted.

Glass Botton Boat Ride package

The boat trip starts after you arrive at the location from where you will be taken for a high-speed Glass bottom boat ride to experience the exciting journey of Andaman Islands. Get the glass boat and explore the ride for 60 minutes before you return back to the location you have started your boat trip.

Know More About Glass Bottom Boating in Andaman

Q. Where can we experience Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Andaman?

Ans. We can experience Glass Bottom Boat Ride in North Bay Island, Neil Island, Jolly Buoy Island, and Port Blair.

Q. What should we carry in Dolphin Glass Bottom Ride in Andaman?

Ans. We should carry sunscreen, towels, comfortable shoes and clothes, camera, sunglasses, hat and water bottle in Dolphin Glass Bottom Ride in Andaman.

Q. What is the duration for Glass Bottom Boat tour in North Bay Island?

Ans. The duration for Glass Bottom Boat tour in North Bay Island is 15 minutes.

Q. How many people can ride in Glass Bottom Boat ride in Neil Island?

Ans. 6 to 8 people can ride.

Q. Which Island has a short duration for Glass Bottom Boat Ride? What is the duration?

Ans. Jolly Buoy Island has a short duration for Glass Bottom Boat Ride. The duration is 5 to 10 minutes.

Q. What can we explore in Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Andaman?

Ans. We can explore marine life including turtles, dolphins, and corals in the Glass Bottom Boat ride in Andaman.

Q. Is Glass Bottom Boat Ride safe in Andaman?

Ans. Yes, it is.

Q. Can I take pictures of submerged during Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Andaman?

Ans. Yes, you can take pictures.


Out of 5

Very Good

Nupur Shah

This was a unique water activity that we performed underwater. Picnicwale organized such good destinations for us such as elephant beach. We explored the submerged life of a sea more clearly. I and my family enjoyed it very well. We are glad that we got an opportunity to catch marine life so closely. The elephant beach boat price was is really affordable. I will recommend the glass bottom ride, especially to kids. They will be amused by the marvelous life.


Geeta Sethi

I and my friends really enjoyed the speed boat ride in Andaman. The experience of traveling in a boat underwater and exploring the marine life inside the boat was adorable. The glass bottom boat ride cost in which we were traveling was budget friendly. We are planning to spend the holidays next year in other destinations of Andaman. We will surely visit Havelock Island as many of my friends recommended me this place.


Hiten Garg

I and my family visited Andaman this year the experience was so awesome especially glass bottom boat ride in Neil Island. We enjoyed the ride so much that we didn’t wish to leave that cruise. All the guides were supportive. We enjoyed the scenic view of underwater marine life. We are glad that the prices for the rides were in our budget. All my family members could enjoy the ride very well.


Meena Rao

We have performed every activity in Andaman including Scuba diving, Jet Ski, Snorkeling and banana boat ride. The ride that I found good for the family is glass bottom boat ride.


Nikita Pandey

The ride that we enjoyed the most in Andaman is a glass bottom boat ride. The place that we chose for riding is glass bottom boat ride in Havelock.

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