Elephant Ride in Kerala

Elephant ride in Kerala

Elephant Safari
Kerala offers a wide collection of adventure activities to the tourists, and you will never get bored. As its calm backwaters and beautiful tea plantations are popular, so its large collection of wildlife conserved in the wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala. The elephant ride is one of the activities in Kerala which is widely done in connection to the wildlife. Kerala is one of the popular states for elephant safari in India. The duration of elephant safari is 30 mins to one hour, depending on the distance you want. Munnar and Thekkady are two tourist spot where you enjoy the elephant ride in Kerala.
...Elephant safari in Munnar
Munnar in Kerala offers the best elephant safari in Kerala. Getting a chance to see the elephants taking bath and to feed them makes the activity really exciting and fun. You will surely form a good bond with the elephants during the ride. You can also catch the moments through photos as there will be photographers to take good pictures of you with the elephants.
You can experience elephant ride in Munnar through the lovely woods and get to know these awesome beings. In addition to the elephant rides, you can also see the elephants having a bath. You can also feed fruits to the elephants on your own at an additional cost. A maximum of three people can go at a time on an elephant ride. If you happen to get stuck in a queue while booking, you may splash off your time by sharpening your shooting skills at a small rifle range. Kids can have fun while riding the small toy train there.
Elephant safari in Thekkady
Thekkady, located near Kumily is an excellent spot to elephant rides, get a chance to bathe them and get showered yourself by the elephants. It is an exciting activity which is enjoyable for children as well as adults alike. The elephant ride in Thekkady price is also affordable. If you love the gigantic elephants and want to see them close, Thekkady will be the best place for you. Here, you not only get the chance for elephant ride but also take part in a number of other activities there. The best part of elephant safari Thekkady is that the activity has different durations which depends on the packages. You can try this experience which is really amazing.

Elephant safari tour

Elephant safari tour in Kerala offers an opportunity to enjoy a spectacular view of the spice plantations to the visitors. While sitting on an elephant, you can also witness the Periyar National Park. If you are adventurous, then you can take an elephant ride deeper into the forest. As one goes deeper into the forest, you can notice numerous animals like bison, sambar deers, and much more. You can experience nature in the best possible way, and enjoy it with an elephant safari.

Know More About Elephant Ride in Kerala

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Q. Which are the other adventure activities to try in Kerala?

Ans. Bamboo Rafting In Kerala
Kayaking In Kerala
Cycling In Kerala
Trekking In Kerala
Rock Climbing In Kerala
Paragliding In Kerala
Jeep Safari In Kerala

Q. Which is the best time for Elephant Ride in Kerala?

Ans. The best time for Elephant Ride in Andaman begins from the month of May to the month of June.

Q. Which are the other packages for an exciting Kerala Trip?

Ans. Bamboo Rafting In Kerala - Flat 50% Off
Kayaking In Kerala - Flat 30% Off
Cycling In Kerala - Flat 10% Off
Trekking In Kerala - Flat 35% Off
Rock Climbing In Kerala - Flat 20%
Paragliding In Kerala - Flat 15% Off
Jeep Safari In Kerala - Flat 29% Off

Q. Which are the best locations for Elephant Ride in Kerala?

Ans. The best locations for Elephant Rides in Kerala are Elephant Junction Thekkady, Elephant Ride Kollam, Persian Paradise Elephant Ride, Elephant Camp, Thekkady, and Carmelagiri Elephant Park.

Q. What should we carry during Elephant Safari in Kerala?

Ans. You should carry a water bottle, comfortable shoes, a cap/hat, jacket, sunglass, sunscreen, and a flashlight.

Q. What is the duration for Elephant Safari in Munnar?

Ans. The duration for Elephant Safari in Munnar is 15 to 20 minutes.

Q. What can be we see in Elephant Ride at Thekkady?

Ans. can see spice plantations, rare flora, and fauna, elephant shower, tea factory and so on.

Q. What is the duration of Elephant Ride Thekkady?

Ans. The duration of Elephant Ride Thekkady is 30 minutes.

Q. Which are the activities involved in Elephant Ride in Kerala tour?

Ans. The activities involved in Elephant Ride in Kerala are Elephant bath, Elephant feeding, photo session, and Elephant shower.

Q. Which is the best time to experience Elephant Safari Thekkady?

Ans. The best time to experience Elephant Safari in Thekkady is from March to May.

Q. What can we explore in Elephant Safari in Munnar Kerala?

Ans.We can explore hills, rocky land, and valleys in Munnar during Elephant Safari.

Q. Which activities we can enjoy in Kerala other than Elephant safari?

Ans. We can enjoy activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, and bamboo rafting.

Q. Is Elephant ride in Kerala safe?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely safe.


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Laxmi Ayyar

I have visited all the places in Kerala with my family. We have explored many destinations including tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, and beaches. We really felt blessed in God’s own country. I and My family were planning to perform activities in Kerala. We heard that the Elephant safari tour in Kerala is one of the best activities. We performed an elephant ride in Munnar. The experience of riding on the Elephant was affordable.


Nikita Menon

I performed an Elephant ride in Munnar with my friends. We liked being amongst hill stations, tea plantations, and Anamudi Peak. The Elephant ride in Munnar cost was extremely budgeting friendly. We performed the Elephant ride in the month of April. We appreciate Picnicwale for choosing such a good destination for us. I will suggest an elephant ride in Munnar to my other friends.


Raj Rathod

I visited Kerala for the first time. I and my family visited a destination like Kovalam Beach, Thekkady, Periyar national park. I have heard about various activities in Kerala. We decided to perform the Elephant Ride at Thekkady. The ride was affordable. My family amused by this wonderful ride on Elephant. We liked performing this 30 minutes ride. We will surely plan other destinations of Kerala for Elephant safari.


Kamal Singh

Being a nature lover, I have never missed a single opportunity to explore any place in India. When I visited Kerala, I got a good opportunity to capture the beautiful nature of Kerala. I have heard of the Elephant ride in Kerala and really enjoyed the Elephant safari tour. I am glad that Picnicwale fulfilled my wish of performing this amazing activity.


Kiran Shukla

I and my family were charmed by the scenic beauty of Kerala. It is a good place for those who admire nature. Many people recommended us to visit Kerala for its famous activities. We chose to perform our Elephant Safari tour with Picnicwale. It was a wonderful experience for my family.

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