Camping in Manali

Camping in Manali

If you are tired with the hustle bustle city life and want to take a break then camping in Manali is the best thing to do. One can spend some peaceful time in a soothing place like Manali, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Nature lovers are definitely going to love this place. For the lover of nature, the howling of night winds contains musical pleasantness and the sounds of waterfalls are like the joyful clapping of merry primitive dancers. Manali is an ideal place for the ones who are in search of both adventure and comfort. You can feel the beautiful and majestic view of this “Valley of God”.
...Manali has many layers that open up when you let yourself observe its beauty and grandeur away from the confines of the town. If you are really amazed by the beauty of surrounding mountains of Manali and wish to explore more into forests, meadows and snowy slopes of its mountains, you are welcome here. Trekking and Camping in Manali is the best way for one to explore this place.
Manali, with its dense woodlands, cedar forests and crispy cool mountain breeze, attracts a large number of travelers. Away from all the monotonous daily chores, camping in this hill station gives you a chance to feel the serene beauty of nature. The place cordially welcomes the travelers, campers and adventure enthusiasts with its wide array of campsites. The best places for camping in Manali are River Beas, Solang Valley. There are also some other places also like Sethan, Bhuntar, Huntsville, Tirthan Jibhi, Haripur, Prihi.
If you are an adventure lover and looking for safe camping, then the enthralling water sports at the Beas River await you. Passing through the Rohtang Pass, the banks of this river form a popular campsite to enjoy water sports. Waters from the melting snow of the Himalayan glaciers fill this river and generate rapids of high grades to facilitate the exciting sport of white water rafting.
In Solang Valley, one can spend a blissful night in the wilderness of the Solang valley, which is about 12 km from the main town. Camping is available in the ranges of 2400 meters to as high of 3600 meters.
The best time for camping in Kullu Manali is between April and July. There are a lot of adventure activities in Manali you can do other than Camping like River Rafting, Skiing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Mountaineering, Zorbing, Paragliding, Jeep safari.

Know More About Camping in Manali

Q. Who provides the best packages for Camping in Manali?

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Q. How can I get UPTO 50% Discount on the Camping in Manali?

Ans. Get UPTO 50% OFF on the packages of Camping in Manali. Here are some of the best offers.
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Q. What is the best time for Camping in Manali?

Ans. The best time for Camping in Manali is in the month of December.

Q. Which are the other adventure activities one must try in Manali?

Ans. Mountain Biking In Manali
Camping In Manali
Zorbing In Manali
Jeep Safari In Manali
River Crossing In Manali
Ice Skiing In Manali

Q. Which are the other packages available in Manali?

Ans. Zorbing In Manali - Flat 10% Off
Ice Skiing In Manali - Flat 20% Off
River Crossing In Manali - Flat 50% Off
Jeep Safari In Manali - Flat 50% Off
Camping In Manali - Flat 10% Off
Mountain Biking In Manali - Flat 29% Off
River Rafting In Manali - Flat 30%
Paragliding In Manali - Flat 50% Off

Q. Which are the best places for Camping in Manali?

Ans. Beas River, Solang Valley, Bhuntar, Tirthan Valley are some of the best places.

Q. Which activities are included in the Adventure Camping in Manali?

Ans. Trekking, Skiing, River Rafting, Paragliding are some of the activities in it

Q. What is the best time for Camping in Manali?

Ans. The best time to go is from April to the mid of July, and from the mid of September to the first half of October.

Q. Is it suitable to go to Camping in Manali in December?

Ans. Yes, one can enjoy it in December.

Q. What is the minimum age required for Camping?

Ans. 12 years of age is required.

Q. What is the price of Manali camping trip?

Ans. The price of Manali camping trip is approximately Rs. 2000.

Q. What are the other adventure activities apart from Camping near Manali?

Ans. Besides Camping, one can also experience other adventure activities like River Rafting, Paragliding, Zorbing, Mountain Biking, Jeep Safari, River Crossing, Skiing, and so on.

Q. Can we also go for Night Camping in Manali?

Ans. Yes, you can go for it to enjoy the nightlife of Manali.


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Vijaya Tagore

The team of Picnicwale was happy to serve during Camping in Manali, be it cooking for us and also fulfilling special requirements for kids, delectable breakfast, evening snacks, and dinner.The camping sights was really a heritage. I have gone for my honeymoon and it turned out to be the perfect destination. The hospitality by Picnicwale staffs was impeccable. They were very friendly to us.


Bharat Paras

Camping place was a great place. The scenery was beautiful. They took us to great sight and we did adventure rides like Rafting, Zip Lining. The food was also awesome. The best part of the Adventure Camping in Manali was the hosts that add great memories to our experience. You won’t find a better place to stay than this in Manali. Got a chance to stay in the tent and got to fulfill my adventure. It is actually a wish come true to me.
Tents were cozy and well finished. The rates were also cheap considering the eating services were good. The staff was attentive without any doubt. Looking for a place to have a meal then join here. The quality as well the quantity of the food were great, the service and prices will make you happy. Loved doing Night Camping in Manali.

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