Bungee Jumping in Goa

Bungee Jumping in Goa

Goa offers numerous adventure sports to the tourists. The state has an abundance of alternatives for enterprising junkies. Some of the thrilling sports in Goa are scuba diving, parasailing, trekking, water skiing, jet skiing, bungee jumping, speed boating and many more. Bungee jumping has already taken baby steps in Goa and is a comparatively new activity. Bungee jumping is exciting as well as amazing. There is no particular time to enjoy this thrilling activity, you can play out this game whenever in Goa and in each season.
...Bungee jumping is a bit risky but it is an adventurous activity in which individuals bounce from higher ground. Bungee jumping does not require a lot of your physical vigor but it will definitely need a considerable measure of mental mettle. This thrilling adventure activity can bring about fatal mishaps so it ought to be performed with complete concentration. Many of the accident occur either because of malfunctioning gears, an absence of experience or untrained instructor.
Planning a Goa trip, do try your first bungee jumping. Goa is the best place for Bungee Jumping in India. It is located near Anjuna beach which is a hot destination of Goa tourists. A high tower of 25-meter is set up for this activity. Bungee jumping comes at feasible rates in Goa. You can try the Sky high bungee jumping in Baga. You can find many centers for bungee jumping at Panaji in Goa. Bungee Jumping in Goa price is absolutely pocket-friendly.
As safety is most important to us. Our safety equipment is designed by equipment experts and the team strictly following all the safety standards. We keep on updating our equipment with the latest technologies available. Regulatory controls and our quality assurance system ensure the fitness for use of the equipment at all times.

Know More About Bungee Jumping in Goa

Q. What is bungee jumping? Is bungee jumping scary?

Ans. Bungee jumping is an adventure activity of bounding from a high place while attached by a long nylon-cased rubber band around the ankles. And Bungee jumping is not at all scary.

Q. What is the minimum age required for bungee jumping in Goa? What should be weight for it?

Ans. The minimum age for bungee jumping in Goa is 10 years. Weight changes according to the condition of wind. The minimum weight for bungee jumping should be 160 lbs.

Q. Do I need to be experienced to do bungee jumping?

Ans. No, you need not be experienced to do parasailing. You will be given instructions before your parasailing session.

Q. What should be an appropriate weather condition for bungee jumping?

Ans. The appropriate weather condition for bungee jumping should be in the morning when the weather is peaceful and calm.

Q. What is the duration for bungee jumping?

Ans. The duration for parasailing is approximately 2 hours.

Q. Is prior reservation required for bungee jumping?

Ans. Yes, prior reservation is required for bungee jumping because most of the slots get booked and bungee jumping is one of the popular activities in Goa.

Q. What does the bungee jumping in Goa cost?

Ans. The cost of the bungee jumping in Goa is INR 2550 for kids and INR 2750 for adults.

Q. When can we book our bungee jumping package?

Ans. You can book your bungee jumping package a day prior you want to experience.

Q. Where can I go bungee jumping in Goa?

Ans. One can experience Bungee Jumping in Goa at Latambarcem, which is a tiny village located in North Goa.


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Very Good

Mystica D’mello

Bungee Jumping cost in Goa is very pocket-friendly, I love this activity a lot and want to try it again when I visit Goa. Bungee jumping is an unforgettable experience for me.


Bhavika Makhwana

I went for bungee jumping in Goa last week, and it was an incredible experience for me, not only the bungee jump but the services given by Picnicwale were also outstanding.


Michael Lobo

Bungee Jumping in Goa is the best activity to indulge in, it is a bit scary but you are definitely going to like this activity. The adrenaline rush was just an indescribable feeling.


Chetana Patil

Latambarcem is the best place to bungee jump in Goa. I was a bit scared at the start but after the bungee jump my all fear fades away. I loved this thrilling activity a lot.


Christina Fernandez

The first time in my life I went for this thrilling activity bungee jumping in Goa. It's fun and scary both feeling, which will give out the best in you. It was a memorable and unique experience for me.


Harsha Gaikwad

Bungee Jumping was always on my wishlist. I had never tried anything like this before in my life. It was a memorable and unique experience for me. Thanks to Picnicwale for such amazing bungee jumping in Goa and the hygienic services.


Rohini Nakte

The thrill of the bungee jumping in Goa and the sheer nature of the place will make you feel alive and once the adrenaline rush has settled just a bit there are a lot of activities to do.


Steve Rodriguez

I tried couple bungee jumping in Goa with my girlfriend it was a beautiful experience for us. We both enjoyed this activity a lot. It was a great opportunity for us to make memories together.


Prasad Gawad

Goa is an amazing place to be at when you have an adventure on your mind, I tried bungee jumping over here and according to me, it is the best place to try bungee jumping in India.


Joshua Kaiwan

Bungee Jumping in Goa is an amazing thing to try, I am so happy that I did this thrilling activity. I recommend everyone who is going to visit Goa to try this activity in Latambarcem.

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