Bumper Ride in Goa

Bumper Ride

Bumper ride is an adventurous water ride in which you are settled in a huge rubber tube filled with air and pulled by a speed boat into the open sea. The main goal of the riding bumper or tubing is to wave on as long as you can while the speed boat sparkle across the mighty waves in a bid to throw you off.
...Riding this doughnut-shaped boat is for the adventure seekers who are not satisfied with just a boat ride. The bumper ride is a great chance for thrill seekers to examine their skills as they indulge in the bumper ride. It is fun to bump over the playful waves once in a lifetime while trying a bumper ride in Goa. While floating over the boundless sea and viewing beautiful scenery like no other will be the awesome feeling.
Bumper ride in Goa
The adventure watersport is incomplete without a Bumper Ride in Goa. If you have already explored jet ski, snorkeling, parasailing, and other adventure activities, then the bumper ride is waiting for you. Bumper ride is one of the thrilling watersports in Goa. Calangute, Baga, Palolem, Anjuna, Arambol, Colva, Vagator are some of the popular beaches where you can experience a banana ride in Goa.
Proper safety and security are offered before one gets on the rubber tube. This watersport is quite easy and effortless as it does not require any tough skills to have thrill with this water sport. A bumper ride in Goa is recommended for kids as well as for adults. Pregnant women should avoid exploring bumper ride. The bumper ride cost in Goa is cheap can be afforded by anyone. So, make sure you experience the thrilling bumper ride in Goa which is offered by Goa.

Bumper ride packages in Goa

Visitors visiting Goa can enjoy several adventure watersports like jet ski, speed boat ride, banana ride and the bumper ride is one of them. There are numerous bumper ride packages in Goa so you can get a numerous options to opt from, according to your convenience with different facilities in it. The prices of a bumper ride vary from packages to packages. You can explore bumper ride with other adventure water sports in Goa which includes jet ski, speed boat ride, banana ride, and parasailing. You can also book your combo package for adventure watersports with scuba diving in Goa.

Know More About Bumper Ride in Goa

Q. What is Bumper Ride?

Ans. Bumper Ride is an activity in which a person is allowed to sit in an air filled rubber tube and is dragged by a speed boat in a sea. The activity is also known as tubing and is introduced in Thailand.

Q. Is this activity good for couples?

Ans. This activity is good for couples. The experience will be great for couples.

Q. What is the age limit for experiencing bumper ride in Goa?

Ans. The age limit is 12 years and above for experiencing bumper ride in Goa.

Q. Which are other water sports activities other than Bumper Ride we can experience in Goa?

Ans. Other than Bumper Ride we can experience activities like River rafting, banana boat ride, scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, windsurfing, water scooters, kayaking, wave boarding, knee boarding, water skiing, kite surfing, hiking and trekking, hot air ballooning, Flyboarding, Speed boat, wakeboarding, jet ski, fishing/crab catching, Snowpark.

Q. What should be the limit of weight to experience this activity?

Ans. The person exceeding 100 kilos cannot perform Bumper Ride.

Q. What should I carry with me in Bumper Ride?

Ans. You should carry cameras, sunscreen, jacket, head-cap and binoculars with yourself in Bumper Ride.

Q. Is Bumper ride in Goa safe?

Ans. Bumper ride is extremely safe for adults as well as for children.

Q. What is duration for Bumper Ride in Goa?

Ans. The duration for Bumper Ride is 10 to 20 minutes.

Q. What are the locations where you can enjoy Bumper Ride in Goa?

Ans. The locations where you can enjoy Bumper Ride in Goa are Palolem beach, Calangute Beach, Agoda Beach, Candolim Beach, Miramar Beach, Baga Beach, Vagator Beach and Anjuna Beach.

Q. What is the cost Bumper Ride in Goa?

Ans. Bumper Ride Cost in Goa starts onwards Rs 200.


Out of 5

Very Good

Shobha Ray

I and my family visited Goa for the first time. We have never visited the place before which is full of beaches and water everywhere. So excitement was eternal. I performed ever water adventure but I will recommend Bumper Ride especially for family. As there is enough space in bumper ride so your family will enjoy it.


Neelima Rane

I will recommend bumper ride to everyone who have never tried this activity before. Picnicwale did a great job of organising such a ride for us. I and my family performed this activity. We really enjoyed Bumper Ride, the guides were cheerful.


Jatin Shah

I have never tried such an awesome ride like Bumper Ride. It’s good for swimmers and non-swimmers. You must experience it when you visit Goa. Bumper Ride costs are affordable.


Sheetal Bhatt

I and my family enjoyed complete bumper ride. Bumper Ride packages in Goa were full of adventure. We explored entire sea including middle of sea. The guide was friendly; he extended the time of ride for us.


Nikita Shinde

I still remember my childhood when I used to see others on bumper ride. But when experiencing it on my own I found the Bumper Ride is a fun water sport.

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