Banana Ride in Andaman

Banana ride

A banana boat ride is cruising on an inflatable boat which is shaped like a banana around the shoreline. It is an exciting and thrilling water activity as with the help of a speed boat, the banana boat is pulled along at a great speed, and then it rebounds oddly off the waves. Then the boat throws off as soon as the speed boat rushes across the sea. You would sometimes find yourself being dump into the waves even before you have barely started off the beach. Maximum 6 people can enjoy in a banana boat ride at a time. All indulging in a Banana Boat Ride is provided with a life jacket for safety.
...Banana ride in Andaman
The numerous options for water sports in Andaman will destroy you for choices. The banana ride offers a fun-filled activity together with near and dear ones. These banana-shaped boats are made to seat 6 people at a time. The boat is attached to speedboats to get speed. Thus, if you are an adventure lover and always ready for thrilling adventure activities, Banana Ride is the perfect option for you. Before you head to banana ride, you will be provided with safety equipment like a life jacket, and the skill of swimming is not necessary to enjoy the banana boat ride in Andaman. Professional guides will be present throughout the session to ensure your complete safety.

Banana Tour Packages in Andaman

The banana ride in Goa is recommended for kids as well as adults, only pregnant women should avoid exploring a banana ride. Proper safety gear and equipment are provided before one gets on a banana boat. The banana rides cost in Andaman is also budget-friendly and can be afforded by anyone. So, whenever you plan your next Andaman trip, don’t forget to experience the adrenaline thrill that a banana boat ride offers. You will get several banana tour packages in Andaman so you can get a lot of options, according to your convenience with different price. You can explore banana ride with other adventure water activities in Andaman which includes snorkeling, jet ski, speed boat ride, kayaking and so on.

Know More About Banana Ride in Andaman

Q. Which is the best service provider for Andaman Banana Ride?

Ans. The best service provider for Banana Ride in Andaman is PICNICWALE. Also, get UPTO 50% DISCOUNTS Of Banana Ride. Call Now at +91 9892366720.

Q. Where will I get discounts of UpTo 50% OFF for Banana Ride in Andaman?

Ans. PICNICWALE offers the best discounts on the packages of Banana Ride in Andaman. Know more about the offers and discounts call at +91 9892366720.
Family Packages Of Banana Ride in Andaman - 30% Off
Friends Packages Of Banana Ride in Andaman - Flat 32% Off
Couples Packages Of Banana Ride in Andaman - Flat 33% Off
Non Swimmers Packages Of Banana Ride in Andaman - Flat 33% Off
Corporate Packages Of Banana Ride in Andaman - Flat 33% Off
Packages Of Banana Ride in Andaman For Referral Customers - Flat 40% Off

Q. Which are the other must try adventure activities in Andaman?

Ans. The list of must try adventure activities in Andaman is countless.
Here are some of them -
Scuba Diving in Andaman
Glass Bottom In Andaman
Fishing in Andaman
Sea Walk In Andaman
Speed Boat Ride in Andaman
Kayaking In Andaman
Parasailing in Andaman
Banana Ride In Andaman

Q. What is the best time for water activities in Andaman, especially Banana Ride?

Ans. The best season for Banana Ride in Andaman begins from the month of October to May due to flat sea.

Q. Where can I book Banana Ride for non-swimmers in Andaman?

Ans. PICNICWALE welcomes the non swimmers and train them to enjoy the activity.

Q. Which are the best packages for Andaman Tour?

Ans. Jet skiing In Andaman - Flat 50% Off
Banana Ride In Andaman - Flat 35%
Parasailing In Andaman - Flat 29% Off
Speed Boat Ride in Andaman - Flat 30% Off
Fishing in Andaman - Flat 10% Off
Scuba Diving with Adventure Water Sports Combo - Flat 15%
Kayaking In Andaman - Flat 35% Off

Q. Which are the places in Andaman we can experience Banana ride?

Ans. We can experience Banana Ride in Havelock Island and Port Blair.

Q. How many people can experience Banana ride activity in Andaman?

Ans. 6 people can experience Banana Rides Activity in Andaman.

Q. What is the duration of Banana Boat Ride in Andaman?

Ans. The duration of the Banana Boat Ride is 12 minutes.

Q. Is Banana Ride safe?

Ans. Banana Ride is extremely safe as it is performed experienced guide.

Q. Is Banana Ride good for children?

Ans. Banana Boat Ride in Andaman is especially good for children.

Q. How is the cost of Banana ride in Andaman?

Ans. Banana Ride cost in Andaman are affordable.

Q. Which are the best months for Banana Rides in Andaman?

Ans. The best months for Banana Rides in Andaman are October to May.

Q. What can we expect in Banana Boat Ride?

Ans. It involves sitting on a speed boat holding a boat tightly as soon as the driver moves the speedboat with sharp turns, the boat can be turned upside down.

Q. Does banana ride require any skills in swimming?

Ans. Banana ride doesn’t require any skills in swimming.

Q. Can we book Banana ride in Andaman in advance?

Ans. You can book Banana ride in Andaman in advance.


Out of 5

Very Good

Krishna Shetty

Banana ride experience was fun for us. The ride is suitable for all, especially for children. I and my family did the ride together. It’s an amazing group activity to perform. It is amongst the famous activities in Andaman.


Seema Rao

I visited Andaman for the first time with my friends. We have performed every activity, but the activity that was remaining was banana boat ride. But we managed to perform it. Banana rides in Andaman Beaches are one of the famous rides in India.


Kiran Shah

I and my family experienced scuba diving and sea walk. The activity of the Banana boat was also amazing. The scenic beaches of Havelock Island and Port Blair are best to perform banana boat ride. We asked for permission to extend 12 minutes time, the guide was very cheerful he granted our permission. We appreciate Picnicwale for their assistance. Andaman ride price of banana boat was extremely affordable.


Gargi Pandit

Banana Ride is a good adventure to perform with your family. We have performed banana ride in Havelock Island of Andaman. It will give you a memorable experience; Picnicwale organized supportive guides for us. The guides were well trained and professional. The banana boat ride was an energetic experience.


Hiten Pandey

This activity is suitable for all age group; you must experience it once in life. You will enjoy riding on Banana boat ride. I and my family experienced the best banana boat ride in Andaman Islands. We covered most part of the sea in the ride. We are glad to tour packages of Andaman with Picnicwale. I recommend my friends to choose Picnicwale if they are planning holidays in Andaman Island.


Jiya Rao

I and my family performed every water sport in Andaman including Snorkeling, Scuba diving, and sea walking. The activity that was remaining was the banana boat ride; we managed to perform the banana ride in Port Blair.

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