Bamboo Rafting in Kerala

Bamboo Rafting in Kerala

Boom yourself with the Bamboo Rafting Kerala Tour, as the backwater heaven is a perfect destination for bamboo rafting. The lush green views of Wayanad, with its bounty of serene water bodies, is the best spot for experiencing bamboo rafting. Participate in the bamboo rafting, and explore God’s own country like never before. Explore the bizarre plantations trails of Wayanad, which are surrounded by magnificent tea estates.
This bamboo rafting is part of the 'nature walk' in Kerala. For nature lovers, here is a golden opportunity to spend some good times in the lap of Mother Nature. An exciting bamboo rafting through some of the dense forests of Kerala.
...Bamboo Rafting Kerala Tour
The tour usually begins at 8 in the morning and will end at 5 in the evening. A trek through the forest will take you to the opening point. An exciting three hours is assured for those preferring for bamboo rafting in Periyar Lake. Keep your ears and eyes open, while bamboo rafting to take catch the beautiful views and bewitching sounds.
Butterflies with multi-colored pattern wings, flowers with dazzling complexion, wild animals like elephants, gaur, sambar and many more will be there to welcome you near the lake. This is one of the richest and most diverse bio-diversity spots in the Western Ghats. The reflection on the lake of the forest-covered hills and mountains is an arresting view.
Each ride consisting of ten participants will be accompanied by four guides and an armed forest guard. Most of these professional guides belong to the tribal communities, who are familiar with each and every part of these dense forests. Te guides are also part of the Eco-Development Project launched by the Indian government.
The travelers will also be offered with scrumptious breakfast like bread, jam, and fruits. Tea, snacks and packed lunch will also be served on the way. The bamboo rafting tour in Kerala will at last head to the area of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Those who want to spend some more quality time in the dense forest can head for a stay at the Jungle Inn with bedroom accommodation which will be made of bamboo. It showcases the traditional tree-top huts of Kerala also called Erumadam. In the middle of a jungle, spending a night in candlelight. Romantic, isn't it?

Know More About Bamboo Rafting in Kerala

Q. Which are the best places for the Bamboo Rafting tour in Kerala?

Ans. The best places for the Bamboo Rafting in Kerala are Thekkady, Periyar National Park, Pozhuthana River, and Wayanad Thrills Bamboo Rafting.

Q. How many people are allowed during Bamboo Rafting in Pozhuthana River?

Ans. 6 people are allowed during Bamboo Rafting in Pozhuthana River.

Q. What is the best time to perform Bamboo Rafting in Thekkady?

Ans. The best time for Bamboo Rafting is from November to February.

Q. What is the duration for Bamboo Rafting in Kerala?

Ans. The duration for Bamboo Rafting is 3 hours.

Q. What is the age limit for Bamboo Rafting in Periyar Tiger Reserve?

Ans. The age limit is above 12 years.

Q. How many people are allowed during Bamboo Rafting in Periyar Lake?

Ans. A Group of 2 to 10 people are allowed at a time.

Q. Which are other activities we can perform in Kerala other than Bamboo Rafting?

Ans. We can perform activities such as Trekking, Elephant ride, Kayaking, Cycling, and Rock Climbing in Kerala.


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Jignesh Seth

The packages that Pinicwale chose were amazing. These packages not only included famous destinations but also activities including trekking, Elephant Ride, Kayaking, and Rock Climbing. One activity that amused I and my friends did is Bamboo Rafting. It is really amazing, especially you are performing in a group of 2. I and my friends performed Bamboo Rafting in Kerala. We performed we had wonderful memories of this activity. My other friends captured the video of our Bamboo rafting activity. We now share this with everyone and discuss the wonderful memories of this activity. It is a recommended activity for all adventurous people.


Veena Shukla

Amongst all other adventures such as Kayaking, Trekking, Cycling, Rock Climbing and Paragliding of Kerala we found Bamboo Rafting more interesting. The destination that we chose in Kerala was not only full of adventure but also it was affordable. It was a safe ride and Bamboo Rafting cost in Kerala was in our budget. I and my family enjoyed the rafting with full of enthusiasm. I am glad that we chose Picnicwale for exploring this distinct adventure activity.


Seema Rathod

I chose to perform Bamboo Rafting in Periyar Lake with my friends. The 30 minutes rafting was amazing and adventurous, I and my friends capture every moment of Bamboo Rafting in Kerala. We will recommend it to other friends also. I have heard of many other destinations for Bamboo Rafting in Kerala such as Wayanad and Thekkady. We will surely perform this wonderful adventure one more time.


Piyush Shukla

I performed Bamboo Rafting in Kerala with my family. The places like Periyar Lake and Thekkady for the adventurous person. My family likes performing adventure activities. We have performed every adventure such as trekking, Kayaking, Cycling and Rock Climbing in Kerala. The activity that we found full of fun is Bamboo Rafting. We are glad Picnicwale chose such a good location for us. Bamboo rafting in Thekkady price was extremely affordable. We will recommend my other family members.


Nikita Menon

I and my friends chose Bamboo Rafting in Thekkady. It is one of the famous destinations for adventure amongst others. We are glad that we got a chance.

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