Vijay Stambha in Rajasthan

Vijay Stambha Rajasthan

Vijay Stambha is also known by the name of Victory Fort, this magnificent tower was built by Rana Kumbha between 1442 and 1449 AD. This tower was built in the admiration of Rana Kumbha's victory over Mahmud Khilji. Vijay Stambha is a 10-foot long tower, which is made by the combination of two rocks- red sandstone and marble. There are nine stories in this fort with each of the stories having its own individual balcony facing outwards. One meets with an alternate view of either the central chamber or the adjoining gallery as they go through the staircase.
... Vijay Stambha is located beside the famous Kumbha Palace. The tower is so large that it can be viewed from the entire city. The Vijay Stambha in Chittorgarh Fort is mainly dedicated to Lord Vishnu which is engraved with the carvings and sculptures of Hindu God and Goddesses. The internal part is decorated with the cravings of weapons, instruments and many more. The top portion of the tower gives a majestic view of the whole town. The tower is composed of eight stores all have a significant factor to admire it. This is a must-visit place to notice such a mesmerizing view.

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