Vashisht Hot Water Springs in Manali

Vashisht Hot Water Springs in Manali

The name of Vashisht village was derived from Rishi Vashisht who was one of the seven sages of Hindu. According to the age-old people there, Rishi Vashisht was left depressed on finding out that his kids had been killed by Vishwamitra. Then he tried to commit suicide by jumping into a river but the river refused to kill him. He then started a new life in that village. The river which took the rishi to the village was named Vipasha, which means freedom from bondage. The Vipasha River is now popularly known as the Beas River.
... The Vashisht Hot Water Spring is one of the popular tourist attractions of Manali. The hot springs are said to have medicinal value. The springs are believed to fix numerous skin disorders. Several people go to the Vashisht baths to take a dip and eradicate themselves of skin infections and disorders. There are also parted bathrooms for both men as well as women.
The Vashisht temple is said to be more than 4000 years old. There is a black stone image of the Rishi wearing dhoti inside the temple. The Vashist temple is dressed up with amazing and wonderful carvings on wood. The inside part of this temple is traditional which is adorned with antique painting and structures.

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Q. What Vashisht Hot Water Springs is famous for?

Ans. Vashisht Hot Water Springs is famous for its springs, photography and scenic views.

Q. What are the nearby places to visit from Vashisht Hot Water Springs?

Ans. Jogini Falls, Van Vihar, Manu Temple and Old Manali.

Q. How to Reach the Vashisht Hot Water Springs?


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