Thusharagiri Waterfalls In Kerala

Thusharagiri Waterfalls In Kerala

Delight yourself with a rare array of flora and fauna at the famous Thusharagiri Falls, a paradise for nature lovers. It is located in the laid-back view of the lush green place of Kozhikode. It has refreshing surroundings as well as stunning waterfalls, this pristine spot consists of a unique sharing of blood relation between the land and the water. These waterfalls offer a picturesque sight to the travelers as it is the same point where two streams arising from the Western Ghats meet to design the Chalippuzha River. This river strays into three spectacular waterfalls that gushes together and makes a snowy aerosol of water, because of which the waterfall got its name as 'Thusharagiri,' which literally means 'Snow-capped mountain.
... Thusharagiri Falls is adored with bountiful natural beauty and provides endless opportunity for trekking, rock-climbing, wildlife sightseeing and much more. A huge number of tourists, especially nature seekers and wildlife admirer explores this beautiful waterfall to savor the exotic life of lush evergreen forests, bounded with the waterfall. You may often witness beautiful birds and animals around the path of the river. The plantation that embellishes here is rubber, areca nut, pepper, ginger, spices and so on. It gives numerous opportunities to the trekking lovers to explore the lush greenery forests and witness what is there inside them.

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Q. What Thusharagiri Waterfalls is famous for?

Ans. Thusharagiri Waterfalls is famous for its plantation, natural beauty, and activities like trekking.

Q. What are the nearby places to visit from Thusharagiri Waterfalls?

Ans. Kozhikode Beach, Chembra Peak, Soochippara Falls, and Pookot Lake, Kakkayam Dam.

Q. How to Reach Thusharagiri Waterfalls?


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