Thali Temple In Kerala

Thali Temple In Kerala

Thali Temple is built by the then reigning Zamorin, Swamy Thirumulpad, within his palace complex in the 14th century, it is located in Mankavu, Kozhikode, Kerala. Thali Temple was renowned for its annual cultural and intellectual event, Revathy Pattathanam. Thali temple is located four kilometers from Kozhikode Railway Station. There is intricate brass-relief on the walls of the sanctum sanctorum and elaborate brass carvings on the wooden roof of the temple are sights to behold. The temple is a veritable architectural marvel; it is the perfect example of the harmony achieved between wood and laterite, a remarkable feature of the Kerala style of architecture.
... For some people, the Thali temple is God's gift to them as it has brought prosperity to the town. It is believed that Saint Parshuram, one of the most famous saints in Hindu mythology, laid the main idol inside the temple precinct. The idol of Lord Ayappa laid by him is one of the most striking features of this temple. Thali Temple in Kerala hosts Revathi Pattathanam, which is an annual seminar that takes place every year in the months of October to November. A large number of scholars from across the world witness this prominent event and participate in insightful debates and discussion.

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