St. Cajetan Church In Goa

St. Cajetan Church In Goa

Three Italian clergymen of the Theatine order arrived in India to evangelize Christianity in 1639. In 1643, they started out work on a sanatorium, however, they had been banished by using the Portuguese viceroy Filipe Mascarenhas. Pedro Avitabili who was the leader of the Italian monks, but went to Portugal and convinced King John IV of Portugal that their running with the Portuguese monks in Goa would be inside the interests of Christianity. The king permitted the construction of the clinic in 1650, and in 1655, in addition, they controlled to gain permission for putting in place the church and a small convent close to it.
... St. Cajetan Church in Goa has seven altars, with the principle altar dedicated to Our Lady of Providence. The most important altar is primarily based on the only at Church of San Nicolo, Verona and become ordered in 1713 by using the Theatines under the patronage of Cosimo III de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany. There are three altars on each aspect of the doorway, and the altar to Saint Cajetan is placed at the proper. Underneath the cupola, on a raised rectangular platform is a well, which is currently covered. The presence of the well has caused the perception that the site once had a Hindu temple. The cemetery below the altar become in 1842 converted right into a vault for the bodies of dead Portuguese soldiers, earlier than dispatching them to Lisbon.
This gracious old constructing church stands in Old Goa is undisputedly one of the most lovely churches in Goa, northeast of the Se Cathedral. Although the St. Cajetan Church Old Goa turned into originally dedicated to Our Lady of Divine Providence, it's far greater commonly called the Church of St. Cajetan, who turned into a modern-day of St. Francis Xavier. This is probably because of their willpower and the lengths they went to, to get the church built in the first place. Built by way of ‘Theatine Friars’ in 1655, the Church turned into originally referred to as Church of Our Lady of Divine Providence as the primary altar become devoted to her. Since St. Cajetan changed into the co-founder of the Theatine Order, a contemporary of St. Francis Xavier, the Church turned into named after him. One of the altars at the right aspect of the doorway has been dedicated to him.

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Q. What St. Cajetan Church is famous for?

Ans. St. Cajetan Church is famous for its Architecture and history.

Q. What are the nearby places to visit from St. Cajetan Church?

Ans. Se Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Church and Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, Viceroys Arch, and Chapel of St. Catherine.

Q. How to reach St. Cajetan Church?


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