Rana Kumbhas Palace in Rajasthan

Rana Kumbhas Palace Rajasthan

Rana Kumbha’s Palace is located at a distance of 6 km from Chittorgarh Railway Station, this palace is a heritage palace situated inside the Chittorgarh Fort Complex. It is one of the top and best places to visit in Chittorgarh Fort. This Rana Kumbha’s palace was rebuilt by Maharana Kumbha on a ruined palace which was built in the 734 AD by Bappa Rawal. He was known for his art and cultural patronages in Rajasthan's Mewar dynasty. In this palace, the Rajput King Maharana Kumbha lived his royal life. The ruined Kumbha Palace is the most massive monument in the fort of Chittor.
... The Rana Kumbha’s Palace there is a fine specimen of Rajput's architecture. It is a huge structure, built of sandstone, which is not of equal proportions. The Rana Kumbha’s Palace in Chittorgarh is raised high from a large basement which is in the shape of a rectangle. The walls are ornamented with artificial battlements and turrets. The remarkable feature about this palace is its splendid series of canopied balconies. The entrance to the palace is through two gateways known as Suraj Pol and Tripolia Gate leading further to Suraj Gokhra, Zanana Mahal, and Kanwarpada-ka-Mahal in the open courtyard.

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