Nakki Lake in Rajasthan

Nakki Lake in Rajasthan

There are a number of beautiful tourist attractions in Mount Abu which are known for their unique charm and splendor. Lake Nakki is one such tourist attraction here. Nakki Lake is an artificial lake that also has provisions for boating; it is one of the most famous lakes in Mount Abu. Boating is the main attraction of Nakki Lake and is one of the must do things in Mount Abu, the lake is open all days of the week; Naki Lake’s timings are 09:30 am to 06:00 pm. One can also enjoy the horse riding along the bank of the lake. It will surely be a memorable trip for you.
... Nakki lake is one of the best in Mount Abu amongst the various other Lakes and Gardens and adds to the variety of tourist destinations in Mount Abu. The best time to visit Nakki Lake and enjoy the enchanting views of this pool is during monsoon season. This picture perfect lake is about a half mile in length and a quarter of a mile broad and is surrounded by mountains, gardens and rock formations. Nakki Lake has a very soothing and romantic atmosphere around it. Some other sightseeing in Mount Abu close to it is Shri Raghunathji Temple, Toad Rock, and the Maharaja Jaipur Palace.

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