Mount Abu in Rajasthan

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan

The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on one of the oldest parts of the Mount Abu mountain ranges and covers a large plateau including the highest peak in Rajasthan; it is about 7 kilometers long and only 300 meters wide. Most of the forest area in the park is dry deciduous or thorn forest in the foothills and sub-tropical evergreen forests in the valley and at high altitude.
... One can find different species of dicots and monocots here. There are more than 81 species of trees, 17 species of rare medicinal plants, 28 climber species and 89 shrub species. If one wants to spot orchids this sanctuary is the only region of Rajasthan to spot it. One can also find algae, wild roses, ferns, bryophytes, and others commonly. In the south-western part of the region, one can find bamboo forests. The best time to visit this wildlife sanctuary is during winter season the climate will be cool and pleasant during that time of the year and trekking and exploring that place would be better. Other nearby tourist attractions in Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary are Dilwara Jain Temple, Nakki Lake, Peace Park, Jawai Lake, Sunset Point, Achalgarh Fort, Trevor’s Tank.

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