Lake Pichola in Rajasthan

Lake Pichola In Rajasthan

Lake Pichola is an artificial lake and it is one of the oldest and the largest lakes in Udaipur, this lake is world famous for its picturesque beauty and scenic surroundings. The lake is mentioned by Rudyard Kipling in his Letters of Marque as “If the Venetian, owned the Pichola Lake, he might say with justice, see it and die”. One will fall in love with the beauty of this lake the moment they see it. Lake Pichola has many islands within it. The famous tourist destination of Udaipur is Jag Mandir, which is also a part of this lake.
... The pristine blue waters of this lake leave a soothing impact on the spectator. At the time of the sun-set, a boat ride on this lake is sufficient to enthrall anyone. The Lake Pichola is located in the heart of Udaipur, Rajasthan. This Lake observes lakhs of tourists because of its tranquillity and beauty. Lake Pichola is heritage buildings, flanked by lofty hills, and bathing ghats, it is a dream come true for peace and nature lovers. Without a boat ride, especially in the dawn, a visit to the Lake Pichola is incomplete. The enthralling views will take you to a different world of stillness and will also bring out you to a soothing side.

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