Jantar Mantar Observatory in Rajasthan

Jantar Mantar Observatory In Rajasthan

The Jantar Mantar of Jaipur is an observatory built in the first half of the 18th century by Maharaja Sawaii Jai Singh II of Jaipur, and he constructed five such astronomical observatories in different cities of India like Delhi, Jaipur, Ujjain, Varanasi and Mathura between 1724 and 1730. Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is the largest observatory among these observatories.
... The observatory was designed for the observation of astronomical positions with the naked eye, they embody several architectural and instrumental innovations. This is the most comprehensive, most significant, and the best preserved of India's historic observatories. It is an expression of the astronomical skills and cosmological concepts of the court of a scholarly prince at the end of the Mughal period.
One of the largest observatories in all over the World is Jantar Mantar Observatory which comprises of interesting stone structures that help to interpret the position of celestial bodies and calculate local time. Jantar Mantar Observatory is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Jantar Mantar is commonly known for its incorporate multiple buildings of unique form, each with a specialized function for astronomical measurement. The structures of the place with their striking combinations of geometric forms at large scale have captivated attractions of the architects, mathematicians, artists, geographers, and historians worldwide.

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