Jag Mandir in Rajasthan

Jag Mandir In Rajasthan

Jag Mandir Palace is located on the southern side of the lake and it is also known as Jag Island Palace, the palace looks like a floating marble structure in a lake, it is a sight to behold as one visits the alluring Lake Pichola. More commonly known as “Lake Garden Palace”, Jag Mandir is an impressive structure that is flocked by tourists in huge numbers.
... Jag Mandir Palace was built by three Maharanas of the Sisodia Rajputs of Mewar kingdom over a period of time. The construction of Jag Mandir was started by Maharana Amar Singh in 1551 and was succeeded by his son Maharana Karan Singh during the period of 1620 to 1628. The construction was finally completed by Maharana Jagat Singh I during the period of 1628 to 1652. The palace on Jagmandir Island is about 800m south of Jag Niwas. When lit up at night it has a more romantic sparkle to it than the Lake Palace. As well as the island has seven hotel rooms, a restaurant, bar, and spa, which are open to visitors.
Jag Mandir Palace in Udaipur is situated on one of the two natural islands in Lake Pichola, and it can only be reached via boat ride from Bansi Ghat jetty. The Jag Mandir palace has many impressive structures within its complex that are sure to leave one spellbound. Some of these are Gul Mahal, Jag Mandir, Pavilion at the entry point, Garden, Darikhana, Bara Patharon ka Mahal, Museum.

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