Fateh Prakash Palace in Rajasthan

Fateh Prakash Palace Rajasthan

Fateh Prakash Palace is located inside the Chittorgarh Fort in Rajasthan, near the Rana Kumbha Palace. It boasts of being amongst the most reputed museums of Rajasthan. Visiting the Fateh Prakash Palace in Chittorgarh will give you an experience of the rich history and tradition of the place. Chittorgarh is a place where heroism, nationalism, bravery, and sacrifices were displayed by Chattari Rajputs, this historical city also called the epitome of Chattari Rajput.
... Fateh Prakash Palace was built in by Maharana Fateh Singh. During the year 1968, a big portion of the palace was converted into a public museum. The main attraction of the museums is its beautiful magnificent sculptures and paintings of historic times. There is also a gallery dedicated to the armors and weapons used in the historical times, there is a big idol of Lord Ganesha which dates back to the 8th to 9th century, which was brought from Pangarh, the craftsmanship in wooden idols displayed at this palace are of Bassi village, the museum also houses a large collection of crystal items.. It is located near the Meerabai temple in Chittorgarh Fort, it is a classic example of Rana love for art. Also, there are artistic pillars and corridors in Fateh Prakash Mahal which attracts every visitor’s eye.

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