Drass Valley in Kashmir

Drass Valley Kashmir

Drass Valley in Kargil District in Jammu and Kashmir is popularly called as the gateway of Ladakh. In the infamous Kargil War, Drass has played a significant role. Drass is located in the middle of snow-clad peaks on the Leh- Kargil National Highway. Located at a height of 3,300 meters or 10,800 on NH1, Drass is most popularly known for being the second coldest inhabited place in the world, which also makes it the coldest place in India. Sitting right in the middle of Drass Valley, this town is about 56 kilometers away from Kargil, the town known for its political and historical importance.
... The Drass Valley sightseeing includes a visit to the famous Drass War Memorial which is built to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the India-Pakistan War in 1999. Also, there is a Brigade War Valley that also turned out to be the space to commemorate the lives and dedication of Indian soldiers during the Kargil War. Drass valley in Kashmir is often known as the “Gateway to Ladakh”, this town is the first after Zoji La Pass. The people of Drass are mostly from the Dardic and Baltic Tribes. The Dards are of Indo-Aryan origin who is believed to have migrated to Ladakh from Central Asia.

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Q. What Drass Valley is Famous for?

Ans. Drass Valley is famous for its beauty, peaks, and significant role in the Kargil war.

Q. What are the places to visit near Drass Valley?

Ans. Minamarg, Saliskote, Matayen, Ningoor Masjid, Amarnath, Tiger Hill, Musko Valley, Drang Drung Glacier, and Drass River.

Q. How to Reach Drass Valley In Kashmir


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