Chashme Shahi in Kashmir

Chashme Shahi Kashmir

Chashme Shahi is also known as Chashma Shahi or Chashma i Shahi, it is a translation of the royal spring. Chashme Shahi is among the Mughal gardens which were built in 1632 AD around a spring by Ali Mardan Khan, who was a governor of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, according to the orders of the Emperor the Chashme Shahi gardens was a gift for his elder son Prince Dara Shikoh. Chashme Shahi is located in the Zabarwan Range, near Raj Bhawan overlooking Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir.
... Chashme Shahi is architecturally the most charming garden near Srinagar. This garden is 108 m long and 38 m wide, it is spread over one acre of land. Chashme Shahi is the smallest garden among the three Mughal gardens of Srinagar, Shalimar garden is the largest and the Nishat garden is the second largest among these three gardens. All these three gardens were built at the right bank of the Dal Lake, with Zabarwan Mountains at the backdrop. Chashme Shahi in Srinagar presents Mughal architecture as used in different Mughal gardens. Chashme Shahi is an artistically build garden, which has Iranian influence in its beautiful art and architecture and the design of it is based on the Persian gardens.

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Q. What Chashme Shahi is famous for?

Ans. Chashme Shahi is famous for its Mughal architecture and Persian design.

Q. What are the nearby places to visit from Chashme Shahi?

Ans. Dal Lake, Shalimar Garden, Nishat Garden, Pari Mahal, Hazratbal Mosque, Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Char Chinar, Shankaracharya Temple, Wular Lake, and Jamia Masjid.

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