Amboli Waterfalls in Goa

Amboli Waterfall- Tourists Attractions of Goa

The impressive Amboli Waterfalls is nestled in the hill station of Amboli in the southern part of Maharashtra in India. Located in the Sahyadri Hills of the western part of India, Amboli is at the height of almost 750 metres over the sea level. It is counted among the popular eco spots from all over the world as it is a hub to amazing species of flora and fauna. This fabulously high waterfall is bounded by several other waterfalls as well, and the picturesque vision of the gushing water and the enclosing greenery add to the charm and beauty of this already popular place.
... The Amboli Waterfall is one of the most popular tourist attractions that can be witnessed in Amboli. Due to its popularity, it is visited by numeorus domestic as well as international tourists throughout the year. The best time to visit Amboli Waterfall is during the monsoon months since the waterfalls are in their best during this season and the flowing and gushing of the water is plenty. And therefore, it is ideal time to explore this popular tourist attraction between the months of June and July.
As the beauty of the Amboli waterfalls cannot be relished throughout the year, the excitement and eagerness to explore this magical waterfall increases, and adults, children, groups of friends, couples as well as families, have a joyful time at the Amboli Waterfalls.

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Q. What Amboli Waterfall is famous for?

Ans. Amboli Water Fall is famous for its serene beauty and eco spots from all over the world as it is a hub to amazing species of flora and fauna.

Q. What are the nearby places to visit from Amboli Waterfall?

Ans. Amboli Hill Station, Amboli Ghat, Sunset Point, Shirgaonkar Point, Nangarta Falls, Hiranyakeshi Temple, Kavlesad Point, Mahadev Gad, Madhavgad Fort, Summer Palace, and Maruti Mandir.

Q. How to reach Deltin Amboli Waterfallss in Goa


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