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Kashmir is a mind-blowing summer destination to visit. There is no doubt in stating that Kashmir is the most beautiful place in India. Kashmir has the legendary beauty of shining snow and glittering hills. The white snow here feels like diamonds, and tourists always visit for adventure activities in Kashmir. Some spots can amaze you with their beauty and naturality. Jammu and Kashmir are some of India's controversial places, but no one stops you from visiting there. Even if you want to prevent yourself from going, the beauty will distract you from your decision. Kashmir has a unique beauty which Jammu joins to complete it. These two hill stations of India make Indians proud. The borders are supported by the brave army where you can reach to witness them and to salute them.

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Q.1 Which is the official company for water sports like shikara ride in Kashmir?

Ans Seawater sport is the official for shikara ride in Kashmir and every adventure activity. It offers the best experience in an adventure at the lowest prices. Call Now at +91 8291917770 to book your seats.

Q.2 Where will I get 50% on a shikara ride at Kashmir price?

Ans The place where you will get the best shikara ride in Kashmir is Sea Water Sports. Also, get 50% discounts on shikara rides in Kashmir price from Sea Water Sports. Call Now at +91 8291917770.

Q.3 Which company can provide the best offers on shikara rides in Kashmir cost?

Ans Sea water sports can provide the best service with the best offered shikara ride in Kashmir cost. Visit now at seawatersports.com to book your seat.

Q.4 Which place in Kashmir is famous for shikara rides in Jammu and Kashmir?

Ans Srinagar’s dal lake is a famous place for shikara rides in Jammu and Kashmir.

Q.5 Which is the best season to visit Kashmir?

Ans From April to September are the best months to plan a holiday here. In the winters, there is vast snow that stops you from trying things, and Kashmir has pleasant weather to spend days with your family and friends. You can enjoy a shikara ride in Kashmir as well as all the activities at the lowest cost.

Q.6 What is the shikara ride price in Kashmir?

Ans For the cheapest package and best shikara ride price in Kashmir, visit seawatersports.com or call now at +91 8291917770. Although the price is always moderate, you can find festive offers for the trips too.

Q.7 What is the age for pursuing a shikara ride in Kashmir?

Ans Shikara ride in Kashmir is a safe and peaceful adventure to explore the beauty of the site. This activity is for people above the age of 7 years if alone and suppose you are there with your kid of age 1 to 6 then it is also allowed, but they cannot be left alone.

Q.8 What is the time duration of Shikara ride in Kashmir?

Ans Shikara ride Srinagar takes you to explore the valley area

Q.9 Which is the famous shikara stay in Kashmir?

Ans Royal dandoo palace is a ship for shikara houseboat in Srinagar. It is a 4-star ship to stay at dal lake in Kashmir.

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